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Fashion models with hardons are the new pink

Filed By Bil Browning | February 02, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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This is not your typical fashion shoot, is it?

work-bone-510x662.jpgI'll admit that I'm fascinated by the photo shoot. While this isn't meant as porn, there's plenty of sites out there that feature photos of guys with hardons under their pants. It's a pretty common fetish, but it's not something I normally associate with Burberry and J. Crew.

Seriously. In case you're interested, this model is sporting a Shipley & Halmos jacket and pants, Original Penguin shirt and tie, Burberry belt, Nooka watch, and a Fred Flare cup.

Since I don't know the first thing about fashion models and photo shoots, I'm left to wonder if they used fluffers. Or is the Fred Flare cup that extra special something?

More pics after the jump. And, yes, you can click this one to embiggen it.

(Hat tip to AKA William)


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"Stylist's Assistant" = Fluffer.

Why do I suspect that we're looking at some kind of prop to create the illusion?

Any why would we want... well, never mind. Too weird for me, I think.

Hah! I like the one in green pants. I want those pants. Even better if he comes along with those.

Hmmmm. Are those really the facial expressions that guys would have while having an erection? I mean, especially the first picture with the guy who looks like he'd be walking down a city street in real life. I'm guessing some guys would have a look of embarrassment or discomfort on their faces. I'm not trying to suggest that men should be ashamed of their erections, but I'm guessing that some men would be embarrassed at having a very, very obvious erection in a crowded urban environment.

We sure have come a long way from having a hard on in 6th grade and praying that you aren't called on to go to the blackboard in front of the whole class to diagram a sentence, to this.

The guy in the first picture before the jump, looks like a wax avatar. Let's hope that this fad lasts as long as men's skirts from a few years ago. What's next? Some sort of testicle clevage display?

Naked erections sometimes turn me on. Clothed erections almost invariably look silly. These erections definitely look silly --- and they would look silly even in a Viagra commercial.

I agree with you, Sean. If you look at each 'bulge', they all have the same odd (and unnatural) shape to them. A stuffed sock would look more realistic, but these guys seem to have a funnell jammed down their pants. I'm all for hard-ons in photo-shoots, but these appear patently ridiculous and fake.

Yeah, took me a while to figure it out ... but a real hard-on at full tilt will line up against the abdomen, lie flat, and push at your belt ... these pics look like somebody's trying to pitch a tent sideways ...

Not everyone has a hard-on that goes straight up, you know...

Not all men erections point up.some point out, some down. And depending on the underwear is how it will show through your pants

Since the 'erections' seem to be pointing straight out, I would have to say that they fall a little 'short'