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Montana: Homophobic dad gets schooled

Filed By Bil Browning | April 13, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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Missoula, Montana passed the state's first LGBT inclusive human rights ordinance last night after the city council meeting ran into the wee hours of the morning. The meeting was packed full of residents wanting to testify either for or against the proposed ordinance.

One speaker, montana.jpghowever, stood out above all the rest. Local anti-gay leader Tei Nash's daughter, Taryn Nash, testified in favor of protecting LGBT people and used the opportunity to come out of the closet to her father.

"Dad. I strongly disagree with the way you have been portraying the LGBT community," said Taryn Nash, who identified herself as an LGBT member to her father for the first time during the public meeting of the Missoula City Council. "You have gone too far. I will not sit back any more and be quiet. I love you because you are my dad, but I have lost respect for you."
"You need to realize this crusade you are on is wrong, and it affects me personally," said Taryn Nash, who broke from her studies in Spokane to testify. "Right now I am ashamed to call you my father."

The only problem? Her dad had left the room.

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Time for him to disown her, cut her out of the will and stop paying any college expenses.

1. Taryn is self sufficient and pays all her own expenses.

2. Taryn looked upon her dear grandfather as a father figure because her own was never there for her.

3. Taryn is rich in friends, high moral standards, and has a bright future. She probably doesn't need to be in any will - even if there was a will.

Tarynkicksass | April 13, 2010 10:53 PM

No need, he never was a good father to her anyways. He doesn't support her financially whatsoever, and being a PA, she won't need his will. She doesn't need him period.


Well, that certainly shows the level at which these people are operating.

LOL he left!!! She doesn't need him they're all crazy fuckers that deserve to be n an asylum and locked away for life!!!!

Very brave and eloquent, and hopefully, Montana's starting to catch up....

Fantastic girl. I'm certain that though he left the room he has been told what she said. If not we can each mail him a letter letting him know.

hi can i ask, where is the picture taken at?