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Mobile World Congress 2010 AKA Phone Porn Land [GayGeeks]

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Cupertino = Apple porn. Redmond = Microsoft porn (shudder). Barcelona = Phone Porn.

This year, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, was much like CES this year, full of new ideas, new faceplants, and some very sexy mobile devices. While Adobe was selling their relevancy to the mobile world, and HTC was flaunting a sexy unibody Android phone, Microsoft was the breakout kid this time around.


I'll give you a teaser: Windows Mobile is Dead, say hello to the iPhone Killer /bait.

Windows Phone 7 Series

Remember the day when the iPhone was released, and people saw that smartphones could be pretty and easy to use and cool to own? Shortly after, Blackberry's became the goto for business phones, and RIM finally figured out the Storm [2]. Android showed up and became the ever elvoving/mutating/confusing open-source mobile operating system we all wanted (then realized the caveats of a non-vertical mobile platform). And Microsoft? Well Windows Mobile 6.5.x just sat there and did nothing. Phone manufacturers jumped WinMo ship, and for a while Windows Mobile had fallen out of the smartphone pick list. Well folks, Windows Mobile is dead, long live the Windows Phone 7 Series.

The earth shattering announcement at the Mobile World Congress this year was Microsoft announcing they had completely trashed the old Windows Mobile OS to create the Windows Phone 7 Series. Ears perked, and reporters fell off their chairs when a user interface more creative and beautiful than the iPhone appeared. Despite having a traditionally Microsoft name, everything about the Windows Phone 7 Series OS is different.

Here are some of the highlights, though I suggest you watch the demonstration video to see just how beautiful the interface really is:

  1. Instead of icons arranged on a screen, or even widgets, WinPhone7 is comprised of a tile based navigation system, overlapping the screen and chock full of social information accessible from a scroll and a tap.
  2. Much like Android, your weather, feeds, and social stew are streamed through the cloud directly through the device. You can select which content to display on your homescreen, and WinPhone7 offers you quick access to the lifestream of the people you contact most.
  3. iPhone showed the World that gaming could be fun and profitable on a smartphone. But they had to build a system. Microsoft dumped the entire XboxLive system onto the mobile OS, letting giving you access to your account, avatar, and lets you contribute to your gamerscore by playing mobile games. If Microsoft does this right, they could do very well with this, a lot of people have a xBox360.
  4. Zune, all of it, on the OS. I have to hand it to Microsoft, they have something pretty in nearly every sector, OS (Windows 7), Gaming (XBox360), Media(ZuneHD), Mobile (Windows Phone 7 Series). The Music + Video section of the phone is the only thing that doesn't sync over the cloud.. oh yea
  5. No ActiveSync. I had a WinMo 6.5 phone, and despite having issues with it syncing on a Mac, I never liked it too much on my Windows machine either. Like iPhone, Pre, and Android, Windows Phone 7 Series syncs over the air. Outlook works perfectly.
  6. None of the old Windows Mobile 6 apps will work, all 978 of them. This is a good thing. By the time the first phones launch this holiday season, there will be a good start to the number of apps available. They might actually work.
  7. There's no task manager, mainly because you can't multitask anymore. Microsoft pulled a 180 and went the way of Apple, sacrificing multitasking for sake of battery life and performance. Microsoft may change this in the future, but for now expect a similarly Apple experience.

With Microsoft finally coming to the part with Windows Phone 7 Series, Smartphone have officially become computers. Google Apple, and Microsoft now live in your pocket and control your lives... again (or still).

Adobe Air for Smartphones

AirDroid.pngWouldn't it be nice to have one app that you could install on your Mac, PC, iPhone, Droid, ZunePhone, etc., and get the (pretty much) same experience on any platform? And wouldn't it be nice if a developer only had to code the application once to make it work across the board? It would be very nice, and Adobe thinks they have the solution with Adobe Air, their application framework that already allows cross compatibility across Mac/PC.

Adobe is busy preparing Air 2.0 for Android and Blackberry, and possibly could show up for other platforms (Apple may not officially accept Air, because of its use of Flash 10.1, but there are methods to package an Air app for iPhone). Wired is hard at work creating a version of their magazine to run on Air, meaning you soon could ditch your paper subscription in favor of an interactive mobile version you can read anywhere. Expect Air 2.0 to launch for Android in the "second half of 2010"

HTC Legend: the Android Phone with an Apple Complex


There is an unwritten law with smartphones: if it's sexy, you won't see in the US first. This is true with the HTC Legend. Carved from a single block of aluminum, the HTC Legend looks like the phone equivalent of a macbook pro. If only it were as fast. Featuring a crisp AMOLED 3.2" inch capacitive 320x480 pixel screen, 600MHz processor with 384MB RAM, 512 MB ROM expandable MicroSD card slot, GPS, compass, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a slightly underpowered 1300 mAh battery. The Legend runs Android 2.1 with HTC's Sense UI featuring an expose style effect, letting you get at all of your home screen panels from something called "leap view." Although the Legend still has a slight chin, the trackball has been replaced with an optical trackpad. No word on a US release, but the UK will be able to enjoy it around March of this year.

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Nathan, Nathan, Nathan ... I realize you are a geek ... but ... you actually went to Barcelona and spent your time looking at telephones?

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