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Color me suprised

Filed By Bil Browning | June 21, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Bubba Bussey, President Obama, pride month, Rick and Bubba, Rick Burgess, shock jocks

When Rick and Bubba heard President Obama had declared June Pride month, they got all up in arms and worked themselves into a big froth. They say things that you'd imagine they would. There's a "Boycott them!" Facebook group, but I wonder if the duo won't benefit more from the publicity; after all, how many gay people were actually listeners to start with?

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Color me FREAKED OUT! Bubba BUSSEY?!?! One more S and I would have to change my last name too.

Bil, I haven't been able to hear this rant. Every where I go the youtube version denies me access saying I must accept the senders friend invitation first?

If you ignore them they will just go away. If you ignored them not nearly as many people would have heard of them.


We got that same excuse from people unwilling to stand up to and protest "Ticked Off Tra$$ies with knives" in the begining.

Now when that movie is mentioned the discussion is about why transgender people abhor it so. We own the discussion. And the movies supporters have nicknamed me "Infamous Busey", guess for asking for respect and dignity for transwoman.

Protest and Educating TO$WK in Philly QFest the LAST known film festival to show this horrendous movie. (there were only three that did)