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Rick Santorum's Paula Abdul phase

Filed By Ed Team | February 14, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"California's voters have spoken. The only point of Walker's rigged trial is to convince appellate courts that voters who passed Proposition 8 are intolerant bigots. But an honest look at the behavior of both sides over the past year tells a very different story."

-- Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum continues his crusade against the gays in an op-ed published in the Philadelphia Enquirer about the Prop 8 trial in California. Because, you know, Santorum judges all the marriage equality trials; it's his Paula Abdul phase.

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Small correction, the paper is called the Philadelphia Inquirer, with an I.

Though it is becoming more like the National Enquirer all the time.

I have yet to understand how in a country that claims to promote the values of liberty and freedom, can ignore those rights to so many based on how some feel in regard to how they wish lead to live their lives! I see nothing in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that says Marriage is only to be between a man and woman. Indeed I see it as a State Sponsored Contract, and as such it should be open to everyone who is able to be recognized as a person under the law. To do less is not equality, liberty or freedom. I do however read the term, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" there but I guess this only applies to those who vote Republican and now Corporations who have money to spend on politicians elections.

Rick Santorum is the failed legislator who won't die. He begins his op ed in the Inquirer with an unsubstantiated statement children "needing" a mother and a father--one that lacks scientific basis in its purest form (and there is evidence to the contrary) and a statement that fails to recognize the relatively few children who DO have both functional mother and father. That aside, his attack simply is against gays having rights. What we really should be doing as we look at the Prop 8 issue in California, is recognizing that churches, e.g., catholic, mormon, are NOT just places of worship but are political lobbying agents (PACs) and by their very nature should not have IRS tax exemption. It was the tax exempt funds from these churches that assaulted marriage rights in CA.