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I listened yesterday to some retired piece of Army crap tell the US Senate that people in Bosnia were murdered because the Dutch army allows gays to serve. I swear to God, he did.

Much more after.

I listened yesterday as General Petreus (who is indeed very quickly earning the moniker of "Betrayus") tell the Senate that maybe he does need to ask around to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan whether or not they think DADT is a good idea -- after telling this same Senate just a week ago that he thinks it's time to get rid of the policy.

The fact that he wants to ask the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan -- as opposed to the ones we have on our many, many, many bases around the world -- is just as telling a piece of theatre as some retired piece of tinpot brass blaming the murder of thousands on a tiny country that he thinks would never stand up to the big and mighty US of A.

For a country that says it believes in equality and fairness, this place really knows how to talk the talk but it damn sure has problems with walking the walk. It took almost two centuries for the US to figure out that black people are real, honest-to-god, you know, people - not inventory. It took about the same amount of time for the US to realize that women were more than mindless baby factories. And now it seems that the US is just now figuring out that the last group that's socially acceptable to deride and insult and belittle -- the fags -- might actually want something more than the invitation to design the absolutely spiffy medals and adorable uniforms for all those, you know, real men out there fighting yet another of our brain-dead, stupid wars.

Why anyone with common sense would even want to serve under our laughable excuse of military leadership is another question for another time, I suppose, but if they do, then Petreus and the rest of the fools at the Pentagon would do well to accept that, right now, they need troops more than they need to posture about "morality". In case they missed the memo, we're about to embark on two more wars -- in Pakistan and Yemen -- and unless there's some magic fairy out there that's gonna give them all the troops they want... oh wait. No fairies allowed, remember?

Morality. That's a helluva thing to espouse when you look at the mess we -- the US of A -- made of the Middle East. Between our incomprehensibly blind support of Israel and our incessant need to control who's gonna be in power in what country -- coupled with our adamant refusal to understand why "terrorists" exist and why they seem to hate us so much -- we're not in much of a position to talk about "morality", let alone any of the larger issues like, say, integrity and honesty. No, we prefer to wrap ourselves in the flag, motherhood, and the Judeo-Christian edition of God and pass the blame off on folks like the Dutch to make up for our sad, pathetic, and inexcusable "rationales" for why gays and lesbians should not serve in the military.

No, instead we'll ask local police forces to give us information about someone so we dont have to ask. We'll take the second-hand evidence of a whisper campaign and use it as inalterable and rock-solid evidence to court-martial someone for the heinous "crime" of being gay. We will waste countless man-hours and money eradicate these terrible people, all while we go begging to Congress for more cash for more and more terribly exotic ways to kill people.

Yeah, that makes all the sense in the world. Just as it makes all the sense in the world that some retired general should be allowed to speak his incomprehensibly idiotic views and expect -- no, demand -- that they be received with all the proper respect his apparent rank requires.

Well, sir, to you and Petreus and the rest of you quivering, frightened little lambs... get over yourselves. If someone is going to put his or her life on the line while you hide out back behind the lines, then perhaps it's you -- not they -- who needs to understand the concept of respect.

Throw that up your flagpole and salute it.

The cartoon returns here on Monday.

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Rick Sours | March 19, 2010 9:56 AM

Roger van de Wetering said he "cannot believe that a man of that rank is stating such a thing.".Van de Wetering is with the Netherlands Ministry of Defense.

Gays are serving honoring in the armed forces of many NATO nations. Again someone is attempting to say something which is not true in order to promote their own agenda which is to keep Gays from
serving openly.

Jesse Monteagudo | March 19, 2010 9:57 AM

I'm not trying to defend Gen. Petraeus but he was not the one who blamed gays in the Dutch Army for the troubles in Bosnia. Retired Marine Gen. John Sheehan was the one who made that outrageous comment.

No, but he *is* the one who had said, "Oh I dont think other soldiers are worried about gays in the ranks" -- only to turn around yesterday and say "Oh wait, I was misquoted! I need to take a poll! I'm clearly so afraid of those under my command that I need to check their *feelings* before issuing an order! Let me get back to you on that!"

What he said is, IMHO, just as outrageous as Sheehan's streaming spew of BS. It's all stalling tectics until the relative safety of "after the elections"... in which case it'll be something else that clamps this down yet again.

Juston Thouron Juston Thouron | March 19, 2010 10:56 AM

I agree completely Sean.

The Armed Forces of the US are in a state of FMC on DADT repeal. But because of their BAU's AAR from 1993 and since, I think Petraeus, have a CYA plan (a simple, classic EXFIL) because of past instances of SNAFU. So in public they appear to be AFI but but realize that since they are in a CF they are in reality just AFO. Trust me, in private they are prepared for BOHICA. They simply want a COA with clear ROE's from the CINC(POTUS). Their opinion of POTUS may be BGHR, but in the back of their minds they think of him as FNG. So no matter how many stars they have on their shoulders, they are LLMF. Because they knew when CODELS got involved that things would be FUBAR and that they would be OBE (aka. OSM SNAFU, TARFU and FUBAR).

I will conclude my SITREP with the following: It is ironic that the military acronym for "unserviceable" is "US."

BTW Sean, have you ever thought of creating personas of Doc and Raider for Firefox?

Please accept my congratulations and my condemnation for managing to be both highly entertaining and extremely annoying with your response! :-)

Love the illustration, Sean. I've really enjoyed having it shine up on the front page all day. :)

the_czarina the_czarina | March 20, 2010 6:07 PM

Thank you, Sean, (and TBP) for permitting me to post this stunning image on my Facebook profile.