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Homophobes plan a straight-only prom

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It just wouldn't be fair to the straight kids not to have a prom at all, so some parents are taking action into their own hands. And of course the bitch isn't invited:

The school board's response states that parents have organized a private prom at a furniture mart in nearby Tupleo. Now that the school district has withdrawn from the event, any constitutional claims are irrelevant, Griffith wrote.[...]

On one discussion on an Internet bulletin board about the planned prom in Tupelo, a poster who identified himself as a junior at the high school said the prom would be "invitation only."

"Constance and her gay-activist friends will not be attending," he said. "They can go have their own prom because we certainly do not want any of them there."

The poster expressed frustration at the attention the issue had brought to the city of about 4,000.

"We have (television) newsmen at front doors of the school every freaking morning," he wrote. "They flag us down to interview us as we're coming and leaving school. I'm sick and tired of it. We are very traditional here so, personally, I think if Constance doesn't like it here, she needs to pack her stuff and move. No one even liked her here that much in the first place."

I'm sure it isn't fun to have the media there trying to interview people about the school board's homophobia, but, really, the community could direct its attention to the school board instead of blaming Constance. Then again, this is the mentality that keeps the right's victimology fueled: they always blame the person with less power in a situation since it's harder to take on people with power. It's a sheeple mentality.

Contrary to the first commenter quoted in USA Today's article, I don't think that people in that town would be fine with a private, lesbian-only prom for high school students. And that's the discrimination here. So it'd be nice if there were parents willing to organize a prom for everyone, but apparently the school board's homophobia doesn't exist in a vacuum. As Constance's lawyer said:

Sun said she had only heard rumors of the private dance until she read it in the brief.

"Constance has not been invited, so it is clear to me that what is happening is that the school has encouraged a private prom that is not open to all the students," she said. "That's what Constance is fighting for -- a prom where everyone can go."

The parents want a prom for their kids, and there's nothing wrong with that. But they also want it to be a straight prom, so really the whole situation worked out well for them. Prom happens without the lesbians. Plus it's harder to claim discrimination since the school just caused the straight-only prom, it isn't actually hosting it.

I also wonder when they started planning this prom, if it was before or after the prom was officially cancelled. But then I have a suspicious mind.

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Personally I hope that the reporters stay and I hope that the town continues to get unwanted negative attention. Only by shaming these people will they learn. I think that we should find out what companies are the largest employers in that area and let them know that we will not be buying their products because so many of their employees are phobes. Anything t bring pressure to bear on these people and this town.

Uhhhh..... It's Mississippi, that's what they do there. They hate, they hate everyone in Ole Miss. You're never white enough, right enough or dumb enough for them.
Is it a stereotype? Yes it is. But I'm sticking with that for now until they can prove otherwise.

This weekend, my (female) partner and I watched Prom Night in Mississippi. Some parents organized a "white only" prom because they didn't want their kids going to the integrated prom. Now I'm having a déjà vu all over again. It's disgusting.

I agree with Rob. I hope the media never let up on them.

I say this needs a drag queen! Rupaul to be exact.

What if Rupaul sponsored a prom open to all high school kids in the area? I bet Rupaul's prom would blow the bigot's prom out of the water in style and attendence.

It'd be great if it were at the same time as the other, so that people would be forced to choose sides.

But something tells me that's not going to happen, so the second best solution is for Constance to crash the other one. In a tux with her girlfriend.

Judas Peckerwood | March 23, 2010 2:29 AM

I hope Constance and her fair-minded have their own queer-friendly prom and that one or more megastars sign on to perform. How many kids do you really think would choose the bigot-fest over that?

Judas Peckerwood | March 23, 2010 2:32 AM

Whoops, I mean exactly what Nerissa said. Must learn to read all comments before commenting!

So much from learning from history. This sounds all too much like a 1950s or 1960s type of story. Even so I am of the opinion I would about rather have the hate show openly than the two faced variety that hides under fake smiles.

FAIl, Parents, students and school district.
You can rest assured that any graduate of your school district will never find employment with me, save Constance and her friends.

after all, your attitdes have brought the press upon you daily and most people in America don't like you anyways, while finding Constance o be brave and sympathetic.

I don't recommend narrow minded, exclusory and divisive people for positions at universities, law schools or to work with me.

Have great careers at McD's, you lot.