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FYI, there's no such thing as winning

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 01, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Remember the Canadian trans man whose photos were pulled by Facebook because he was shirtless in them? They put them back up saying that they'd educate people in much the same way photos of the earthquake in Haiti did, and then they took them down again:

"Are you kidding me?" says Scaia. "We just went through this whole thing, and I thought it was over. I thought this wasn't going to happen again and obviously it's because someone reported the photo."

And put them back up:

"The removal of Mr Scaia's photos was in no way intended to target him personally. Instead, it resulted from the fact that monitoring content and responding to user reports across a user base of over 350 million people is a complex process that requires the work of a large team of reviewers. While every effort is made to ensure consistency in reviews, there may be instances when this does not happen and we attempt to resolve those issues as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are taking steps to try and ensure that this does not happen to Mr Scaia again."

I don't have much to say about this, except that it's just another sign that we can't relax or win, ever.

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I kept wishing that one of the plaintiff witness's would make this point in the Perry trail in response to the claims that gays have political power b/c things get passed/decided in our favor: every time that happens, there is massive mobilization of the same fundamentalist homophobes to overturn it. ~

I draw a completely different conclusion: the Scaia incident is a result of people trying to be so damned ultra-politically correct about everything that nothing gets accomplished. In other words, much ado about nothing.

Considering the well known, well documented and confirmed eventuality of death in the species Homo sapiens sapiens, isn't everything in life "Much ado about nothing?" :)

I understand the anger and frustration, but c'mon, step back a moment and think about it. Is it really such a huge fucking deal that the facebook folks are confused and struggling with issues brought up by transgenderism and naked pics? This is pretty new stuff, folks. Even for us on the front lines, so to speak. Looks to me like facebook is trying to figure it out, and I don't see how that's not a good thing. I think we might want to save our indignation for problems more pressing than whether or not someone can post naked pictures of him/her/zer/whateverself on facebook.

Dominic Scaia | February 4, 2010 10:13 AM

Naked? Really?
Have you even been FOLLOWING this story?
If you think this was about nudity, you obviously haven't.

Oh, I wasn't paying attention to comments here. GLW, if you want people to think that your comments are part of a larger intellectual framework instead of ignorance for the sake of mean, you might consider basic politeness like referring to someone with the correct gender pronouns.

And ditto on what Dominic said about the "nudity." Ahem, unless Facebook thinks any man posting a shirtless pic is "nudity," (and they obviously don't) then they're being inconsistent. Inconsistent in a way that disfavors transgender people. I think there's a word for that...

Great Headline, Alex.

We can't win, ever? That attitude is our biggest problem. Of course, you are not alone - the majority in our community agree with you. It's no wonder - we haven't tried to win, we've only struggled and survived.

2010 will cheer you up, because we'll start winning.

Excuse me, my pessimism is my trademark. How dare you compare it to the pessimism of the commoners! :)