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Family Research Institute deemed obscene and insufficiently patriotic

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 18, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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I'm sure the Post Office in question did cross the line here, but I can't help but think that their obscenity rules are in place because of extreme rightwing moralists like Paul Cameron and that their fast and loose definition of "incited forcible resistance" is in part caused by decades of rightwing authoritarians draping themselves in the flag while they try to reduce other people's freedoms.

Or maybe it was porn. It wouldn't be the first time someone used porn to incite homophobia. As one commenter on KKTV's site put it:

I would actually like to read about the female enlistee recalling her experiences with homosexuals in basic training...that sounds super hot!

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I like it!

(Minor point: Cameron's org is Family Research Institute, not council.)

Jeezus, this guy suffers one humiliation after another and never gives up his crusade for stupidity...

But yeah, it's "Family Research Institute," not "Family Research Council." It would have been better if it were the FRC that had been deemed obscene :b

Someone emailed me about 20 minutes after this post wend up and I changed it immediately, but I'm not faster than you all! :) At least I got it right the first time in the tags.

Oh sweet Jeebus. Cameron thinks he has a "constitutional right" to save $30 in postage on newsletters?

Tell me about it. What a whiner! He couldn't pony up $30?

The only good news that I heard from this is he only has 1,000 people wanting to read his drivel...or use it to line thier bird cages.

Allison Sinclair | March 19, 2010 10:23 AM

All I can say is kudos to the USPS, being a Government employee myself things are definitely changing within Federal Government employers. Truthfully, they should charge him double for his hateful propaganda.