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Prop 8 Trial: You Have Brokeback Mountain

Filed By Davina Kotulski | January 13, 2010 1:30 PM | comments

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Thompson, the smug attorney for the Proponents of Prop 8, is taking the position that gays are not being discriminated against any more and so that cannot be the reason that Prop 8 passed.

He makes a point and then asks Professor Chauncey if that is correct.

He's mentioning Will and Grace, the movie Philadelphia, and Brokeback mountain as evidence that LGBT people are not being discriminated again.

Thompson - "You all have Brokeback Mountain and it even got awards! Gay discrimination is over!"


Did I miss something? Nancy Pelosi is our fierce advocate?

Thompson says she is.

Thompson - "Homosexuals couldn't get hearings in the 1950s, but today you have Barney Frank and he's a powerful ally of gays and lesbians, correct?"

Thompson - "You have AIDS funding, isn't that important to gays and lesbians, correct?"

Thompson - "Thousands of employers have non-discrimination policies, correct?"


Thompson - "President Clinton appointed 116 gays to employment, correct?"

Thompson - "He issued presidential orders, barring discrimination in employment, correct?"

Again, I was a federal employee, all the advances Clinton made for LGBT people in the government were immediately revoked or ignored during Bush's 8 years. It was shocking to see how quickly, we went backwards.

In 1999 and 2000, I held "lunch and learns" on gay issues during gay pride month. The first June Bush was in office, I was no longer welcome to hold such gatherings. And I believe it was Judy Shepard who had been invited to speak at DOJ Pride in Washington, DC, an LGBT employment group made up of Department of Justice employees, was not allowed to speak in the DOJ board room. DOJ Pride, which had also held "lunch and learns" for gay issues in June, was told that they could no longer meet on DOJ property.

If my memory serves me, a Democratic Senator invited Judy Shepard and DOJ Pride to come use his conference room. That was June 2001, the first year Bush was in office. Believe me, it only got worse until Obama took office eight years later.


Thompson - "Christian organizations against gay rights are in the minority, correct?"

Thompson is trying to show that significant shift in acceptance toward gay people as evidence by the fact that numerous churches support gay rights and read off a list of denominations that support gay people.

He also submitted two videos for evidence to show that even the churches are supporting gay people. One of the signing of the DC marriage equality resolution being signed in a church and then one was an interview of Rick Warren on Fox said that he believed that people show "respect" for "all people regardless of their lifestyle, but I don't believe in redefining marriage as it's been the past 5000 years."

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Anthony in Nashville | January 13, 2010 2:14 PM

Is there a definite word on when/if the transcripts or video coverage will be available?

With these arguments, I think I should see them for myself!

Although I'm too young to remember it, I've heard that people argued (at the time) that racism ended with the success of the Cosby Show.

But don't you get it? Brokeback Mountain won awards! For a gay movie! With both parts played by straight guys!

*bangs head against the wall*