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This trans rapper is Heaven

Filed By Bil Browning | February 01, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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No, seriously. This trans rapper is Heaven.

While I'm not sure if she's a drag queen or a transwoman, she calls herself a Super Tranny. The song is rather annoying, but the story she tells is comic, disturbing and realistic. I wouldn't buy an album (or that song), but I'd watch more videos. Sadly, this is the only one she's got.

(Hat tip to AKA William)

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Drag queen. I've seen this linked on a number of gay sites and they always want to identify him (and Ru Paul) and as some variety of trans woman. Why is it for years whenever there were trans women, gay culture has wanted to identify them as some kind of drag queen, whereas there's someone like this who is very obviously a drag queen and he's identified as trans and a possible trans woman? I don't get that? There are real transwomen rappers like Pam Jones, but this isn't one of them.

I don't know much about this person, but she identifies herself on her website ( as trans, as a girl, and as someone who is transitioning. She may not seem to be a "typical" trans woman, but who are we to question someone else's self-identification?

I have my doubts that you can believe everything you read on the Internet.

Let's see... a facebook page promoting the single, a site promoting the single, links to a songwriter promoting the single, and lots of "in Your Face, MoFo" stuff. Associated with "realgirl records".

And having been in transition for 5 years now. And going to see a "Dr Topperlroffer" whose name unaccountably isn't in any phonebook.

Yeah, right.

When do the videos with Darkies eating the Yams, Fried Chicken and Watermelons start, before they go out surchin fo de white wimmen? May as well get all the stereotypes in.


hmmmmm..... it only took 6 months for the regulars at an establishment I tend to stop in at, to realize that I am trans, and not a boy pretending to be a girl....worst of it all, was the woman who came up to me and asked whether I was performing that evening (drag show night). No, "I'm not a f'ing drag queen..." ;) to quote 'Better Than Chocolate.'

If you want to see an authentic (albeit fictional) video -

I'd be most surprised if at least one scriptwriter wasn't trans.

The more I look at the website and the Facebook page, the more the entire project smells bad—a total cynical appropriation of trans identities (not to mention a crappy racist imitation and theft of black and latino street language and culture) to make a buck. "Super Tranny" with the huge phony boobs and a lot of gay men pretending to be trans sexworkers much more resembles exploitive fantasies about what trans women are than anything that's real. So while I love to respect identities, this little game of pretend seems more about disrespecting the identities of women like me and that stinks.

Crash2Parties | February 2, 2010 4:34 AM

This video is the trans equivalent of blackface.

Please, take it down.

No, please keep it up. As a reminder. Just the way we should not forget "Amos n Andy" was once looked on as an authentic representation of Black America by privileged Whites. Yes, this is the trans equivalent of Blackface, transploitation at its very worst.

Bil, I love you dearly, you're a nice guy who does his best. But you are so completely clueless on such issues it's tragic. Never mind, I'd be honoured to call you my friend anyway. Hopefully you'd feel the same.

There's been too much cover-up of such things in the past. I'm still having a conversation with Ron Gold by the way. Just when I think I'm getting through to him, he goes back to the old "mutilated crazies" meme, but never mind. One thing we have is patience.

I think Super Tranny Heaven, is attempting with this song to bring power to the trans world. Regardless of how this performance artist identifies themselves (trans or not), their message is pro trans power, pro woman power and pro being yourself regardless of what the majority might view as wierd or a phase. I think we should pay attention, because she seems to really have something to say, and I'm sure we haven't begun to hear the last of her yet.

Michael: I think it's pro white gay male, has nothing to do with trans women, trans people and is definitely not pro woman. As to being yourself... that's always important, but make believe trans identities and portraying them as being phony "trannies from the hood" is not being yourself nor respecting the people who've had to survive, and died, in that kind of environment. I would characterize it as exploitation and even mocking a marginalized community.