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Hot Mormon Missionary Boys Masturbating

Filed By Bil Browning | March 31, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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While I was gone on vacation last week, Jill Weiss was the face of Bilerico and she did a fantastic job of weaving together some hard hitting LGBT political posts and some more gratuitous entries featuring shirtless Olympic pole vaulter Balian Buchsbaum or half naked Canadian animal trainer Dave Salmoni. Hot mormon missionary boy masturbatingAfter all, you can't be a proper Bilerico unless you're both political and perverted.

Jill, however, took the high road. She posted shirtless pics but avoided anything too risqué. That's always a smart decision when you're the rookie! Now that I'm back in power though, I've got to return with style and grace (and get something online quickly while recovering from jet lag!).

What to do? I bring you pictures of hot Mormon missionary boys masturbating. They're from the porn site, but I've deliberately used ones where you can only see their cocks through their magical Mormon underwear. They're still NSFW, but if you need more there are tons more graphic preview pictures at the site.

(Yes, you can clickety to embiggen all the pictures, I'd be disappointed if you didn't. A few of them are much better viewed up close.)

Hot mormon missionary boy masturbating

Hot mormon missionary boy masturbating

Hot mormon missionary boy masturbating

Hot mormon missionary boy masturbating

Hot mormon missionary boy masturbating

Hot mormon missionary boy masturbating

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Chitown Kev | March 31, 2010 3:19 PM

Bil, NPH is not going to be pleased with you!

Then again, he may be happy that you've found a new obsession or...

Waitaminute, just WHAT was this "vacation" all about?

Spill it!

Paige Listerud | March 31, 2010 3:46 PM

Is it just me, or is that magical Mormon underwear kinda hot? Sheer and clingy around a nice full cock and balls. International Male just might have inspiration for a whole new line of underwear. Or maybe we could work our Mormon fetish just by ordering from the Temple directly.

meninnylon | August 5, 2010 3:06 AM

Unfortunately non-LDS can't buy this silky nylon underwear from the temple store. I have dozens of pairs of Corban (nylon) garments (called "g's") which are practically designed to have sex in--especially the one piece kind. What other church designs really sexy underwear and wants you to wear it 24/7?

See, religion is changing.

Thanks for this Bil and welcome back!

it's a good thing there isn't a chat feature on this blog....actually, that's not such a bad idea...posts like these help pass the time while home alone.

Is run by

Alex Grigny Alex Grigny | April 1, 2010 7:29 AM

I vote for Elder Jackson!

@JY: That's an excellent point and one I raised in my post the other day: (NSFW)

But as someone who has been writing about the Gay Porn Industry for most of the last decade, I can assure you Bil there is nothing to get excited about in Sure the boys have big dicks and are good-looking but this is yet another site in "mainstream" gay porn that ostracizes - intentionally or otherwise - men of color. There is rampant Racism in this industry and all this site does is further promote the outdated notion that sexiness and sexuality are limited to white 20-somethings, a notion that no place in our world as it is today.

You know, I'm all for diversity in porn, but have you ever seen a Mormon missionary of color? The site only has 3 guys on it so far, so it's not like the entire stable of missionaries has been beating down the door to appear on the site.

Yes I have seem many POC of missionaries. In fact as a former member of the church I can tell you that the largest and growing population of the church are latinos followed by asians and then african folks. In most larger cities with latino popluations they are only sending in latino missionaries and there is strong recruitment for POC for church schools.

I think the lack of POCs on that white site has more to with the racist stereotypes of the non mormon raised white upper middle class privileged gay boys wanking off to the site. They are the same guys who wank off the sites meth head twinks and sites proclaiming to have 100 percent hetero guys doing gay for pay. they never look at their own messed up fetishes or beliefs while feeling free to mock other folks and I say this as someone who hates the church and all religions.

Mormons believed that blacks did not have souls until 1978. Although they are aggressively recruiting among non-whites and non-Anglos now, it remains an overwhelmingly white religion. Also, I assure you that the people who fetishize Mormons are primarily current and former Mormons, not Christians, Atheists, or members of other religions.

The Mormon boys may not be anxious to be seen on a website in their underwear, but I'm sure many of those lonely missionary boys have 'warmed up' one another in their sexy underwear on those long, cold nights in the field where they have to be in by 9 PM.

