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NOM's Maggie Gallagher Supports & Admires Killing Gays

Filed By Waymon Hudson | February 26, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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We all know Maggie Gallagher makes her living off of peddling anti-LGBT hate with the National Organization for Marriage. She claims she's just "saving marriage from the evil gays" and that she doesn't hate us. Sure she claims that we out to recruit kids, indoctrinate them in schools, and destroy them by being parents, but that's just a little political difference, right? She's Miss "warm and fuzzy" homophobia, especially if you see the media coverage of her.

Well, Maggie G let that mask slip a bit and we got to see what we all know is lurking underneath. Gallagher has come to the defense of (shocker!) Miss Faux Beverly Hills Lauren Ashley, who not only said gays shouldn't marry, but trotted out the old Leviticus Bible verse saying gays are an abomination and should be killed.

gallagher.jpgMaggie Gallagher has endorsed and supported Lauren Ashley:

I'm not surprised that Miss Beverly Hills, Lauren Ashley, opposes gay marriage -- after all 45 percent of young Californians voted for Prop 8, as did 7 million Californians generally. But I have to say, I am impressed with her courage in coming forward and for speaking up for Carrie. The elected officials of city of Beverly Hills are not demonstrating tolerance or kindness by continuing the avalanche of hatred against supporters of Prop 8.

While Gallagher may want to gloss over what Lauren Ashley really said and just make her a "traditional marriage" martyr like Carrie Prejean before her, she doesn't get to. A reminder on what Ms. Ashley said:

Lauren Ashley.png

The Bible says that marriage is between a man and a woman. In Leviticus it says, 'If man lies with mankind as he would lie with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death and their blood shall be upon them.' The Bible is pretty black and white.  I feel like God himself created mankind and he loves everyone, and he has the best for everyone. If he says that having sex with someone of your same gender is going to bring death upon you, that's a pretty stern warning, and he knows more than we do about life.

She's right. It is pretty "black and white." Ashley said GAYS SHOULD BE PUT TO DEATH. By endorsing her and saying you are "impressed with her courage", especially without disavowing her call for death to gays, you are doing the same thing, Maggie.

Not so warm and fuzzy now, is she?

This isn't about Prop 8 or marriage equality. It's about a publicity-hungry young woman trying to get her 15 minutes of fame by saying gays should be killed. Wrap her in good Christian martyrdom if you'd like, Maggie Gallagher, but she made her point very clear. As have you.

So the next to you carpetbag yourself into a state to peddle your wares of anti-equality hate and fear-mongering with a smile, Maggie, I hope this moment follows you.

You don't get to pick and choose or rewrite the history of what someone like Lauren Ashley said or stands for. You support and admire a person that thinks "having sex with someone of your same gender is going to bring death upon you."

It doesn't get much clearer than that.

As I said before, you don't get a pass on this, Maggie. You can't use a call to death for LGBT people as a political bumper-sticker without staining yourself with it.

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>> "The elected officials of city of Beverly Hills are not demonstrating tolerance or kindness"

... which of course Ms. Gallagher is *such* a model at demonstrating...

And can we please dump that creepy porn-star photo? Lord, it's like looking at a praying mantis about to bite the head of its mate off. :: shiver ::

I actually like the photo. Lauren Ashley is ugly outside and within, and I think that photo captures her true essence from both perspectives.

Maybe I'm just splitting hairs here, but she didn't say "let's kill the gays," she said homosexuality "is going to bring death upon" gays. Grammar makes a difference.

actually, I would disagree- she says that verse shapes her worldview. It's why she thinks gays shouldn't marry- because God has said they are abominations and issued a "stern warning" that same gender lovin' will bring death on them. She embraces that as her belief. She quoted the verse, then puts it in her own words just to make sure we all knew her meaning- God says gay will have blood upon them and die from their actions.

It may be splitting hairs, but that's how I see it. :)

There you go again Waymon. She is only repeating what she was taught at a very young age, by people she trusted (probably parents) that "God" said that stuff.

While I have to reluctantly admit I enjoy seeing you bitch-slap Maggie, we are making no progress doing so. Religious people are religious people - they're all related. When you attack any of them, you attack most of them.

She is not a bigot because she repeats what she believes are "God's words." Those ancient words are bigoted, but she didn't write them. Nobody actually knows who did, but for her - it was God. That makes her beliefs immutable. (If she wrote the Bible, I'd help you beat the crap out of here, but that's not the case).

