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TVC's Andrea Lafferty: A zombie queen in pastel

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The Traditional Values Coalition's Executive Director, Andrea Lafferty, has been making the media rounds to spew her anti-gay venom to anyone who'll listen. First she penned an op-ed for Roll Call newspaper full of lies about ENDA and then she was invited to debate HRC's Allyson Robinson on CBS's Washington Unplugged webcast. sin_of_lying.jpgBilerico Project Associate Editor Dr. Jillian Weiss responded in Roll Call and it has sent Lafferty over the edge.

Lafferty likes to couch her bigotry in that "I'm just using common sense" type of argument that invariably means that "common sense" has been replaced for "truth." She tries to get her followers to make a leap in logic that might seem appropriate, but on closer examination is found to be either completely factually untrue or a logical fallacy along the lines of "Cutting people is a crime. Surgeons cut people. Therefore, surgeons are criminals."

Since Lafferty had to resort to personal attacks on Dr. Weiss and blatant lies to try and persuade her sheeple, I thought I'd respond with the "straight" truth. It might not be nice, but it's common sense - and it's true.

Feel free to read Lafferty's piece, "'Transgender' Man Attacks TVC," before reading my parody. I refuse to print even a blockquote of the literary vomit and ad hominem attacks against Dr. Weiss.

Zombie 'Queen' Attacks Bilerico Editor

Lafferty-729546.jpgApril 22, 2010 - It seems that Dr. Jillian Weiss's expose of the fearmongering and scare tactics behind the Traditional Values Coalition's attacks on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has outraged the mob of zombies' "Queen."

Andrea Lafferty is an undead mutant that lives off of fear and ignorance instead of the usual zombie fare of fresh brains. Humans who are able to think are quickly able to stave off the troubled monster's advances. It is unclear whether Lafferty is simply a reincarnation of other historical undead wretches. She may be the latest manifestation of Jack the Ripper, Typhoid Mary or Saddam Hussein. However, no one would know these things by reading her published bio.

She styles herself the "Queen" of brain dead obsessive fanatics and regularly targets LGBT people for attack by her followers. In addition, she's also rumored to be the star of several porn videos featuring her stomping kittens while wearing only high heels and a vapid smile.

Lafferty is a pathological liar with grandiose delusions. She can find the word "sociopath" in the dictionary.

One of Lafferty's recent attempts to feed by scaring her mob of witless sheeple was sparked by Dr. Jillian Weiss's commentary published in Roll Call on April 22.

During the attack, Lafferty tries to insinuate that 38 states have laws outlawing transgender teachers and that the government will force parents to stop meeting their children's teachers in person to discuss the child's progress. By ending the tradition of parent-teacher conferences, children will be easier prey for the religious indoctrination demanded by these radical fiends.

ENDA-like laws have been enacted around the country without any danger to religious liberties or disabled veterans. Earlier this month, Lafferty claimed that ENDA would allow VA hospital employees to molest amputees.

What Lafferty neglected to mention is that molestation is against the law and regularly prosecuted regardless of the sexual orientation of the predator. Apotemnophilia, or sexual arousal associated with the stump of an amputee, however, is not a sexual orientation and would not be covered under ENDA.

red_herring2.gifLafferty's red herring usage of her favorite "paraphilia" or sexual deviation instead of sexual orientation or gender identity is a dead giveaway that she is attempting to feed off her readers' fear and confusion.

The truth, however, will always trump unholy deceptions. A lie told strictly to stimulate fear and loathing of a minority group is an even bigger affront to a moral society. While she styles herself as the leader of a "traditional values" clatch, her lack of truthfulness marks her as a zombie impostor.

HIPAA was created to protect the health privacy records of individuals like Andrea Lafferty. It includes confidentiality on mental health issues like compulsive lying. Mental health privacy is exempted when it involves the abuse of children or when law enforcement needs to identify a suspect.

Fortunately, the majority of Americans - including 77% of Republicans - support non-discrimination in the workplace and refuse to fall for such obvious duplicity.

Removing an infected believer from the evil Queen's clutches is not easy. In fact, a necessary part of the decontamination process includes re-engaging the victim's critical thinking skills.

The zombie witch's "right" of free speech is protected by the United States Constitution; the Bible's 9th Commandment - "Thou shalt not bear false witness" - has been violated.

