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The LGBT community response to Haiti's humanitarian disaster

Filed By Joe Mirabella | January 14, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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News and information out of Haiti is difficult to get because of the magnitude of the disaster from Tuesday's earthquake. What we do know is the situation in Haiti is likely one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent memory. Hundreds of thousands are likely dead, the Capitol infrastructure is destroyed, and people are desperate for basic necessities like food, water, and shelter.

The Rainbow World Fund is an LGBT organization that provides humanitarian relief around the world. They partnered with CARE and already have people in Haiti providing relief. The Rainbow World Fund pledged $35,000 to help in Haiti but they want to do more.

So do I. I know our community can do more and will do more. Please take a moment and contribute what you can to the Rainbow World Fund. Visit the Rainbow World Fund's website to contribute today. If you want your money to go towards their efforts in Haiti please indicate that on your donation by marking it "Haiti."

Thank you for your help. Let's hope the people of Haiti who have been devastated by poverty for generations emerge stronger than before this awful tragedy.

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Thanks for this, Joe. I've heard lots of positive things about Rainbow World Fund.

I spoke to their ED Yesterday, Jeff Cotter, and it turns out that RWF sent the $35,000 the day before the earth quake. They've been helping in Haiti since 2004, so their network on the ground is strong.

HRC, Equal Rights Washington, Join the Impact, and bloggers throughout our LGBT network are drawing attention to RWF's work, so hopefully we can raise several more thousand dollars.

I was pleased to hear that President Obama is pledging $100 Million. For a country with per capita GDP of about $1500, we can really make a difference.

"Let's hope the people of Haiti who have been devastated by poverty for generations emerge stronger than before this awful tragedy."

In addition to the other problems there, there is a terrible problem with managing the environment --- specifically, the trees in the Dominican Republic have a certain amount of protection against predatory logging, but there are no such protections in Haiti.

The difference is so pronounced that the border between the two countries can be easily identified visually in satellite photos as a dramatic de-forestation line --- the Dominican side is lush and green, and the Haitian side is made up essentially by entire fields of bare mud earth.