I once took a bus from DC to NY and sat next to a Mormon lad who told me was going to NY to visit a former misssionary buddy while both their wives were in Utah. When he got off the bus, he fell into the arms of another equally-attractive boy and their embrace almost made me blush. I could only imagine what they would be doing within an hour at home.

Chitown Kev | April 1, 2010 1:04 PM

Jesus H. Christ!

Now I'm all for discussions of the rampant racism in the porn industry but can we allow Bil to have a LITTLE fun (especially since he JUST returned from vacation)?

I understand the reasons for "political correctness" and dicussions of privilege and all of that but sometimes these discussions can be a buzzkill and discourse is so totally devoid of any type of pleasure.


More importantly, the LDS church prohibited blacks from being priests (a very broad category) until 1978. That helps to explain why LDS is so white.

@Bil That's the precisely the problem with these sites: Missionaries, "All-American" boys "Boys Next Door." These are all code words for whites only. Here is a link to an ad Sean Cody had on Craigslist ahile back (NSFW):

And Missionaries are predominantly white because the Mormon Church isn't just homophobic, it's Racist too which gives the site-owner cover to say: "Well, geez, what can I do about it??? But, but, they're all white!!" (To his credit, though, he does encourage men of color to apply.)

@ChitownKev With all do respect, if you were a person of color (which I'd bet my next unemployment check you are not based on your tone), you wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this. I never said Bil couldn't have any fun but I think it's arrogant of you to dismiss a legitimate reality for men of color as being "politically correct." Sorry, Chitown, I hope I wasn't be too *cough* uppity.

Chitown Kev | April 1, 2010 2:25 PM

LOL, how do I respond to this? Here I go, "passing" again.

I'm a black gay guy who has been called "uppity" most of my damn life.

And that's by black folks.

In fact, I could go there about the racist nature of the pornographic images that are out there (namely "thug porn").

And, of course, that racism would go into the straight porn industry as well

Now, I could sure use some money so I look forward to your check, thank you much.

I understood the entire "code words" part of your argument very well and I even agree with it.

@Chitown My apologies. I shouldn't have assumed that. But when you are used to hearing that time and time and time again by the white powers that be in this industry it sort of becomes the default response.

And the check ain't much!

Chitown Kev | April 1, 2010 6:09 PM

No problem!

Truth be told, I used to think that I had a problem vis-a-vis liking black men in porn films then I figured out that it was that I didn't like black men doing thug porn.

But I don't like a lot of college boy/preppy boy type of stuff that you get at...well, you know (one of the sites that you mention).

But I do like white guys in...well, the less polished and (for lack of a better word) "white trash" type of porn (BSB, for example). The ones that really can really pull off that fantasy that they're doing it for the buck and the buck only.

But I only like to see white guys do that, I notice.

What most of is that I like stuff that subverts "dominant paradigims".

Therefore, I would be (and am) attracted to the collegiate looking black guys of course, what attracts me runs across a pretty wide spectrum.

Mormons porn? I'm guessing Mormons are the primary viewers of this porn.

Yeah, and Sean Cody's racist. Some of his early stuff includes black and latino men, but then it stopped after about a year.

Well he has featured Landon*Afr Amer* and Ivan *Braz Amer* so IDK hell its back on now who know for how long. I thought that Sean Cody said that he tried to recruit Afr.Amer, but that they are reluctant to pose for him so he jus stopped. How true that statement was IDK. Jus saying. ;)

Dakotahgeo | April 21, 2010 2:21 AM

ROFLMBO...oh my goodness! I hadn't seen this before...mmmmmm, nice....funny...but maybe just a tad over the line. LOLOL... I still think it's hilarious! You gotta admit, they do have a good sense of humor. See-through underwear for men?????

Years ago, when the movie LATTER DAYS came out on video, I tried to rent it at my local video store and was told they couldn't keep copies because Mormon missionary boys were stealing all the display copies. That's when they started keeping empty boxes on display and putting the disks behind the counter.

I also remember how thrilled I was to hear comedian and impressionist Charles Pierce report that the Mormons had opened a branch of their university in San Francisco...Frig'em Young.

FormerRepublican | November 30, 2010 10:00 PM

Those aren't real Mormon missionaries. They probably aren't even Mormon.

Yes, there are Mormons of color--of every race and almost every country. There are African-American Mormon missionaries.

This is so not real! Stop this abominable thing!

As if anyone is stupid enough to believe these guys are Mormon missionaries or even Mormons.

Look more like hard luck jobs off the street.