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Vehicle of Bigotry: Lies of the Truth Truck

Filed By Keri Renault | April 11, 2010 11:30 AM | comments

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They call it the "Truth Truck". I call it a lie. One of the Ten Commandments says "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor". Who knew?


Oscar Wilde once said, "Morality is simply the attitude we adopt toward people whom we personally dislike."

Today that morality is simply hateful as any "truth truck" will attest.

These broken-down vehicles of bigotry are making the rounds. Friday, it was Annapolis, but they're coming your way, too. It's equal opportunity discrimination, a circus on wheels intent on spreading the word to legislatures in state capitals across America.

It's the word of malicious hatred putting LGBT America on notice. Civil rights aren't for you.

We've seen it before. The messaging remains the same. The target audience, however, does not. There will always be new converts to the cause of discrimination and religious oppression. As long as long as the LGBT community lobbies for equality the religious right will seek retribution through discrimination.

Like many executive directors, Morgan Meneses-Sheets of Equality Maryland has engaged a particularly bitter fight during the final days of the 2010 legislative session:

"The 'truth truck' is just one example in the string of truly crazy anti-equality antics that we have faced lately. Last week, Delegate Don Dwyer attempted to impeach our Attorney General in response to his opinion permitting the recognition of out of state marriage licenses.

There is also a bill that would permit state funds to be utilized to provide tax breaks for private schools, including religious schools, even though they refuse to uphold our state's anti-discrimination laws. With the recent firing of a lesbian teacher from a Catholic high school, we believe this would amount to state funded support of discrimination."

"Truth Trucking" may be a crude fear-mongering tactic, but its primitive ability to generate attention, to raise the ire of an otherwise self-absorbed voting public should never be dismissed.

Just as the tainted truck's words of hate must never be dismissed as the right of religious freedom.

The truth is religious extremism and religious oppression is never right. It's bitter-rotten to the core, covered by a morality of hate which gives no quarter to any truth other than its own.

Let's call these words of "truth" what they really are: Evil, malicious lies. Sins against humanity and fellow Americans. Words that generate irrational fear, inflames emotions and ultimately consumes its followers.

Hate hurts. Hate Poisons. Hate kills.

It can only be stopped with equality.

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We need a way to track these "truth trucks" so we can appropriately counter their lies and falsehoods when they come to our state/town. Anyone know how we can do this or if there is a web site listing their movements?

WOW. Indeed! I would love to follow behind this truck. Organize a pride parade of sorts, and use the truck as the grand marshal. How lovely that would be!

Regan DuCasse | April 12, 2010 1:45 AM

I live in Los Angeles. This city is infested with gangs that outnumber peace officers 100 to 1. And in most neighborhoods, the homeless pepper the streets. But in service sectors for them, the concentration is dense, but any one of us can identify a homeless person that's suffering from a mental disorder that renders them that incapacitated.

Few families have no experience with drug addiction, and perhaps domestic violence or divorce...or all of those things.
Or what it feels like to have something stolen from you.

Which brings me to why people like this continue to focus on gay or trans people as so damaging or damaged that such trucks, preaching, screeching or inflation of non exclusive pathologies is even necessary.

Gays and lesbians are constantly compared to thieves, murderers and adulterers...and addicts.

Yet, the same critics balk at comparing gay people to minorities like Jews and blacks in how gay people have traditionally been TREATED.

They don't care to see the reason why former has no analogy or similarity, and the latter certainly does.

The politically active out there against equality and justice for gay people, take donations and make salaries at focusing their energies thusly, but I don't see trucks like this or any kind of religious OR invasive or aggressive ingress being made where gang members congregate.
We're not seeing similar tactics directed at said gangs on the evils of the black markets and violence that attend what they do that's made Americas streets unsafe for ANYONE for decades.

I have to pass family courts on my way to work, and there are no such pickets, trucks or street preaching towards the family courts on the damage of divorce and child abandonment.

It's a blatant lack of priorities, AND this criticism and derision is saved for those who don't need it, nor is such a focus doing anything that contributes to saving anything or anyone.

It's tilting at windmills, so to speak. There are no winners.

So I'm VERY curious, why all this industry against gay people, when there are bigger more obvious dangers out there to the cohesion and safety of not only families, but whole neighborhoods.

Umm...? Is it just me, or is there a glaring omission here? Who operates these trucks, where are their headquarters, what is their funding source, who is their spokesperson, and how many of them are out there on the streets?

Andrew Stuart | April 12, 2010 8:53 PM

You can go to for information about this particular individual and what he stands for and is doing. The URL is on the bottom of the signs on the side of the the truck in the picture.

This truck is near the Capital a lot of times during the week. I find it kind of humorous and enjoying getting a little same-sex kissing as I'm walking down the street.

I think this is one of those situations where the more you do to acknowledge their presence the more power you give them.

As a PR strategy it is a complete mess. No one is ever with the truck handing out pamphlets or such, no twitter feed, no facebook page- no real outreach strategy at all.

It all feels very pre-Internet revolution....

Hate never seems to be in short supply.