In a separate attack aimed at America's schoolchildren, the blackguard creature attempted to stir controversy by citing a sham medical association. The American College of Pediatricians is not the same as the well-respected American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact, the nation's pediatricians recently rebuked the fake medical group for attempting to deceive the public and for not acknowledging "the scientific and medical evidence regarding sexual orientation, sexual identity, sexual health, or effective health education." In fact, the group is little more than an ex-gay group masquerading as a professional health organization. The Traditional Values Coalition continues to quote from the phony pediatric group on their website.

wicked_img.jpgThe plain truth is that sociopaths have the following characteristics: glibness and superficial charm, pathological lying, grandiose sense of self, incapacity to love, shallow emotions, promiscuous behavior, lack of remorse or empathy, and they are often child sexual abusers. Zombie Queens like Andrea Lafferty exhibit many of these traits.

Lafferty claims that ENDA will force schools to hire transgender teachers. ENDA does not establish any sort of quota for businesses or governmental entities to hire LGBT people.

The zombie Queen is attempting to play to parents' fears for the safety of their children. The move is reminiscent of 1978's Briggs Initiative, when religious fanatics attempted to ban gays and lesbians (and anyone who supported gay rights) from working in California's public schools. That ballot referendum failed after then Governor Ronald Reagan repeatedly urged the public to vote against it. Reagan is often cited as a hero of true social conservatives.

ENDA would extend federal employment discrimination protections currently provided based on race, religion, sex, national origin, age and disability to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lafferty and her ilk are not embarrassed or cowed by the revulsion most Americans and the majority of Christians feel after discovering her wicked schemes and plots. In fact, the venomous hag practically crows that the respected Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed her organization as a "hate group" along with other violent racist and militaristic groups advocating for the overthrow of the United States government.

Other groups listed as "haters" include the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Terror Brigade and other assorted neo-Nazi or skinhead varieties. SPLC has gone after Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church as well. Phelps leads vulgar protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers, people who have died from AIDS, and famous gays and lesbians that include signs reading, "God Hates Fags" and "Faggots Rot In Hell."

Many of those same toxic clusters shrug off the SPLC watchlist as a tool of the "leftwing." This baseless charge isn't gaining favor though as all Americans - both liberal and conservative - want to keep track of violent criminals and possible terrorists.

The SPLC confines itself to tracking Holocaust deniers, anti-immigrants, black separatist, anti-gay, neo-Nazi, skinhead and white nationalist organizations. It doesn't track websites like Red State Update or or other smaller groups spewing hatred from their web sites or from their leaders. zombie_queen.jpgSeveral of these groups openly seek the violent overthrow of our nation.

Like any undead monster, Lafferty can't stand it when you shine the light of truth upon her and yet she craves the negative attention she gets for acting out.

"Actually, it is a badge of honor for TVC to be listed by the SPLC as a 'hate group,'" she hissed as Fred Phelps gave her a high five. Christians nationwide wept.

On April 23, Lafferty published a poisonous screed attacking Bilerico Project editor Dr. Jillian Weiss on her blog. In it she had to resort to insinuations and outright lies to attempt to besmirch the good name of a productive American. Tragically, this creature of the night will continue to haunt parents' dreams until they arm themselves with that deadliest of weapons, knowledge.

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Um, just as a note, Ms. Lafferty is not a sociopath. Nor a psychopath. Both of those terms are really poor ones to describe asocial personality disorders that she likely doesn't have.

So She's not a sociopath. She's just a really nasty person.

But she could very well be a borderline.. the ones you love to dislike. She is close to not having a true grasp of reality I think.

That seems kind of likely. Lots of Boarderline PD people end up being very outspoken. Uh oh. I'm outspoken. DAMNIT! This is why I have to stay away from WebMD. Did I ever tell you about the time I had a MRSA...? I had it until I saw the doctor, that is. In just a few seconds the doctor turned it into a pimple. Magic.

Bethesda, Maryland
April 23rd, 2010

Dear Bil,

Well done! Precise, concise, & not nice but a helluva lot better than the poison spread against Dr. Weiss by TVC's shrew.


Brody Levesque

Well I have been trying to learn more about TVC since this organization recently choose to mimic the Westboro Baptist Church. So far I have discovered that Andrea's father founded it, her husband is the executive director and she is the most prominent mouthpiece. I learned that Jim and Andrea adopted a child in 2003. Also found out they engage in solicitation for funds pretending to be Census takers (

My interest is not to tar and feather these folks but to shine the blinding light of truth on their activities and beliefs. Evidently the father is a homosexual hating right wing professed Christian who has found a way to make a decent living off of homophobia. Wikipedia has a few interesting facts about him. ...