If you must, slap away - but, remember her comments/beliefs are only validated by your persecution (their word). It isn't helping us. We need religious people to stand with us. That won't happen if you keep slapping their relatives.

Think about ignoring them instead of promoting them. It's much more powerful. Indifference is very effective.

I agree 100%. This girl's statement is about gaining publicity/notoriety. The best way to deal with her is to ignore her.

Who keeps forgetting to lock the gates to the loony bin?

Maggie and her new young friend are pointed reminders why we should guard anaginst the creeping theonomism being imposed upon this secular republic.

A reminder, Ms Gallagher;
The Catholics are the largest Christian denomination in the United States, and acording to their "Syllabus of Errors," your religion ought not be tolerated. What happens, when, in the name of their version fo Christianity and the Bible, it is your rights that are being abrogated in the name of Jesus?

Here's the thing and why it's SO important to make sure this sticks HARD to Maggie...

Lauren Ashley could, in the days to come, say "Whoops! My bad. I'm a kid and what I said wasn't what I meant in a literal sense" and while it would be utter bullsh*t, many people would look at her age and relative inexperience with the press and go for that.

Maggie? Oh nonono- Mags knows EXACTLY what she just agreed with.

Brilliantly done, Waymon. We've got to continue to gather up the words of these people and make them OWN them...

Well put, Louise. Maggie G knows exactly what she's doing. she needs to have these words stick with her everywhere she goes...

i wonder if the City of Beverly Hills can sue the bimbette for fraud?

by saying that she was Miss Beverly Hills wasn't she misrepresenting herself and using the name illegally? what about Miss USA California? wasn't she doing the same thing?

maybe Miss Maggie would come forward and pay for the legal expenses?

hopefully, this will all take the full 15 minutes and we won't have to hear from her again like the other bimbette who went over her 15 minutes; you know the other one who'd name i can't recall right now...

The rules of Miss USA/CA are weird. Anyone can name a city and "represent them" even without a pageant, which is how Ashley got her "title":

State pageant director Keith Lewis said all applicants are interviewed by a representative from the organization and if successful they can then choose what city they wish to represent in the quest for the Miss California title. But despite the Beverly Hills City Council's desire to have the pageant structure changed, Lewis said, "the incident has no bearing on Miss California USA or the way the pageant will be conducted in the future."

I'm just sick of this religious people messing with civil rights that is one of the reasons why im an atheist because religion=hate and the bible also says that if a child misbehaves bad with its parents it must be stoned to death and i don't see a lot of stoning pure hipocracy people only follow what they think is right not exactly what their bible says HIPOCRACY!!!

The bigotry of groups like Evangelical Christians and Mormons is clearly seen. There are other groups here in the United States which act extremely homophobic both verbally and in acts; this bigotry is dismissed as being a cultural thing. This is truly scary!!!

"The elected officials of city of Beverly Hills are not demonstrating tolerance or kindness by continuing the avalanche of hatred against supporters of Prop 8."

Wait, since when is saying "We have no idea who this woman is, and she in no way represents us" the same as hatred?
Oh, right, persecution complex insanity. How silly of me to forget

Unworthy to have lived
In the minds of Maggie folk:
Salon Hostess and poet Natalie Clifford Barney
Poet Renee Vivien
Writer Gertrude Stein
Journalist Janet Flanner
Humanitarian Eleanor Roosevelt
Author Virginia Woolf
Author Vita Sackville-West
Nursing Revolutionary Florence Nightngale
Poet Eva Gore-Booth
Medical pioneer and Irish hero Dr Kathleen Lynn
Novelist and Journalist Djuna Barnes
Feminist Susan B Anthony
Feminist Dr Mary Daly
Author Rita Mae Brown
Authors and Publishers Jane Heap and Margaret Anderson
Artist Mary Stevenson Cassatt
First Child Psychiatrist Dr Anna Freud
Artist Romaine Brooks
Author Una, Lady Trobridge
Author Marguerite Radclyff-Hall
Screenwriter Mercedes d'Acosta
Actress Greta Garbo
Actress Eve La Gallienne
Actress Ona Munson
Bookseller and Publisher Sylvia Beach
Photojournalist Gisele Freund
Heiress and Philanthropist Winnaretta Singer
Architect and designer Eileen Gray
Nobel Prize Winner Jane Addams
Actress Nance O'Neill
Poet Sappho of Lesbos
Poet Emily Dickinson
Anthropologist Margaret Mead
Feminist Mary Wollestonecraft
Comedie Francaise Doyenne Francois Raucourt
Historian Lillian Faderman
Author Willa Cather
US Poet Laureate Kay Ryan
UK Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy
Philanthropist Nancy Cunard
Mujeres Libres leader Lucia Saornil
Labor Secretary Frances Perkins
Feminist Christabel Pankhurst
Author Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
Photographer Bernice Abbott
Performer and Civil Rights Activist Josephine Baker
Poet Amy Lowell

