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Davina Kotulski

Wedding bells in the US and Mexico's capital cities!

Filed By Davina Kotulski | March 06, 2010 10:00 AM | comments

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Spring weddings are on tap for our nation's capital.

WeddingBells.jpgWhile our elected officials fight over health care reform, marriage is getting a make-over in DC. On Tuesday, after years of waiting, same-sex couples in our nation's capitol got ready to say I "do" and the words "with liberty and justice for all," actually rang true - like the sound of wedding bells.

This week same-sex couples are also saying "I do," in español in Mexico City where matrimonio for same-sex couples is now legal. ¡Fantastico!

90% of the united states are still anti-equality! However, Maryland has now announced that same-sex marriages, while not able to be performed in that state, will be recognized there.

This is similar to New York's policy. You can't get legally married at the Boat House in New York, but you could zip over to Connecticut exchange vows and then supposedly have your marriage recognized in New York.

We are making progress, but must continue to work for full equality in all of the states and when we are done in the U.S, there are a lot of other countries that need our help.

For example, Marriage Equality Russia is forming, but was denied the right to name their NGO "Marriage Equality Russia" because gay marriage is against Russian law. Nikolia Alexeyev is working to challenge this ruling.

In Italy, same-sex couples are waiting for a ruling from the courts on March 23rd to find out why they are being denied marriage licenses since the marriage laws, as they presently stand, are gender-neutral. If you parlo Italiano send an email to blogger Delia Vaccarrello in support of marriage equality.

Everything we do here in the United States affects other countries too. The world is looking at our country of "freedom lovers" to see what we believe justice is. If we deny same-sex couples equality they take notice and follow suit, if we expand and give equality to LGBTQ people, their LGBTQ citizens can point to us an example as they pursue their liberty rights.

We all have a stake in this. We can all make a global impact for equality.

Speaking of making a global impact, Rev. Mark Anthony Lord, of the Chicago Bodhi Spiritual Center has put together the first ever national LGBTQA spiritual conference, called Liberation 2010. Liberation 2010 will take place April 8-11th in Los Angeles.

The conference unites new age, law of attraction focus to ending homophobia and is "dedicated to the revelation of wholeness" and our "inherent greatness" as LGBTQ people. The legendary self-help guru Byron Katie and musicians Jason and DeMarco will be there. Malidome Som? is one of the keynote speakers. It looks to be a life changing, inspirational event, a new kind of gay pride, if you will, claiming our divinity as LGBTQ people.

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Marriage equality in DC and in Mexico City are strategically important. It's hard to hold back the rest of the nation when it's legal in the city where the nation's lawmakers are sitting to make those anti-marriage laws.

jamespaul jamespaul | March 7, 2010 1:51 AM

Your theory is logical & sounds great. I hope the Supreme Court gets the message before the Prop 8 challenge hits their docket.