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Trans woman decapitated in Mexico

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The body of a trans woman was found decapitated in Chihuahua, Mexico. Her body was found a kilometer away from her head. Authorities believe she was still alive during the decapitation because fear was frozen on her face.

According to

En una nueva forma de ataque contra la comunidad de transexuales, ayer fue encontrado el cuerpo de un una mujer transexual, en Chihuahua, México, que fue decapitada y cuyo cuerpo fue tirado en una colonia a un kilómetro de donde fue encontrada su cabeza.

Medios/Diario Digital transexual-. De acuerdo con los hechos, el hallazgo se realizó a las seis de la mañana, en las calles 25 y Salvador Zubirán, al sur de la ciudad. En ese lugar fue encontrada la cabeza cercenada de una chica transexual. El rostro presentó signos de haber sido decapitado en vida, ya que tenía los ojos abiertos en señal de miedo y terror.

Click through for photos and an English translation by Bing Translate. WARNING: The photo is graphic and will be disturbing to all viewers, but I think it is important to see the physical manifestation of hate the trans community faces all over the world. If you disagree, move on.

transexual-violencia-asesinato-decapitada-mexico.jpgIn a new form of attack against the transgender community, yesterday was found the body of a transsexual, women in Chihuahua, Mexico, was beheaded and whose body was thrown into a colony to a mile from where his head was found.

Transsexual Digital media/journal-.According to the facts, the discovery was made at six in the morning, in the 25 streets and Salvador Zubirán, South of the city. There was found a transsexual girl removed head. The face presented signs of having been beheaded in life, because it had eyes open as a sign of fear and terror.

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The same week as this crime and the murder of Amanda Gonzalez Andujar in Queens NY (,

a trans woman was murdered and dismembered in Indonesia:

This is the cold reality of crime against trans women. And some people wonder why we have issues with violence against us being portrayed with humor, camp and exploitation.

Kathy Padilla | April 8, 2010 2:42 PM

What she said.

Supermegaultimate DITTO.

Every time I read or hear of these incidents, every November when we read the names of the deceased during the Transgender Day of Rememberance, I always remember the day I was 13 and a guy who thought I was a girl found out otherwise.


Yeah, I shouldn't think of it. I came too naked in a pool of my own blood, beaten near to death.

My prayers are with them, their families and their freinds.

If I ever run in to Isrel Luna I just may explain it to him MY WAY.

I think this is one of the most horrifying things I've ever heard and I used to counsel people who were in prison for murder.

I believe that Chihuahua has high murder rates for all women. Isn't it notorious for sexual violence and killing women?

We have so much work to do to make the world a safer place for LGBTIQ people.

J Christen | April 8, 2010 1:44 PM

Why is it necessary to show 'graphic and disturbing' pictures?

Kathy Padilla | April 8, 2010 2:45 PM

It is disturbing to view. I thank Joe for the warning. But - seeing the results of real violence in the real world is necessary to confront this type of hatred.

I agree with Kathy - the warning is to give you a choice of looking, but the reality is that for most people seeing it makes it real like nothing else can. It's important to see something so that you can't abstract it away and make it "less" than what it is, somehow.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is the granddaddy of all clichés, but it still holds true.

The only way to evoke the emotions necessary to prompt people to fight this kind of hatred is to show it in its rawest form. You cannot fight something if you do not know its true form. This is a disgusting and vile degree of hate and must be seen to be believed.

I mean geez, for crying out loud, I want my depictions of transphobia to be limited to fluffy bunnies and cute kitty cats.

Because sometimes if you can't see it with your own eyes, the magnitude of the horror can't sink in.

Regan DuCasse | April 9, 2010 1:22 AM

I am sick at heart at this for this picture. When these things happen, it's still too abstract to the public at large. Some don't or won't learn the gravity of issues like this until it becomes to graphic to ignore.
Present company excluded of course because WE do appreciate the gravity of this.

Mamie Till chose to have a glass panel over her son's (Emmett Till) body in his coffin. She wanted the world to see what hate could do to a child.

This shows what hate does to transwomen...

It's all in a day's work for me my friends. I'm a crime scene photographer and someone has to do it.

The work of bringing the real value of trans people everywhere is work we all must do together.

What we also must teach is that this won't remain confined among marginalized people like transwomen?. Brutal people know no limits, just ease of access from never being controlled in the first place.

For example, few people cared ENOUGH when the Phelps family kept their harassment to dead gay men. What made anyone think that would be the only target?

I agree with the necessity of the publishing of this pcture. And I shared this last night to those in my network and will share it again this morning.

I often talk about how marginalization becomes transphobia and how transphobia kills. It is that progression from 'tranny' to tears they don't understand.

I will share this until they understand.

Crimes these are, but we should be thankful that the world has mostly transitioned from condoning legal genocide - barring places like Uganda: recently enacted draconian anti-gay laws, with the help of some American evangelicals.

We have to continue to work to forge links, alliances and understanding - working against oppression of all people for whatever justification - it can happen here if we sleep.

And to think, I was just in Chihuahua.

I am a old friend of Amanda's family.I am writing this because it has come to my attention that the district attorney Richard Brown after stating to the press in April that he was going to charge Rahseen Everett with second degree murder(which carries a sentence of 25 years to life) and tapering with evidence.Now he has changed his mind and is talking about giving him a plea deal for a lesser charge of manslaughter(which means he will be out in less then 8 years).They have all the evidence they need to convict him.There isn't need for a plea I cant help put wonder if it was a woman, a mother, and wife the district attorney would be going for 1st degree murder which carries the death penalty,no less then life in prison.This isn't justice.When the press was watching Richard Brown to see how he'll deal with the case he said he will charge him with 2nd degree murder.But now that Amanda is not in the news no more he no longer cares about getting justice for Amanda and her family

If you would like to help get justice for Amanda please email me at and put (I want justice for Amanda) as the subtitle.Or email Richard Brown at and let Richard Brown no that this is unbelievably wrong.That Rasheen Everett should be held to the fullest extent of the law.There is power in number . And one person can make a difference.Amanda made a difference in my life, the life of here friend, and especially in the life of her family.She was accepted and adored by her friends, her community,and especially here family .She was just as beautiful and amazing as other have said but even more so.Please demand justice for Amanda.Her life meant SO SO SO MUCH MORE then 8 years.Nothing will ever full the empty place in our heart now that Amanda's gone.But you can help us give her family a peace of mind that justice is being served and the person that took Amanda's life be paying for his crime appropriately. If you want to help email me at