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Weekly Reader: Straightwashing, VH1, & Jesus Goes to a Gay Wedding

Filed By Bil Browning | March 06, 2010 6:00 PM | comments

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I'm glad we have so many contributors! After all my recent travels plus getting ready to leave for Austin, TX next week and Los Angeles/Palm Springs the week after, I'm having trouble keeping all the balls in the air. Housekeeping, blogging, pet care, writing for other outlets, editing, meetings, and consulting obligations have kept me hopping this week, but check out these fantastic posts Bilerico contributors submitted this week:


Straight-washing music and changing gender pronouns for easier listening Filed by: Alex Blaze
Making Trouble: Useful Information Filed by: Antonia D'orsay


Catholic Charities chooses worst option for complying with DC law...and pretends it has no choice Filed by: Nancy Polikoff
VH1 to bust out the beautiful trannies Filed by: Cassandra Keenan


Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa Reads Bilerico and Responds Filed by: Waymon Hudson
Tony Perkins - Christians are being censored by the government Filed by: Donna Pandori


What Would Jesus Do If Invited to a Gay Wedding? Filed by: Guest Blogger John Shore
The Painful, Irritating, Absolutely Essential Census Filed by: Diane Silver


Help Wanted: Clinical Psychologist - No Experience Necessary Filed by: Keri Renault
Photos: DADT discharges still happening Filed by: Jeff Sheng


Spill-Over Love: Building a Just and Multi-Racial LGBT Movement Filed by: Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz
Queer Music Friday: Tanita Tikaram Filed by: Yasmin Nair

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