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Florida Politician thinks Gays & Muslims Shouldn't Hold Office (& They Cause Hurricanes Too!)

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Jacksonville City Councilman Clay Yarborough made headlines this month by questioning and blocking nominees to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission because of their possible views on gay marriage, God, Islam and prayer in public places.

yarborough040710_0.jpgBasically Yarborough wanted to see if he could get nominees on a Human Rights Board that would discriminate while dealing with issues surrounding discrimination, saying:

It would concern me if someone of that belief was on that board if they could address that issue.

Now Yarborough has gone even further. In a recent interview with the Florida Times-Union, Yarborough made his radical point of view clear. When asked if he thinks that Muslims should be able to hold elected office, Yarborough said he would "have to think about it" and it depended on the office. When asked about gays in office? His answer was much clearer:

I prefer not.

Much more after the jump...

Yes, Clay Yarborough thinks gays and Muslims shouldn't hold elected office because only Christians are qualified to lead American back from the "morally bankrupt" way we have taken since the Sept 11th attacks:


I would say that when I read Romans Chapter 1, I see striking resemblances between where Rome was just prior to its fall in comparison to where America is today. There are striking similarities in what we allow in our societies. Rome did not fall from an outside attack, whether it was military or otherwise. It fell from within because it was morally bankrupt.

Of course a lot of folks will say it's not because of that, that you can't control the stock market, you can't control finances. There's storms, earthquakes, pestilences, what have you. But everything is for a reason.

That's right, folks. Pat Robertson Junior here thinks hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorism, and the stock market (?!?) are God's punishment on our secular society.

Care to take a guess at his top target? The Gays.

When asked about "homosexual marriage" coming to Florida, Yarborough let the crazy flag fly:

No, I don't believe it should be permitted. I don't believe it's right. ... That doesn't mean you hate someone who is doing it. That's not what I'm advocating. But it's not something that needs to be perpetuated in our country. It's not good. It's not right.

See? Don't hate someone who's doing it, but it's not good or right. And Yarborough isn't afraid to say it.

Thank goodness we have him keeping the gays and Muslims in their place so Florida never gets hurricanes or storms...

Yarborough is an elected official is our country. He's deciding on people who will sit on a Human Rights Board to deal with issues of discrimination in a large city in a huguely populous state. And he thinks only white, Christian heterosexuals should have any rights or hold elected office.

This is shameful and I hope the people of Jacksonville, and those around the country who vote for extremists like Yarborough, wake up and realize what their votes have put in office and far-reaching effects it has.

Take a good look, America.

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I think the politician needs to learn history. XD Christianity became official religion of the Empire in 380 and Rome declined and fell after that. So by his logic Christianity morally bankrupted the previously pagan empire and made it fall.

That's what I thought too, Nicole. I love it when fundies clutch the fall of Rome to their bosom. I always think, "Yeah, it fell after it went Christian and abandoned their respect for diversity."

The bedrock-deep blindness would be almost awesome in its way, if it didn't illustrate that there are mollusks smarter than this guy. He completely doesn't get that we NEED rights watchdog groups precisely because of people like him.
I'm sure you wouldn't have to scratch too deeply to find his Bible-based belief that women should learn their place, too.
Bet I can think of a thing or two you won't
miss in Florida :-)

Wow, I'm kinda glad I left there now.

Sadly, this guy is the norm for Jax.

Dear Jacksonville City Council;
Brilliant! Keep anyone pro-human rights off oc the group that protects human rights.

When are you designating an official sect of Christianity to be the only acceptable Christianity in Jacksonville?

Brandi Skipalis | April 21, 2010 12:10 PM

That would probably be the First Baptist Church of North Jacksonville, which holds enormous political sway and tends to be THE church to go to for the movers and shakers in Jacksonville.

Juston Thouron Juston Thouron | April 20, 2010 11:16 PM

When any politician gets elected on a platform of denying American citizens their rights, rather than attempting to increase and expand them, that should be enough information for everyone to know where he/she is coming from.

What leaves me speechless is the fact that people like him can still get elected in America in the 21st century.

Better send this kid back to high school for a refresher course on the Constitution. Didn't his oath of office require him to uphold the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights?

It's hard to react rationally to an irrational person whether the cause of his irrational statements is ignorance, psychosis or both.

Brandi Skipalis | April 21, 2010 5:43 AM

As Thaniel said, sadly this is the norm for Jax, a place where Christian fundamentalism holds enormous political sway, and where race-based conflict is commonplace, and if you are a liberal-minded person who believes in things like equality and civil rights, well, you're in a very small minority there. It's my hometown, but I loathe the thought of ever having to live there again exactly because of people and attitudes like these. I met the mother of one of my Jewish friends a few years ago, and she told me that, growing up in Jacksonville in the 1960s, she'd often see signs up that said things like "No dogs or Jews allowed", and over the years, not much at all has changed, and the people who vote for politicians like this man are far too numerous in Jax. I know this because they are my family members and their neighbors, they are my old high school classmates, and they are the people I once thought of as friends. Clay Yarborough is not the fringe element in Jacksonville - he's the norm.

Doug Rankin | April 21, 2010 8:57 AM

Puhleeze! Someone in Jacksonville should seduce this guy and bring him outta his closet...he's just too cute not to be hiding in one! He looks like the epitome of internalized homophobia to me!

They elected him. They can keep him.

the_czarina the_czarina | April 21, 2010 2:37 PM

I was well aware that moving from NY to this bigoted, backward state (just this week) would entail knowing ignorant scum like this would now be in my backyard more frequently than I was used to; although NY has its creeps.
And now Florida has Marco Rubio hovering...

I'm in Palm Beach County, rife with ex-NYers, where a good 'un, Ted Deutch, was just elected to Congress; and is less like the deep south than other parts of Florida.

Then again, I'm an ally and am effing loaded with privileges; which infuriates me.
I've joined EqualityFlorida, am ready to be at the barricades, and keep my car festooned with Equal Rights paraphernalia which, in NY anyway, gave me constant openings for conversations in parking lots, etc.
Is this last more dangerous here? Probably.
But I don't face in a year what my LGBTQ friends face each day.

The time will come when bastards like these will be looked upon as religion-deluded embarrassments.
I'm no kid ~ I hope to live long enough to see that day.

Thanks folks for being so generously tranquil with your comments all of you are to be appreciated. Waymon keep up the great work of keeping us posted on these and other subjects. Last night (Wednesday) I attended our Men's Forum Potluck (held 2 times a month) in private Gay Men's homes here in Eugene and Lane County Oregon. When the announcements were read at the end of dinner I had hardly gotten my two cents worth in about the Resolution that Waymon Hudson helped me to transcribe to our Lane County Commissioners when a former employee of the county told us all that one of our former Commissioners Cindy Wheeldryer had used the same rhetoric over the Domestic Partnerships being discussed. Bigotry is alive and well in other parts of this great country you can be assured of this. PS a resolution has been drafted in support of the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is on the docket for 27 April before the Commissioners please pray for me, a military veteran of Vietnam and Desert Shield/Storm, that I will cover what is necessary and leave out the personal vendettas that we all carry with us as baggage. I will be bringing this article with me for presentation if and when the subject raises its ugly head again in Oregon. Including your comments they were awesome.

It's really sad that people have so much hatred in them. Below is a link about my own experiences with discrimination: