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Filed By Kate Clinton | May 21, 2010 8:00 AM | comments

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What in the hell is BP actually doing about this oil spill? Does anyone know? I'm so furious I think my head might explode.

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2wheels2four 2wheels2four | May 24, 2010 1:29 PM

What BP is doing about this oil gusher under our Gulf coastal waters is dancing around, hoping they can still find a way to get some of that money-making oil into their hands. What's a little more devastation to the ecosystems, natural beauty, and commerce of what to them is a foreign country, compared to the profit that will be lost if they did just cut to the "butt plug" method?

It's a little ironic that all of a sudden they (BP) are Union Carbide and we're Bhopal. I think in the final court settlement from that disaster the affected families ended up getting the princely sum of $500 each.

He's right, Kate. They're looking for a way to salvage as much inventory as possible as well as protect their drilling investment. I found it almost amusingly horrifying when one of the BP execs had the cajones to say "Hey, if any of you can do it better, then come do it!"

you know, i had to read this twice...becuase the first time isaw it i thought: "what is the bilerico project doing about--oh, the other bp. now i get it".