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What real threats looked like after Prop 8 passed

Filed By Gloria Nieto | January 24, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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The Yes On 8 people at the Prop 8 trial going on in San Francisco make me want to scream. Daily.

Thursday's star witness, Dr. (of what?) William Tam signed on to Prop 8 early on. He testified in court that, among other things, he gets his education on LGBT people from the internet, he believes what NARTH preaches but doesn't know what the American Psychological EMAIL_THREATS_1.jpgAssociation says about us, he thought San Francisco was run by homosexuals (apparently the Prop 8 proponents crowned Tom Ammiano queen of the the city) and admitted that Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco, is not gay. I am sure the lovely Mrs Newsom is glad to hear that.

There were several attempts by Yes On 8 and the Rev Tam to keep him off the witness stand. He tried to withdraw last week. Thursday they gave it another run, trying to keep him and his family safe from the raging homosexuals. Every day there is a lot of whine to go with the cheese how about how all of these people are terrified of us. What?? We might criticize their clothes or makeup? How about that bad hair do?

So let me show all of you the emails I received right after the Prop 8 election.

Yes, they don't know what it means for the misspelled word to be red.

Love the smile.

What a loser, can't even spell "haha."

Oh, so personal.

All these landed in my email at the same time on 11/08/08, just a few days after the election.

Obviously I reported this to the county sheriff who took this very seriously. I was told to have someone walk with me out to my car at night, always be attentive to my surroundings, and change my routine. They gave me a case number and then proceeded to try and find

Living in Silicon Valley really has its perks sometimes. Law enforcement knows how to track these emails down. They got a subpoena for Yahoo to access their computers and track where the email came from. The first place that they got a hit was from the rural area around Moffett Field which is very close. They tracked the ping from Montreal, Canada and could do nothing further because it had gone out of the country. Damn!

As one of my nerd friends pointed out, this was not the real site for the emails. This was not a Canadian issue, it was someone who knew how to bounce an email from the shadows. No one in Canada would care about this enough to send this kind of hate.

So when the bed wetters in San Francisco cry foul, I want to take my copies of the emails and wave in their idiot faces, especially the whiny Andrew Pugno and say, "This is what a real threat looks like, you homophobe. This is what you created." I hold all of them responsible for all this disgusting behavior they have unleashed on us.

"Your home boy William Tam got publicly humiliated Thursday. He fully admitted that he knew he was lying throughout the campaign. How can you live with yourselves? You are all immoral."

One more thing, thank you David Boies and Ted Olson and the rest of the team. You have been magnificent.

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planetspinz | January 24, 2010 4:08 PM

Tam may have committed perjury because here's his web page where all that homo-obsessed heterosupremacist tyrannical theocRAT propaganda he denied knowing anything about appears for the world to see.

Gloria, I am so sorry that you had to endure that, and so very glad that you keep resisting the hate! I hope your emails and the hundreds of others like them can be read into evidence during the trial. The idea that we constitute a real danger to Tam and his ilk is ridiculous when juxtaposed against the long and grisly list of anti-queer rhetoric, threats and vicious, even deadly violence.

And oh, we have our share of haters up here in Canada. They show their ugliness every time an LGBTQ story makes the mainstream press, such as when the Globe and Mail (one of our two national papers)ran a story about openly Gay member of Parliament Scott Brison's Christmas card, showing his family, himself, his husband and their dog. The online comments here were so vile, after a few days the paper took down the stream. I think it got some attention on Bilerico.

Also, when we were going through our same sex marriage fight here, tons of money was funneled to our opponents war chests from right-wing fundamentalists and the LDS in the US. These groups have a strong cross-border network.

Like thousands of LGBT folk around the world, I am glued to the Prop 8 trial. It really is homophobia itself that is on trial, and that has important ramifications for all of us, from here in Nova Scotia to Uganda and beyond.

Amazing isn't it that those other people have no real clue what they have unleashed on us.