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Exclusive: owner gets death threats from LDS members

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Disturbing news from Paul Jackson, the owner and publisher of While my post "Hot Mormon Boys Masturbating" has caught some flack around the web over whether or not sexy fluff posts belong on a serious LGBT blog, that's MormonBoyz-logo.jpgnothing compared to what Paul has been enduring.

After my post went up, MormonBoyz got quite a bit of exposure as various other LGBT blogs linked up to TBP and the porn site itself. Once the site started getting a lot of traffic, it was noticed by LDS members.

"As expected I did manage to piss off several thousand Mormons. Success! However, I got nine death threats. Success? I have to admit, while the pissed-off-bigots was to be expected, I was caught off guard by the Glen-Beck-style death threats," Jackson wrote in an e-mail interview yesterday.

The threats were reported to the police, but no action has been taken yet. Examples of the LDS e-mails and death threats flooding Jackson's inbox after the jump.

Death Threats

Here's a couple examples of the death threats being sent to Jackson:

"Paul. I support free speech in the USA, but you are clearly sick. I imagine God would be pleased if I killed the creator of MBz."

notjesus.pngBecause God loves nothing better than murder, right? Isn't that in the Ten Commandants? "Thou Shalt Not Kill Anyone But Web Designers"

"You're despicable. Take down the site unless you want to die."

Short, succinct, and sufficiently aggressive, this e-mail really sums up the death threats Jackson shared with me. The most amazing part was how many of the e-mailers started their missives with a personalized salutation. "Dear Paul," or "Paul," the majority wrote; it upped the creepiness portion dramatically. Seeing how many of them also cited their religious beliefs as a reason to kill someone was also striking.

Religious Right Outrage

A couple of the e-mails penned by upset Mormons:

MormonBoyz CAN'T be what you claim it to be. I can't IMAGINE any full time missionaries taking part in that while serving. Missionaries are emissaries the Lord, and representatives of the one and only true and living church. If you are still a member in good standing, you would know that! Be prepared for a memo needs to be sent out to all the missions and mission presidents warning them about your site. That's all it would take to identify the Elders on your site and have them excommunicated and sent home dishonorably. Either way, MormonBoyz is the despicable brainchild of a faggot whose priesthood and marriage are a sham!

I am sorry, but I very much dislike the fact that your website shows that which it does. Yes, I did go to the homepage to see what everyone was upset about, and I understand their views. I got such a feeling of wrongness well up inside me that it burned my chest and took away my breath. Temple garments are sacred, you know that.

Can't you feel the love of Christ when a believer spews words like "despicable" and "faggot" at you? It reminds me of the old bumpersticker that said, "Dear Christ, Please save me from your followers."

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Oh I can't resist. It seems Paul isn't getting much Peter support. History repeats itself.

Mormons are scarey people. I lived in Salt Lake on and off for 20 years. Even though I still have family there...that is the only reason why I would return.

Still, I know way too much about their history and the inside workings all to well.

Nothing would please me more than a 'separation of church and state' ruling to take their free money away.

Chitown Kev | April 8, 2010 4:00 PM

But the homos are the violent ones, right?

but it's the leftwing who's fascist, right?

Pot meet kettle. Bilerico has a regular trans writer who wrote on her public blog, which this site links to, that she wouldn't mind if gay filmmaker Diego Luna was burned (presumably to death) on a pyre. That's not as bad as the first Mormon email above, but it is certainly more threatening than the latter two.

But we all know that in the strange moral code of Bilerico, standards of civility and decency only apply to the "privileged".

Pastor Dak | April 9, 2010 12:35 AM

If the only thing that happens to these guys is excommunication from the LDS church, I would think they'd celebrate their freedom with a darn good partying down! Sorry, but life does not start or end with the LDS church or the lack thereof.
I've heard too many whacked out true stories about this cult and the only advice I would give Mormon Missionary miscreants is, " for your lives!!! to a free life!"

It is disturbing but, perversely, it will be very good for business. He is going to get a lot of mileage from this in gay porn circles. I know that's tacky to say but it's true nonetheless. For Paul, my prayers. But this doesn't have to be all drought, famine and locusts.

Now, if you think the war on gay marriage was intense..

Victor Hoff

If they boyz are exommunicated, do they get to keep their Magic Underwear?

I'm going to save that link so I can show it to the next two that knock on my door and ask them. They are always such nice couples.

That the threats are "Beckian" should be no surprise; Beck is a Mormon. That's the way these people are... mean spirited, bigoted, uninformed, condescending, holier-than-thou... you get the idea. The problem is that they have guns, think everything they do is blessed by their God, and that they can curse someone to death and that they'll still ascend to the 7th level of Heaven, or something.

