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Weird Moments with Google Search: Like Someone is Stepping on Your Grave

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I'll admit it- I google search myself occasionally. You never know what will pop up, which is part of the adventure of tossing your name into cyber space. Having a rather unique name like mine, there's usually not much filler or overlap.

Searching the interwebs for pictures under my name, however, came up with this weird moment of chill-inducing, head scratching:


That's a big gravestone with my name- first and last, spelled the same as mine, and buried next to another man. You have now entered the Twilight zone...

I know many of you may be thinking this isn't that weird, but with a name like "Waymon", you usually don't get these kind of coincidences. It's not a "John Smith" kind of name.

Even more odd- "Hudson" is the name from my father's side of the family. It's not that unusual. But "Waymon" is a family name from my mother's side. Seeing the combo is a more than a little unusual.

I'm sure that Waymon and Lou on the gravestones are probably brothers, but in my overactive imagination, I'd like to imagine that perhaps they were long-time partners who bucked the system in the late 1800s and lived together as a married couple (and judging by the years, they lived to a ripe old age).

And I'm sure 1800's Waymon Hudson had fabulous hair too...

So what about you, Projectors? Have a theory on my turn of the century namesake? Am I really living on some episode of "Lost"? Any weird moments in google searching for you?

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Given the years of their lives, it's unlikely that they were other than blood relatives, but I share your fantasy.

One of the beautiful realities is that, for some time now, more and more gay couples are refusing not just to "kiss in a shadow" but refusing to die in a shadow, too, choosing to be buried side-by-side with shared gravestones [as Getrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas did decades ago in Pere Lachaise in Paris] with inscriptions making their relationships obvious or explicit such as one in DC's Congressional Cemetery that reads:

"William R. MacDonald, Jr.
April 8, 1948 - May 5, 1990


R. Michael Sanders, M.D.
July 10, 1947 - Aug 5, 1994"

a photo of which can be seen, along with some other gay gravemarkers, at:


I've yet to upload a photo of the most remarkable shared stone there of a gay couple who [according to research I've done] met when they were attending Catholic University in the '50s [one partner is apparently still living]. It's a full-size granite picnic table complete with two benches. On its top is engraved:


While wondering down the back roads of my mind, I came upon a memory of us, faces garden-fresh, blooming, and full of promise. My inner-eye welled up. Furrows have etched their way into our fields of being. What had Youth’s straightness now bends and curves into accommodation. We have become ourselves not alone but with each other’s help. On the face of it, Youth’s bloom has gone, replaced by hardier stuff whose roots are deep and all encompassing. How fortunate we were to have loved each other then and even more so to still love each other now. Forty-three years together is not enough but we will be together again.

John Andrew Frey
August 29, 1929
August 22, 1997

Peter Louis Morris
December 29, 1929"

I hate to suggest that there might be less of the geigh in this than you think, but Lou could be a woman. My grandmother, whose given name was Louila, went by Lou. (But don't worry...you bring enough geigh all on your own ;-)~

Haven't had any weird Google moments myself, other than seeing that less than flattering pictures have made their way on to the interwebz, but I keep getting these e-mails meant for a Sam Ritchie in Perth, Australia. We have nearly the same e-mail address, but mine ends in ".com" while his ends in ".com.au," so whenever one of his friends leaves off the ".au" I get a little update from Down Under. The most frequent offender is a guy named Daniel Bell, who has two cute kids and threw a surprise party for his wife Lisa's 30th in October (sorry I couldn't make it!).

Lou is the diminutive for both Louella and Louise, both common names of the era. Herbert Hoover's wife went by Lou.

Sorry, but this is almost certainly a woman.

My grandmother's gravestone has a nickname on it -- one that she, sadly, didn't much like and which could be mistaken for a man's name.

When I was in high school, our band was in another school building, lining up in the hallway to go into the auditorium to play a concert. It was well known that the students in that building were "special ed." I saw that one of the lockers had my name taped to it and I thought someone was making a sophomoric joke at my expense. But I didn't take the name tag down. I found out soon after that in this small town, someone else had my same unusual name.

I'm sure that Lou is most likely a woman- I just like making up a romantic gay tale about someone that shares my odd name. LOL

i thought this was interesting so i tried it my self, at work, i got a bunch of random "waynon" pics, when i got home i got the same picture, obviously my computer realizes that i am gay!

The number one hit for googling my full name is: the next-to-the-last woman burned at the stake in England. A woman whose execution went so horribly wrong it was the reason they ended up banned the practice.

Propitious, eh?

That sounds oddly fascinating, Phoebe! I think it's interesting to see the historical perspective of one's name...

Just stay away from lighters! :)

Donna Pandori Donna Pandori | January 31, 2010 11:02 AM

I'm interested in knowing if any of the dates are related to you in anyway?

None of the dates raise any flags for me- I was born Feb 21, 79. The years and months don't ring any bells either. I thought the same thing, Donna.

I've set up a Google alert for Bilerico so I can see what people are saying about the site. Since I use Bilerico as an internet name quite a bit too - it's funny to see them get mixed up occasionally.

And you NEVER know where something you've written here will end up. I've found myself quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated before - and it was something they just lifted from the site as a quote from me.

But I must admit, I've never found a headstone with my name on it! Yikes!!

Yeah. Oddness. There is someone with my name in my state who runs a heavy duty branch of the FBI. Wonder if I can make use of that . . .

So the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is on the web now. The times are a'changin