Thanks Bil. You peaked my interest and I now know more about this family. I doubt she is a Zombie Queen but rather just a sad infertile frustrated woman raised in a family atmosphere of hate and prejudice. To that extent she is a poster child for how damaging a poor education can be. I shall pray for her.

You make her sound much too sympathetic - poor dear - afflicted by some mental disorder she has no control over that forces her to try to harm others and make sure their children have to go hungry.

Makes one wonder at the flaws in a system that would allow such a being who cares so little over the effect that putting the parents of other children out of work will have on those kids to adopt herself. Especially given her status as the leader of a hate group and her pride in being one. I hope social services monitors the status of her kids closely and insures she's receiving whatever treatment and medications she needs to provide for her stability and their safety.

Lord knows what she might do if her kid ended up being gay or trans.

To paraphrase a line from the Matrix, "Do you hear that sound, Miss Lafferty? That's that sound of your eventual demise." You see, she understands that LGBT people could have all of their rights within her lifetime, so she is seeing her lucrative income dwindling. Progress will soon make her obsolete, like it has for so many other hate groups that opposed worker's rights, children rights, women rights, veteran's rights, interracial marriage, rights based on race, rights for the disabled, etc. This scares her, so her shrieking and lies are ramping up to hold onto to her domain as long as she can.

Some financial planner needs to convince her it's time for her to retire, before she spends all her ill-gotten booty fighting lost causes. She can take all the money she has bilked from unsuspecting Americans for years and move to some quiet location in the mountains somewhere. I hear the Uni Bomber's shack is for sale.

In the future, if one of us in the community has to face her on another show, first, you must be sure you have had your distemper and rabies shots. Then, point out that she will soon become obsolete like all of those others hate groups in history and she should plan for that. Tell her you are looking out for her well-being, and sound sincere, while you laugh out loud internally.

Then, ask her what her next target will be once ENDA has passed. Because, it WILL pass. I'm betting she will oppose gay astronauts because it will seriously affect Space Station cohesion. Oh, wait! that will be Donnely. Or maybe she will oppose transgender people using public transportation because it will seriously confused the driver and he or she could cause an accident. Whatever it is, she will reach a point where she will spend more money to spread her lies and hate then she takes in, putting her on the welfare rolls with millions of other Americans. I wonder if she'll take a check from a transgender welfare worker?

The truth is the Lafferty's (husband and wife) do not scare me nearly so much as Sarah Palin does. It seems many think that because her hair is Auburn that she is not just a soup du-jour, air-headed bimbo trained to deliver one liners from that same wonderful group that gave us the likes of George W. Bush and his band of criminals. You know the group that basically looted the American Treasury the last time around and wish to do so again by telling everyone we are all going to be treated to a fate once we grow old like in the movie, The Omega Man. Of course doing all these good works while wrapping themselves in the flag, telling those who oppose them that they are Communists, and beating us over the head with what they say is in the Bible.

Sorry Bil, but I think your piece is unfair to zombies in general. I mean zombies are a poor and misuderstood minority that are unfairly portrayed as brain eating monsters in the horror media.

Most zombies I know are hardworking undead minions with nary a thought of brain eating in their head. To insinuate that there are undead who subsist on the fear and loathing of others is a disservice to all the zombies out there who exist soully to fufill their necromantic master's will.

Undead equality Now!

And I would further add that queens -- even princesses -- deserve better treatment than this.

I have known queens in my day, and Ms. Lafferty, you are no queen.

But on a more serious note, the thing that always gets me about this is that by the time one calls "people" like this (and I use the term in its most generous sense), they have long passed onto some new bright and shiny. In her mind, her attack on Jilian is yesterday's news; she's now moved onto attacking someone else, no doubt -- simply because she enjoys the mindless trolling.

And like any troll (and I mean no disrespect to actual trolls or the bridges they vouchsafe but rather the internet sort), she is dismissable with a mere wave of the hand. In true queen fashion, remember: tits, teeth, tiara.

I'm sure it must have been an oversight, in a piece whose occasion, if not purpose, was the anti-trans(sexual/gender) musings of Laferty.

I'm not quite sure how describing a woman of transsexual history as "man" constitutes "anti-gay venom", unless, somehow, Dr. Weiss is a lesbian, and that is the characteristic that is being attacked. Why would her sexual orientation be of any interest in these circumstances--unless sexual orientation and transsexuality are the same thing; I may be out of this loop.

As I say, it must have been an oversight, and somewhere in the piece--which I was unable to find--is does say "anti-trans venom."

