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Uganda Be Kidding Me: More Gay Porn from Pastor Ssempa & Dangerous Legal Loopholes

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Ugandan Pastor, and Rick Warren's right hand man, Martin Ssempa really hates gay people since he's one of the unapologetic driving forces behind the "Kill the Gays" bill. sempa-1.jpgBut he sure seems to love gay porn.

I wrote about his last public showing of porn in January, where he call a press conference to show scatological fetish porn that ended up driving people out of the room and backfired on him. Looks like he hasn't really learned his lesson. After police blocked his Million Man "Kill the Gays" March, Ssempa held another of his special screenings in a Kampala church:

The screening was attended by around 300 supporters crammed into an evangelical church in the Ugandan capital after plans for a 'million-man march' were thwarted by police. 'We had planned to have a million-man and -woman march in Kampala but unfortunately we were told that we could not march because of security concerns," Martin Ssempa told the crowd. 'The major argument homosexuals have is that what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is nobody's business but do you know what they do in their bedrooms?,' the pastor asked. Ssempa then displayed a slide show of gay pornographic pictures. 'This one is eating another man's penis,' the pastor said, before going into even more graphic descriptions. 'Is this what Obama wants to bring to Africa?' he said, following fierce US criticism of a Ugandan bill drafted last year that would further criminalise homosexuality.

As I covered in previous blogs, Ssempa is a man with deep ties to American Evangelicalism.

He is not only pals with Rick Warren, but also has connections with the secretive political religious group "The Family", whose C Street House has been the focus of controversy after Mark Sanford and John Ensign's extra-marital affairs and who host the National Prayer Breakfast every year.

This is fundamentalism exported directly from our shores. Like "Porno Pete" LaBarbera, he uses a playbook created by the anti-gay forces here in the US: show gay men as depraved, evil, sick perverts who deserve to be imprisoned or put to death.

Andy Towle from Towleroad found a great quote from Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post saying that Warren should be more involved in stifling the dangerous Ugandan situtation. It applies to all of the Evangelical Fundies exporting anti-LGBT hate from our shores:

It may not be Warren's personal calling to comment on 'political process.' But is neutrality really an option for one of the world's most powerful Christian leaders when state genocide of a minority is proposed in the name of Christianity? If we decide that genocide is too political for interference, then what good is moral leadership?...The proposed law is a case study in the unintended consequences of moral colonialism.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I do wonder, however, if this will start another outpouring of hate mail & comments like my last post on Ssempa did. If so, I think Parker's quote above is the perfect answer to any of them.

Julian Pepe, the leader of gay and lesbian rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda, brought this little bit of hypocrisy on the part of Ssempa to light:

He (Pastor Martin Ssempa) should be arrested because he is promoting pornography. The fact that he showed this film to people below 18 years means he has committed a crime.

That's quite the moral authority, Pastor Ssempa- showing porn to underage kids in church.

Loopholes in the Bill?

This comes on the heels of news from Truth Wins Out that a loophole may allow Uganda to execute anyone 'related' to homosexuals:

The wording of the legislation allows Uganda to execute anyone found guilty of repeat offences involving homosexuality "or related offences" which include speaking out in defense of tolerance, or being a relative, pastor or doctor of a homosexual and refusing to report that person to the authorities for execution.

The "Kill-the-Gays" Bill isn't going away. We have to keep on it, keep the pressure on, and keep shining a light on the people behind it, whether they be porn peddling pastors in Uganda or the anti-LGBT religious forces supporting them from the United States.

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Peter Tatchell, one of the most widely respected leaders of the international LGBT movement just this morning passed along a YouTube video that lays out in the clearest way the Ugandan christers intent to murder every GLBT person they can.

It's a must see illuminating look at how mass murder begins. It's part of a global assault that includes the christer right in the US including ex-gay scum and their ringmaster Rick Warren, who used Obama to defeat prop 8 in California. A vicious pogrom is underway in neighboring Kenya and will no doubt bolster the killer christers efforts in Zimbabwe and other nations including islamist Iran and US occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

The new Ugandan laws are much more comprehensive and violent than islamist Sharia law. So turn off the Olympics and watch this video as if your life depended on it. It just might.


1. We should insist that the UN prohibit member countries from having any relations - except trade or aid in food, medical, sanitary and other humanitarian necessities - with Uganda if this bill passes.

2. We should demand that the World Court issue arrest warrants for any legislators who vote for this bill or officials who enforce it.

3. We should demand that the EU and US offer an open ended amnesty, immigrant status and social services to any LGBT folks fleeing countries where christers and islamists are conducting pogroms or state sponsored mass murder campaigns against LGBT folks.

That's a helluva video, Bill.

And why do the most vicious homophobes always have such a thing for gay porn? Porno Pete LaBarbera anyone?

That's the video that's embedded in the post. Thanks for breaking it down in test form, Bill! It is a powerful video that lays it out perfectly.

I saw it in your post Waymon.

I used it because as you say, it's so powerful. I can't think of any law as potentially dangerous since Hitler's Enabling Law in 1933, particularly if other countries imitate it.

This law makes DOMA and DADT seem tame in comparison.

Above amnesty should be asylum. US law already permits asylum applictions in these cases but without unless the White House and State Department and their peers in the EU robustly organize and publicize an asylum campaign the number of potential victims will be much higher.

( http://www.lambdalegal.org/issues/immigration-asylum/ )

The video is copied from a Gays Without Borders piece from Peter Tatchell, who says "I am very grateful to Rob Tisinai for making a masterclass YouTube video that explains the full horrors of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill." Tisinai gets all the credit for formatting it.

Thanks for the background on it, Bill!