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Dan Choi's back, ENDA is delayed, & Valentine's Day isn't gay enough

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This week Jeff Sheng's post about Dan Choi rejoining his National Guard unit for training (with exclusive photos) made CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC by the next morning - and that doesn't mention all the websites that picked up the story too! After so many contributors (like Jeff) attended NGLTF's Creating Change conference, you could feel a new excitement in the amount and quality of posts submitted this week. Check out this sampling of great posts:


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The “quality of posts submitted this week” is not exhibited by the post about Dan Choi.

It was so poorly written, so misinformed about the difference between the National Guard and the regular Army, that “CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC by the next morning” understandably read it to mean Choi had been put back on full time active duty when he couldn’t have returned to something he never left in the first place, and which merely appending "He was training with his National Guard unit" did not fix. And “that doesn't mention all the websites that picked up the story too.”

No one expects your “editors” to be experts on everything, but the powerful implications of this story called for some fact and background checking before being run as written. As there was none, Bilerico will now be remembered by these various professional outlets as the reason they had to eventually publish corrections and were mocked by some of their peers such as Newsweek for having run the story without having first checked it themselves.

And the "exclusive pictures" had already appeared previously on the net.

Re ENDA: my words to Diego

I'm listening, but I'm also reading between the lines.

Diego, from the outside, it seems as if we've seen this pattern before.

Assuming that Trans are stripped out again; and it never gets passed in the Senate; again; and the Dems take a clubbing in the mid-terms, so passage for the rest of the presidential term is impossible; again....

Just assuming... what would you do? I mean, personally? Knowing that you've been led up the garden path by experts at it?

Heck, I'm Australian, and we've had ENDA-like protections for years now, but "calm" is something I'm not.

I lost one friend to suicide after 2007, when she lost her livelihood, and then lost hope with the ENDA debacle.

There's no others I know this year who are vulnerable, but they exist. You know we're talking life-or-death here for some Trans people.
Zoe Brain | November 12, 2009 12:26 AM


OK, I'm a Rocket Scientist. But it didn't take one to see this coming, unless something was done about it. Nothing was.

Attachment to a Jobs bill now seems most unlikely too, now that Reid has vetoed the pork-laden monstrosity that we could have used as a vehicle.

We - that is trans people - can still win in the courts under Title VII, but that's our only hope now, and odds aren't particularly good there.

GLBs won't be covered by that, even if we're successful.