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TheCall Uganda: Anti-Gay American Evangelical Going to Inflame Hate in Uganda

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The situation in Uganda, where the anti-homosexuality "Kill the Gays" Bill still thrives, continues to deteriorate as news now comes of more radical and dangerous American Evangelicals going into the heated atmosphere of anti-gay hate to hold a huge homophobic rally.

TheCall.jpgLou Engle, a radically anti-gay and anti-abortion evangelical, is scheduled to hold an all-day anti-gay stadium event, TheCall Uganda Rally, on May 2nd, at Makerere University Sports Field, Kampala, Uganda. If both Engle and TheCall sound familiar, it's because a similar event, a 12-hour rally to boost support for Yes on 8, was held in San Diego's Qualcomm stadium during the Prop 8 battle in California.

Patricia Nell Warren gave some background on Engle and TheCall when she looked into their California event (a must-read post on Engle):

A major figure in the New Apostolic Reformation that I've been writing about, Engle has close ties with the violent anti-abortion movement called The Army of God, who stirred up such a frenzied atmosphere of attacks on abortion clinics that they finally incited someone to assassinate the well-known doctor George Tiller.

His own movement also calls for acts of "martyrdom" -- meaning followers who are willing to commit violent acts, including murder, who will willingly go to prison or be shot down by police, so they can rid the world of the movement's "enemies," namely prominent abortionists and LGBT leaders and the like.

Now Engle is taking that dangerous message and rhetoric to Uganda, already a powder keg of hate and violence against LGBT people.

The Danger of TheCall Uganda & Lou Engle

The web site for "TheCall Uganda" announces the stadium rally and encourages those attending to fast for twenty-one days before the massive rally in Kampala. Their goals are to fight against:

  • Witchcraft and human sacrifice
  • Homosexuality and increased immorality
  • Disasters and the resultant suffering of the people
  • The decay of morals and infrastructure of our city Kampala

kampalaanti-gaydemokampala-12-09-marchofertnyt.jpgThe LGBT/SOGI Human Rights Program at the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office indicates that Engle's plan is to scapegoat LGBT people for all the ills described above, a common theme that Ugandan pastors like Martin Ssempa have picked up on used to increase support for violence against LGBT people:

With the Anti-Homosexuality Bill under consideration, "TheCall: Uganda" threatens to export homophobia at a time when it could have deadly consequences.  Threats and violence against LGBT people are already increasing.  Many have had their photos in Ugandan newspapers with headlines describing them as "Top Homos."

Frank Mugisha, president Sexual Minorities of Uganda, said, "Gay people are already fleeing their homes and have to move from house to house because of threats to their lives. Americans need to stop Lou Engle from coming to Uganda."

An American Evangelical History of Anti-Gay Rhetoric in Uganda

Lou Engle is just the latest American Evangelical to go to Uganda.  ABC Nightline News has a good piece on the Ugandan "Kill the Gays" Bill and the direct connection to the rabid anti-gay movement in the US. Three evangelicals from the United States - Scott Lively, Caleb Lee Brundidge, and Don Schmierer - held a three-day conference on homosexuality in Kampala, Uganda, in March 2009.

ABC focuses on Scott Lively- professional gay-hater, holocaust revisionist, and recognized hate group leader from the US who has traveled to Uganda to whip up anti-gay animus in the country, leading to the "anti-homosexuality" bill.  Video of Lively at this conference shows him saying gay people were behind the Nazi holocaust and labeling all gay people as child molesters.  

Martin Ssempa, one of the driving forces behind the growing anti-gay movement in Uganda, is not only pals with Rick Warren, but also has connections with the secretive political religious group "The Family", whose C Street House has been the focus of controversy after Mark Sanford and John Ensign's extra-marital affairs and who host the National Prayer Breakfast every year.

louengle-frontpic.jpgNow Engle is going to Uganda. Engle's encouraging of followers to be martyrs for their faith and telling them to cast out "homosexual spirits" will only inflame the seeds of hate and violence already sown by other American Evangelicals and their Ugandan allies.

Engle's message is condemnation, judgment and exorcism.  Lou Engle has said:

The most "dangerous terrorist" is not Islam but God. One of God's names is the avenger of blood. Have you worshipped that God yet."

It's not hard to see the danger in a man like Engle exporting his violent rhetoric to Uganda.

We Need to Stop TheCall Uganda

LGBT faith leaders in the United States are calling for bloggers and other media to expose an upcoming anti-gay TheCall Uganda.

Rev. Patricia Ackerman of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office said:

Only a public outcry will be able to stop TheCall from exporting more hate from the United States to Uganda in the name of religion.

The "Kill-the-Gays" Bill and the growing danger for LGBT people in Uganda isn't going away.

We have to keep on it, keep the pressure on, and keep shining a light on the people behind it, whether they be porn & hate peddling pastors in Uganda like Martin Ssempa or the anti-LGBT religious forces supporting them from the United States like Lou Engle.


For more information on the situation in Uganda, visit the LGBT/SOGI Human Rights Program at the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office.

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I hate all this people that always go agaisnt the gay community this violation of human rights must stop may all these people who bring hate MAY them not SUCCEED in their work...

