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Queer music Friday - Chely Wright

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Here's how little I know about mainstream country music: I had never heard of Chely Wright until she came out her coming out was leaked to the media four days before it officially happened. I know, she's huge. Not just mainstream, either; she left MCA Nashville in 2004 and struck it out on her own.

But just like when Ricky Martin and Jennifer Knapp came out, celebrities who come out in traditionally not-that-gay media may not seem huge to us, necessarily, but they'll reach people we aren't reaching ourselves, people who might not be listening to Elton and Melissa and Madonna and the Scissor Sisters.

And she's a real red stater. Why does she just assume that the lady in a minivan in a rich suburb of Nashville is a librul elite who hates the troops, instead of just someone mad that Chely Wright cut her off? This is "Bumper of my SUV."

From what I've seen of her this last week, she's less Dolly and more Shania; lots of steel guitar and other traditionally country instruments but not without a healthy helping of pop/rock. This is one of her hits from the 90's, "Single White Female." Something tells me she isn't really that desperate for a man like you.

This is "It Was."

Here's her interview this week on the Today Show where she talks about her suicide attempt.

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Now she needs at least 2 more bumper stickers. A fish and a Gay sticker. That should get her a few more middle fingers along West End in Nashville, a place I know well. Then she can write a new song.


I guess this proves that coming out is, increasingly, a good marketing strategy as well. I mean, she's not that talented, is she?

And by the way, what is it about red staters refusing to pronounce "Iraq" correctly? It's "*E*rak", not "*Eye*-rak."

Dodge Man | May 10, 2010 6:38 AM

She is very talented, is a very good singer mater of fact has a great very versatile country singing voice. I think that her career is going in very good places if her new CD is any indication I highly recommend it!

Um I think she is saying the names of the country's right, and she is singing them at that so even more of a challenge. (nothing like being nit picky about someones musical talent over something you feel is mispurnousiated to much)

Now to the article
I love the idea that supporting the troops makes you "red state" I guess I must just be red state because I'm apt to get in a shouting match with any idiot who disrespects the troops (and Nothing pisses me off more then that) who survive this country.(OR to insult any one who is related to them) Or could it go beyond political ideology and to the fact that I have relatives who serve/served and I had a close friend (RIP) who served pretty much like the song. I think my point is that's not political its social values, I'm a very blue state guy but heck if I don't have some strong red-state values in me.

The one thing I have hated most about this who coming out thing besides the fact that the gay community was making fun of Chely Wright for not being who they wanted, was they basically dismissed every one but the couple of top country mega stars the get tabloid time. Then when on to just bash the hell out of the genre of music in the comments of a couple other blog sites I'm a part of. Me personally I find it exciting to have a out country star, it may pave the way for more to come out in the genre I love so much.

I don't think that "supporting the troops" (whatever that means, although I know it doesn't mean putting a sticker on your car) makes her red state. What made me say that she was a real red stater was:

a) the whiney victimhood in assuming that she got flipped off because of her political ideology instead of, oh i don't know, her driving,

b) her bizarre assumption that people in the rich suburb of Nashville are ardent leftists and/or hate the troops and/or are liberal, when that demographic sounds like the far-right end of the spectrum, and

c) her willingness to profit off of merely praising the troops, without really questioning why they're being killed and if that cause is worth sending them to die for. Most people, when they like other people, don't want to see them dead.

Whether she likes the troops or not is rather besides the point. And no one is obligated to like her music.

Renee Thomas | May 7, 2010 8:07 PM

And it's "*E*raun", not "*Eye*-ran" - having lived in the Middle East during the 80's and speaking some Arabic and Farsi it's a major pet peeve of mine too.

I look forward to a day, hopefully in the not too distance future, that gay people don't need to hide in order to be accepted and coming out stories are really nothing special. I"m glad Chely did it and found her peace. Each person deserves that kind of peace within their lives.

Dodge Man | May 11, 2010 5:39 PM

Cause the song about being flipped off about your driving would be a different song, that would be the uber fun tung in cheek song, That would be a lot more along the lines of this

The same way that you are assuming that she is a horrible driver and that is why she got flipped off, It dose not come off as whiny victimhood at all she recounts a story of what happened and then goes one to play the song that the TROOPS loved and asked her to record on her first trip to entertain them in Iraq.

I have yet to hear the assumption any where in the song or from that statement that she thought the person was Dem and thus hated the troops, funny enough in the song i recall her saying she is nether party funny how that works.

I think the fact that she has actually preformed for the troops shows a lot more then just profiting, that and the fact that this song came out well after her carrier had cooled, and shortly before she disappeared from the scene all together. It says in the song she has gone searching for answers and has not found any that satisfy the reason for WHY so yeah I would say that's a message in there, its not a big giant screaming moralizing bash you over the head one but if you listen to the song (I picked it up the first time I heard it) its clear and its there.
sometimes that is how country music works.