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | April 24, 2010 12:04 PM

Man, she is one mean and bitter person! She does little more than spew hatred and lies about LGBT people.

Her attacks on Jillian show that she knows the facts are not on her side so she's pounding the table, trafficking in fear tactics, and engaging in the politics of personal destruction.

Don't worry though. We will win and she will lose.

I actually kind of feel sorry for Lafferty. Here's somebody who wakes up, soaks in, and revels in the hatred of a specific group of people. Not because she has good reason, but because she's deathly afraid of what would happen if she actually had to get to know these people. She reminds me of a child who insists on eating only chicken nuggets and mac & cheese: opulent, but blind to the wonderful world that surrounds her.

Jill, I'm really sorry she decided to string you out like that. But it helps to see the hit piece for what it is: the temper-tantrum of an adult child that refuses to see the world changing around her.

I don't hate Andrea Lafferty. She's the hater, and that is what the world needs to see behind her charming mask of "common sense." I thought you made this point well, Bil.

How ludicrous is it that she rejects the hate group label, while pouring out her slanderous venom towards me in public for daring to disagree.

Bless your heart, Jill. I'm so sorry that you were forced to suffer such treatment. Thank you for speaking out and for all that you do. Your courage is an inspiration.

This woman's hateful words illustrate so well the barriers to human dignity and civil justice that we face-- the very reasons why ENDA is so urgently necessary.

It's the kind of grace, poise and rational levelheadedness that you bring that makes me proud to be associated with you and this Project. Dignity is still yours!

I appreciate all the hard work Jillian!!

It is amazing how far these hybrid Christians will go to spread their hybrid Christian hate.Jillian you obviuosly did a great job in writing your piece other wise these hybrids wouldn't be foaming at the mouth.One thing I would like to point out that I've seen missing in the enda debate is the scientific evidence that shows endocrine disruptors are having a feminizing effect on males. Do these hybrids support corporate greed and stupidity at the expense of the male population or the victims of endocrine disrupters? Further while they accuse anyone of having gender disorder of mental illness they employ a let's beat up the retard style of writing.Now that shows real mental stability and maturity on their part.

You know Jillian if I was you I'd try to get roll call to show a copy of the Traditional Values website response to your article.I can't think of a better example of the discrimination we face. Also did you notice that while their calling you a shemale their calling ftm's transgenders. If you could get roll call to show it and then allow for you to critique it I believe it would be far more damaging to them than it would ever be to you.

ah, you know when you've made headway when they attack you.

head high, Dr. Weiss- and I see you are taking the high road, too.

good for you. she'll rot in her own hell someday.

Oh I think she is already in her own little hell Sara. I'll bet she looks at every woman trying to figure out whether that woman was born a woman. And what is now probably driving her up a tree is the realization that they are all looking at her the same way. And then there is the double nightmare that women who smile at her may have a sexual interest which would be horrible unless of course they were born a man which would make it OK in a convoluted sort of way from her perspective. Poor dear, bless her heart.

Andrew Belonsky Andrew Belonsky | April 25, 2010 10:18 AM

I too have been thinking about Lafferty as of late, and also because of her unfounded, patently absurd attacks on Weiss. Though certainly Lafferty deserves our ire, let's all remember that she's a small person. We've all dealt with haters in the past and need to remember that it's they, not the gays, who are unhappy and disturbed. It's tempting to get bogged down in their negativity, and it's essential to counter their lies, but never let yourself get dragged too far into their muck, because in the end they're not worth too much of our energy, right? Plus, I firmly believe the ultra-right loons are a dying breed. In ten years, I hope, they'll be nothing but a bad memory, like schoolyard taunts.

Yes, the ultra right loonies may be a dying breed, but they are a heavily armed dying breed, which is just that much more worrisome.

OK everyone! The "hate group" label really really really bothers Lafferty! Keep it up!

Also ironic that she would complain about being called a hate group... in the middle of a truly vile, hateful rant. You'd think that if she could turn on the polite, sweetheart shtick every now and then now would be the time.

You have to remember that this is a person who has no concept of logic and prefers to attract flies with shit rather than honey. There are other hate groups out there who are not on the watch list because of how they approach the issues. She will never understand this and will continue to act like other well-known hate groups like the KKK and neo-Nazi groups. If she wanted to not be included with them, she can control that. But, it's too late for her. She runs an official hate group and is stuck with it.

I guess CBS will next have a neo-Nazi, skin-head leader discussing how to improve relationships with Israel.

Monica while I agree with your statement I feel you were wrong by not properly identifying the tradational values group as an "official Hybrid hate group".