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | April 22, 2010 3:26 AM

I agree. "Only a public outcry will be able to stop TheCall from exporting more hate from the United States to Uganda in the name of religion."

It has to be illegal and we should demand that the FBI and DoJ get on top of this.

The cultists associated with The Call and other christer dominationists mentioned are indeed dangerous, but none as dangerous as Rick Warren, Obama's political bedmate in the effort to sabotage same sex marriage in California.

He 'denounced' the Uganda pogromist legislation after playing a leading role in creating the climate and groups in Uganda that created the potential for the mass murder of LGBT folks under cover of law.

Warren's a far right political extremist using religion as a cover for his dominationist strategy, one closely and purposely modeled on the creation of "fifth column" tactics of the Nazis (NSDAP Ausland Organisation).

At a 2005 mass rally in Anaheim Warren outlined a 'stealth' program to achieve christer domination in countries around the world. Here's the pertinent part of Warrens speech:

"For the past 18 months we have been on a stealth, secret mission - project - around the world. We've been sending members out, actually over 4500 members somewhere overseas, over the period of the last few years, going out to do what we're gonna call the PEACE plan....

....Friends, this is going to be a revolution. You see, over the years as we've been training these 400,000 churches around the world, we've built a network, and there are literally tens of thousands of other churches waiting to do what Saddleback has been testing the last few years. What is the vision for the next twenty-five years? I'll tell you what it is. It is the global expansion of the Kingdom of God."

And here's the must see video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRctKSeyQ-s&feature=player_embedded#!

In the spring of 2008, some months before joining Lou Eagle and leaders of the southern baptist, mormon and the roman child rapist cults in a unified attack on same sex marriage, Warren designated Uganda and Rwanda as official "Purpose Driven" nations. Both nations had suffered terribly from English and German-Belgian colonialist inspired communal, religious and national-ethnic genocides and were thought to be ripe for more of the same in terms of anti-GLBT pogroms.

To preclude prosecution in the event that murders do begin, Warren, whose efforts set the stage for mass murder, suddenly did an about face and back tracked, claiming no connection with sinister anti-LGBT cultists in Uganda like Ssempa and others in Rwanda and Nigeria.

The far right political-religious sects associated with Warren, Palin and others describe themselves as the New Apostolic Reformation/Third Wave. (Please excuse the absurd cult gibberish.)

"The New Apostolic Reformation... referred to collectively as the Third Wave... can now be defined as a distinct movement with a unique theology... The central figure in the movement, C. Peter Wagner... (Warrens mentor) declared 2001 as the beginning of the new Apostolic Age.

The major tenets of the adherents of this sect include the belief that we are living in the final years before the return of Christ. However, they differ from dispensationalists in their belief that they must defeat evil on the earth and purify the existing churches before Jesus can return. Furthermore, the building of this “Kingdom of God” is not to be delayed until after the Rapture, or to be built in a heavenly sphere. They believe that they have a mandate to build the Kingdom in the present and in the physical realm."

Palin, like Warren, is an extremist politician using cultism as a cover. http://www.talk2action.org/story/2008/9/5/114652/6239

Washington D. C.
April 22nd, 2010

Dear Mr. Hudson,

There is a very real & human cost that appears to not have any significant impact on these so-called 'Christian' activists from the United States.
From the case files of the NCLR in San Francisco comes this:
E.G. is a young gay man from Uganda who came to the United States in order to pursue higher education. As a child and young adult, he was often verbally abused by his family members for behaving in a way that seemed too different from other boys. As he grew older, he learned to hide his sexuality for fear of being arrested by the police on the basis of his sexual orientation.

E.G. hid from government operatives who hunt down men who are suspected to be gay, and then once arrested, are often tortured.

Fearful for his safety and life, E.G. suppressed his feelings and dedicated himself to his studies. When an opportunity to come to the United States on a scholarship arose, he immediately accepted. This scholarship meant everything to him, not only because of the opportunity to pursue higher education, but also because he knew that he would be free to live openly as a gay man. He arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area, went to school, met someone, and fell in love.

When a family friend in the U.S. found out about his sexual orientation, the acquaintance proceeded to tell E.G.’s family in Uganda, who summoned him home to face the consequences. E.G.’s attempts to explain his feelings to his family have been met with rejection, and all means of communication have been closed for almost two years. In addition to rejecting him as their son, his parents have reported E.G. to the police, and as a result, the police have questioned and intimidated his siblings and old friends in order to find out when E.G. would be returning to Uganda. Upon his return, he would be arrested and face jail time, torture, humiliation, and possibly death. E.G.’s asylum was granted in March 2010.

The mere fact that the above mentioned young man faced with almost absolute certainty doesn't seem to phase these American Evangelicals to the point I have actually heard them that 'it's God's will' which eerily reminds me of the phrase; 'Allah Ackbar,' one hears from Islamic extremists.

As a journalist, human being, and a Gay man, I am appalled.


Brody Levesque

Since they wouldn't be able to get away with something like this in America they have to try to get this bill passed in Uganda. It is the only way they can express their true feelings about the LGBT community.

Gives new meaning to the term; Prince of peace.

Dead people are very peaceable