All unworthy to have lived, all worthy of being exterminated in Maggie-think.
And all of whom contributed more to humanity than Maggie does...

OMG, I didn't know they were all Gay :0

I think I will take my chances with god and stay away from self appointed people who are compelled to do god's will as they interpret.

All bi or Lesbian
And all contributed greatly to life.
And all unworthy of living according to Maggie

Saje Williams | February 27, 2010 3:41 AM

I still don't understand why we're supposed to take their religious statements at face value, or why they're entitled to any level of respect for regurgitating the malicious prattling of a book that specifically condones or promotes attempted genocide, incest, gang-rape, slavery, and/or murder as long as it's done in the name of "God."

The have no right whatsoever to claim moral high ground. The deity described in the Old Testament is clearly psychotic. The foibles of the Greek gods make them look like a bunch of cheesy sitcom characters in comparison.

"the old Leviticus Bible verse saying gays are an abomination and should be killed" ...so many/all bible thumpers are delusional & crazy

#1 reason gay people need to let go of god

No, just let go of Bible thumpers.

its your right to worship a diety that tells its believers through its "holy books" that you are "an abomination"

Is Ms. Faux Beverly Hills a transsexual?? She sure looks like it, IMHO!

Can we PLEASE PLEASE stop using terms from our own community to insult others.

Would you be happy if I asked if Bishop Harry Jackson were gay because he looks like a typical homosexual male?(You all look alike to we Lesbians, you know)

I agree with Maura- this type of comment has NO PLACE on this blog or anywhere. Enough already!

The only way to fight religion is with religion. The problem with anti-gay activist Ashley's comment is that it's from Leviticus or the "Law." Christ tells us that we are no longer under the Law, but under grace. A real Christian would know that.

Secondly, the Bible tells us that the way we judge others will be the way we are judged. If unrepentant homophobes use the Law to judge others, they will then be judged by the Law themselves. This means that militant anti-gay activist Ashley will be judged under the Law including Leviticus. I guarantee she is not following all the rules in Leviticus which means on her current path she is headed to hell. She needs to actually read her Bible and focus on her own sins instead of using gay people for cheap publicity ops.

twinkie1cat | March 2, 2010 9:23 AM

All right, listen up! Stop stereotyping Christians. We are not Maggie Gallagher. We are not that Lauren girl who ever that latest flash in the pan getting her 15 minutes is.

If a Christian follows the walk of Jesus Christ he or she is a social justice LIBERAL. JESUS WAS RADICAL LEFT. That is why the fundamentalists decided to kill him and went to the Roman government to do so (kind of like what the fundies in Uganda are doing to the gay folks).

On a related issue. Fundamentalists are evangelicals, but not all evangelicals are fundamentalists. Evangelicals believe that in order to have a relationship with God, one must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior. So do Protestant fundamentalists,but not Catholics. This has nothing to do with politics.

Jesus said that he came to fulfill the law, that all the old things from the Old Testament have passed away. We are no longer under the law, but under Grace. The fundies like to proof text and pick verses from the Old Testament to prove their homophobic points, but they are gone. Jesus said to Love God. Love Others. Love Yourself. That is the essence of His message.

Ok, got it. Evangelicals are not necessarily fundamentalists just like all Republicans are not heterosexual. Please do not group all evangelical Christians with those misguided haters. The fundies are not a good reason to be an atheist. Jesus died for you just the way you are and loves you.

Why does Maggie Gallagher thumb her nose into every gay issue? I don't think you can claim that gays hate if you see a publicity seeking rich girl saying "God wants gays dead", and it puts a smile on your face. At the very least it's not a happy thing. Many Christians are using marriage as an excuse to hate, because they like abusing people. For those that this IS the case, they are innately backfiring their cause.

Well lets just hope little Miss Bevy Hills is a virgin on her weeding nite --- otherwise she should be stoned also.