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Reker's escort: He was totally gay for me

Filed By Bil Browning | May 07, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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Joe.My.God scored an interview with Jo-Vanni Roman, the 20 year old escort who accompanied anti-gay activist George Rekers on a 10-day European trip. I've had many conversations with Joe - both online and off - and if there's one gay blogger best suited to do the interview, it's Joe.

His casual style and quiet yet forceful activism Jo_Vanni_Roman.jpgis exactly what the escort's story needs. He says in the post that the interview was unplanned and very conversational. In a blogosphere full of bitchy queer bloggers calling the kid a "whore," "hooker," and "trash," it's strangely comforting knowing that Joe will stay focused on Rekers rather than judging the escort.

The highlights include:

  • Rekers told Roman he was a child psychologist. It wasn't until after the story broke that he discovered Rekers was a well known anti-gay crusader.
  • Other than one conversation about "all morality being from God," there wasn't any religious conversation between the two.
  • Roman gave Rekers erotic massages, but the two never had sex even though Rekers was obviously aroused. "He was definitely totally gay for me," says Roman.
  • Roman doesn't know who tipped off the Miami News Times.
  • He and Rekers have talked since the trip was exposed.

The Washington Post also has a bizarre e-mail sent to the reporter by Rekers who still denies that Roman was anything more than a travel assistant. The e-mail references the conversation between the two after returning from Europe, but spins it in a completely different direction.

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It is truly interesting that Rekers is in denial. Afterall, what are the repercussions that he will truly face from his anti gay sheeple followers? So many times men like Rekers are thinking, "I am not Gay" "I truly cannot be Gay" but in fact are closeted and not in touch with their own sexuality. It won't be long before more anti gay activists will become exposed. I am waiting for Andrea Lafferty to come out to the world and tell us she is Lesbian. As for now another one bites the dust.

Bil said:

"In a blogosphere full of bitchy queer bloggers calling the kid a "whore," "hooker," and "trash," "


ok, this guy has a right to do with his own body as he sees fit, it isnt for others to decide, or (IMO), to judge...

is this mostly b/c of how horrid his client is, or just 'slut-shaming'?


I was wondering about that too, since Joe's been one of the people calling Lucien "hooker" and "whore." I don't judge, but it's kind of weird to make that, and that specifically, a virtue of JMG's coverage here. He even got called out about it on Twitter and posted about it on his site, saying that he repeatedly called Lucien a "whore" to get hits from google.

Just sayin'.

Dan Massey | May 7, 2010 3:55 PM

Jo-Vanni is a hero for going public with the truth about the worthless subhuman parasite he worked for.

All forms of prostitution should be decriminalized and regulated to the extent required to restructure the industry in the interest of public health and the welfare of the sex workers themselves.

Rekers' problem is not that he is a hypocritical queer, but that he has deliberately turned his back on the leadings of the spirit of god in his mind, which has been telling him to express his innate homosexuality ever since he was six years old. While pretending to be a religious person, he has systematically turned his back on the truth and destroyed both his personality and his "immortal" soul.

Queer or straight, such persons deserve neither mercy nor consideration, much less unasked for forgiveness.

Oh c'mon. Had that photo not emerged and his secret identity revealed, Jo-Vanni would have no more come forward than Rekers. But because he got backed into a corner -- I mean, what's he going to say, "Not me"? -- he probably figured it was easier to do the interview circuit and maybe make a little extra cash off the trip (which, at $75/day, seems dirt cheap for a rental). I have little illusion that even now he's getting hit by agents and producers: this could be the biggest thing possible for his chosen career.

Let's reserve the "hero" moniker for the ones who are really heroes, okay?

I sent George an email basically telling him he has been outted and there is no way he can change that. He needs to make a public statement about it and apologize to all of the people he hurt. And then he needs to turn his life around and help the LGBT community. You have to admit he has a LOT of information in that gay head of his that could help clear out some of the hate he has helped nourish.

If Johnny Lee Clary (former Imperial Wizard of the KKK) can turn his life around why can't George?