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Shirtless Pics!

Filed By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | March 24, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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As the face of Bilerico while Bil's away for the week, I have a contractual obligation to post a certain number of shirtless pics.

But that doesn't stop me from mentioning that ENDA is on the move!

But to get back to the point, Balian Buchsbaum is your typical Olympic trans pole vaulter.

Trans, did you say? Yes, I said. Now look.



I'm not sure whether that was me swooning and hitting the floor, my heart beating, or my tail going.

But whatever it is, it's important for you activists out there to stop flogging ENDA petitions for a minute (more about that in my second post of the day) and smell the roses, or whatever it is you wish to smell.






Click here for more pics.

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*Buschbaum ;)

Awesome pics - thanks for sharing!

Thank you Jullian... um... um... for, you know, writing... um... um... about ENDA n' stuff... um... yeah. *droolz*

Jillian... whatever your name is... *more droolz*

I had an intelligent comment to post here. Really, I did! But... um... *scrolls back up to the pics*

You've done well.

Oh my. I just googled him. I wonder if he has any older equally athletic friends who aren't yet spoken for?

Don't know if it's me of the T talking, but yessss... Very distracting *leers*

So now, Jillian, in the interest of equality (really!), you'll be posting some shirtless pictures of women, right? :D

I second this motion!

But for now I will join you in your swooning.

YES PLEASE! I'll have some of that now and some extra to go...you know, for later!

Oh Jillian... Nicely done! *swoon*


that breaks some serious assumptions about what we think we know, doesn't it?

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