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Queer music Friday - Ricky Martin

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I joked the other day on twitter that Perez Hilton is no longer America's most famous latino gay man now that Ricky Martin came out. Ricky Martin's fame outside the US dwarfed his fame inside the US, making his coming out a very big deal.

His music was also everywhere just a decade ago. I remember this song always being on the radio when I was in high school, and listening to it again reminds me that the horn riff was pretty cool. Here's "Livin' la Vida Loca."

More old and newer clips of Ricky Martin after the jump.

He started his career with the boy band Menudo. Menudo was huge and lasted for a while, although Ricky Martin joined after the group had been singing for years and lasted five years before striking it solo and acting for a while in the early 90's. This is "Hold Me." It's not that bad - it sounds (and looks) like a lot of early Madonna. Also, check out that hair!

His second solo album, Me Amarás, was a hit worldwide. It was before he went to more traditional Caribbean sounds found on his later albums. Here's "Qué Día Es Hoy." Also, check out that hair!

Here's a hit from his third solo album, A Medio Vivir, on which "Maria" appears. It sold over a million copies worldwide and had a pretty rough, mid-90's sound that was the beginning of the Ricky Martin sound that would propel his English crossover. Also, check out that hair! (There's another video on YouTube for "Maria" that was shot in Paris, but they turned embed off.)

His fourth solo album, Vuelve, contained "La Copa de la Vida" (it was later recorded in English as "The Cup of Life"). As the official song of the FIFA world cup in 1998, its video is just highlights from the games. But even if it wasn't the official song afterwards, this song keeps on getting associated with pro soccer. Heck, I was in Germany in a World Cup town in summer 2006, and I remember this playing in the street.

After his English crossover album, Ricky Martin (his second eponymous album, BTW), came Sound Loaded. I actually like the big horns and the tumbling piano riff. Also, check out that hair!

With all this English music, he didn't stop singing in Spanish. In 2003, he released another Spanish album with the hit "Jaleo" on it. "Tal Vez" is probably the song people remember from that album, but I have little patience for bland pop/rock ballads. Jaleo's pretty cool. Also, check out that hair!

Even Ricky Martin couldn't resist doing a song with Fat Joe. Here's "Que Más Da."

Here's the interview clip, that Barbara Walters says she regrets now, where she asked him if he was gay. In her patented style, she didn't really ask him if he was gay....

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So glad you posted some of Ricky Martin's Latin music. He sort of fell off the radar here in the states, but he has always been huge on the Latin charts,which, as you said, makes it a huge deal that he came out. I was cruising YouTube a while back for Latin music and found some clips from the 2000 Latin Grammies featuring Ricky with Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz in a musical tribute to Tito Puente. It was electric. I also found one of him with Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano. It was mind blowing.

Thanks again for these great videos.

I always liked Ricky's music actually. Sure, he's bubblegum pop, but I like bubblegum.

James Paul | April 3, 2010 1:10 PM

Just for the record, the lead in "Hold Me" is Robby Draco Rosa, not Ricky Martin. Ricky is the first & littlest tike in the pink shirt when they pan the entire group.

Robby is living in LA now days, I believe.

I like Ricky's music very much...always have. And I think that the Walters interview question was insensitive...and his answer polite and honest. His time had not come yet.