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Bilerico Project is NOT American Idol

Filed By Bil Browning | June 10, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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On American Idol, the better contestant usually finishes in second or third place. Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and Justin Guarini Clay Aiken all seem to be doing just fine with their careers, but they were denied the gold medal at the end of the contest. 220px-Taylor_Hicks.jpgInstead, several mediocre singers like Taylor Hicks ended up riding in the parade at Disney World.

Every year Bilerico Project is nominated for a big popular award or three and in our own Idol-like twist, we have come in second place every single time - once by only 4 votes. We can't let this happen this time.

We've been nominated for alternative newspaper Nuvo's 2010 Best of Indy award and the competition is fierce. We're up for the "Best Locally Owned Website" category and it's a very big deal in Indianapolis. We need your help to win.

On American Idol the gay contestant never wins. Help us beat the odds and take home the gold from the heart of conservative Indiana. Bilerico Project isn't American Idol so won't you vote for us today? Let's send a strong statement to Indiana that the best the state has to offer is our odd family of queers and misfits.

Vote now or Taylor Hicks wins.

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Taylor Hicks is an abomination.

Are you demanding that we do this or asking?

It makes a great deal of difference to some people.

How do you know that demanding we participate in this exercise will produce results?

What difference does it make to YOU personally or this blog in particular to win a contest like this?

I happen to consider Taylor Hicks to be a good friend of mine. How does insulting him produce a positive result?

Who makes winning these contests a priority for Bilerico? Why?

When will you report back to us about the benefits of victory and disclose how that affects you personally?

This sounds like a crazy shenanigan to me.

sarahallison48 | June 9, 2010 10:55 PM

Good luck at INDY IDOL!!!!

OK Bil, I supported but there were a lot of categories that I skipped due to lack of knowledge.

I also voted for the Naptown Roller Girls. I hope you both win!

IMHO, Taylor has a solid voice but got screwed over (as usual) by the AI producers. This, frankly, is why the second place folks do so much better: they're not permanently tethered to Simon and Randy, who dictate what they will and will not do as performers. Taylor could have been another Michael Bublé, had the Twins of Terror not gotten their skanky little hands on him. Sadly, now he, like all the other "winners" of this pretentious talent contest, will be forever a second-rate has-been, condemned to a life of tours in GREASE and TV spots for Ford. Pity.

Oh, yes, BTW, voted. Like the previous poster, left a bunch of things blank because I havent a clue who or what they are.

And Patrick? Lighten up, dude. We all know that this is a silly little game that has no point beyond simple bragging rights -- and big whoop for those. Dont make it into something it clearly aint.

I could be wrong about this - and Patrick can correct me - but I think he's spoofing a certain regular Bilerico commenter. Patrick, great job - but you forgot the bold and italic fonts!

If I'm wrong, I retreat hastily.

Coolness. I'm still a bit of a newbie here, so apologies if I misunderstood your comment's commentary. :-)

Jesse Monteagudo | June 11, 2010 10:06 AM

Does Taylor Hicks have a Web site?