Remember, folks, these are the people that think the Garden of Eden was in Ohio, that they will provide the savior to the world, and that the Mormon cult is the one and only true church. They even think the Bible needed improvement, and came up with their very own "new" Bible, aka the Book of Mormon (yeah, and then they gripe about and wonder why everyone calls them Mormons). But don't point any of this out, because then you're just another hater who wants to kick them out of town for their beliefs (kind of like how they were kicked out of New York, then Ohio, then...)

Well I hope his site takes off into the stratosphere!!!!!! I Love Mormon Guys and have seen a very few down here in the South and If I ever get tosnag one or both I'll be sure to let you and th church know protecting the guilty parties of course!!!!!! ;)HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :)

And if the freaking police there in his town woiuld do their job and track down those people they could be facing up to a year in jail and a hefty fine cause it is against the law now to threaten anyone for anything. So the Po-Po's need to get on it.

As For Pual I hope that MBZ takes off and flourises ibto yhe stratophere!!!! ;) We have some a few here in the South!!! If anything happens I'll be back to tell the story only protecting the *GUILTY* :BADGRIN: ;)

Peter Monn and Alex Paredes Peter Monn and Alex Paredes | April 10, 2010 7:57 PM

We luvvvvv that these boyz have "Elder" before their if they are really Mormon...this opens a whole new arena of opportunites...All Gay Jewish boys living together on webcams..."Kamera Boy Kibbutz!"

Glenn Beck style death threats??? As usual, none of you idiots have ever listened to him and only get your disinformation through your liberal blogs. I am a gay man but have seen the light...liberals are taking this country DOWN!!

I grew up a mormon boy and I masturbated all the time. In fact I masturbated with other mormom boys and the boyscouts in the troop they MADE me join. Missionaries have tons of sex. Mormon boy/men are just as horny as any others. So glad I escaped this whacky, sad, evil, cult.

I have said this before. Maybe if we all think it it will happen. Let UTAH secede from the Union. We will not miss their bigoted ways or their people.

While we are there let's encourage Oklahoma secede and lets take DC and give them state status. That will be 49 states. Heck if Palin would promise to stay in Alaska for the next 200 years let them have their sovereignty as well. Most of the people up there are pretty nice except Palin. Of Course we could offer her up the the Soviets so indeed she could see them from her back door and the world will be that much saner.

Passing By | April 15, 2010 4:17 PM

mormonism isn't a religion at all, but rather a disorder: one that medical professionals don't quite know how to treat (yet).

There is cause for optimism, however: the church's metastatic growth is no longer sustainable and the infection rate in North America and Western Europe is falling precipitously.

An educated, informed populace has learned, to its great benefit, to avoid the plague of pseudo-religion.

Isn't "pseudo-religion" an unnecessary redundancy?

I can't believe these people are so naive, especially the "I can't IMAGINE any full time missionaries taking part in that while serving" person. It is happening ALL of the time. That is what happens when you try to sexually oppress/repress an entire culture, especially of young men in their sexual prime. WAKE UP!!! I would love for Mormons to form their own sexually oppressive theocracy and succeed from the union...only problem is I'd have to move.

Dakotahgeo | April 21, 2010 2:17 AM

LOLOL... I'm sorry but for a LDS person to be mortified by the MMBoyz exposure says nothing for the whackomole religious tripe these people espouse. I would be remiss if I didn't say that the Mormons are darn lucky they live in a country that puts up with their voodoo incantations. Blessed underwear, my foot! What do they wash 'em in...Cheer? Downy? LOLOL. Oh my... trace these death threats and toss the perpetrators into a courtroom outside the state of Utah and see if oil indeed floats on water! Such balderdash... and the guys on the calendar should be darn proud of themselves also...a fine looking group of young, wholesome men!
Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

Dakotahgeo | April 29, 2010 7:42 AM

Someone should sneak into their churches and Temples and put sugar-free Kool-aid in their baptismal fountains!

John Moore | May 17, 2010 12:05 AM

Jackson is getting himself lots of "persecution points" for having received (allegedly) nine "death threats," but it's doubtful that even nine really amount to that. Someone "imagining" that God would be pleased at Jackson's demise isn't the same thing as the commenter saying that he would actual cause the demise.

Still, could he possibly be surprised that nine Mormons (out of the thousands he says are displeased with his site) take their venting over the matter to an extreme? Everything about his site is calculated to infuriate those who believe in sexual morality and the sacred nature of the covenants made in LDS temples and of the garment of the priesthood.

Paul essentially admits to the serial corruption of young LDS missionaries. If it was your son whom he corrupted, you would be upset, too.

Mr. Moore, no one corrupts adults except themselves. Get over it.

Bill Hojer (Gay Catholic) | June 19, 2010 12:44 PM

All of you are full of crap ! Why are you so worried about what someone else is doing with their "organs" ? It's not your busines ! Last time I heard, it was GOD who did the judging and so far as I know he hasn't hired a proxy to do it for HIM. So get off your high horse & stop trying to force your views, beliefs, & convictions on someone else. We all have the freedom to do what we want.