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Family Values: Who is it Trying to "Destroy Marriage" Again?

Filed By Waymon Hudson | June 17, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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In a move that isn't that surprising (but which nonetheless stings), Proposition 8 supporters want to 'revoke recognition' of the 18,000 legal same-sex marriages that occurred in California before the marriage ban went into effect. Removing any doubt about how far they want to push their anti-equality agenda, the proponents asked Judge Vaughn Walker to strip any rights or recognition of the marriages performed before Prop 8 passed:


As the trial over California's prohibition on same-sex marriage enters its final stage today, the ban's sponsors are urging the judge to go a step further and revoke state recognition of the marriages of 18,000 gay and lesbian couples who wed before voters passed Proposition 8. Such an order would honor "the expressed will of the people," backers of the November 2008 ballot measure said Tuesday in their final written filing before Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker.

Andrew Pugno, an attorney for Prop. 8's backers, said in an interview that the sponsors aren't asking Walker to nullify the 18,000 marriages, but only to rule that government agencies, courts and businesses no longer have to recognize the couples as married.

See? Not nullify, only remove any recognition or rights associated with those marriages, thereby making them useless. So which group is trying to destroy the institution of marriage again? Those are some "family values"...

I'm one of those 18,000 couples.

certificate-thumb-225x299.jpgMy husband and I married in California before Prop 8 passed and are among the Limited Edition Married Gays that exist in a separate and not equal space when it comes to relationship recognition. Now the same people that have claimed time and again that we are somehow weakening their marriages by simply being together are actively seeking to strip us of any rights or recognition our marriage provides us. Follow the twisted logic? Me either.

It is amazing to me that those claiming religious and moral high ground are the ones actively seeking to destroy the legal, existing marriages of 18,000 couples. Hypocrisy isn't a strong enough word to describe the stance of these people.

To have these groups literally seek to break up marriages because of their own personal bias is disgusting. They will not be satisfied until they can come into our home, take our marriage certificate of the wall, and rip it in half. Yet somehow they continue to wear (with the help of a increasingly lazy media) the mantle of "family value" voters and proponents.

How can taking away my family's rights and recognition be a "family value"? How can telling children of same-sex couples that their parents are less-than and abhorrent in their anti-equality campaigns be protecting families? Why do they still get to claim any sort of family values at all?

MarriageOpponents.jpgThe Prop 8 backers and those like them have never been able to provide any proof of harm to their marriages or the institution of marriage by allowing same-sex couple to join in. Their arguments boil down to personal distaste or outright bigotry- hardly sound legal reasons.

The dishonesty of their stance needs to be challenged by everyone around them. They need to be forced to answer how they claim the are for "saving" marriage while trying to destroy legal, existing marriages like mine. They need to answer how they are "pro-family" while demonizing our families and children. They need to be pushed and pushed until the world sees them for what they are: small-minded people with deep prejudice, not some crusading do-gooders who "just have political differences" with equality for all.

I'm gay. I'm married. I'm pro-family. I have family values. They don't get to own these terms. They belong to all of us.

And I won't cede them to the likes of these people any more.

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DeathofFreedom | June 17, 2010 11:43 AM

If God had intended for men to be with men he would have put two Adams and made it possible for both to reporduce. Same with Eve but he did not put two Adams or two Eves he put one man and one women. Once you start to ignore morales you will become a Country with No Morales. What is next? Men wanting unlimited wives, women wanting two husbands, pedifiles wanting it legal to have sex with minors, morales are morales and it is immoral for same sex marriage. Some people are born with limbs missing or with some type of birth defect that they have to learn to live with and work to change if they can, gay is a defect that should be fought against and not given into just so you can scream your rights to be immorale.

Ignore Morales? Do you mean Bolivian president Evo Morales? Because we haven't ignored him - we've even posted about him here!

But I'm sure he's glad you were thinking of him!

I love the irony of your username "DeathofFreedom", given your homophobic stance. Guess what? Freedom works in many directions.

The hypocrisy of the prop 8 supporters is so blatantly clear, I've never understood why they haven't been called out on it once and for all.

I'm sure you were trying your very best to shame us and what not, but after reading "pedifiles" I found it rather difficult to even attempt to take you seriously.

Helpful Hint: spell-check.

Moral troll is "morale" (*snicker*)

The US government is not supposed to (though they do) be in the business of adjudicating morality, but their role is the protection of the people and their fundamental rights. LGBTs are often denied these rights for reasons beyond their control, which is why these campaigns seek to correct those wrongs.

The Church (any of them) ARE supposed to be in morality, and if that morality forbids that which is a protection by the law of the land, I suppose they are allowed to so discriminate. A free person in conflict would just leave that church, I would think.

This is why the SEPARATION of church and state was insisted upon at the founding of this nation, even though in practice it falls short.

As for birth defects? Well, I'm not going to speak for the GLBs, but as for myself in the trans department, I often answer that with, "Yes, I DO have a birth defect, and I'm working hard to fix it!" This may or may not be accompanied by a twofold move of pointing to my skirt, and proceeding to smack myself in the groin.

Occasionally I have to further explain how I did not injure myself through the art of tucking. But not usually.

Okay, I'll stop feeding the troll now.

Amy Hunter Amy Hunter | June 17, 2010 5:43 PM

Yikes! We simply must put a stop to such inmore...immar...irnore...ignore...hmmm...

While I know these sorts of views are very real to some people, I continue to find them shocking when expressed so ardently.

Please learn to respect all people in your heart. Whether, gay, straight, trans, black, white, yellow we are all "Fearfully and wonderfully made..."

Ellen W. Gerber | June 18, 2010 5:17 PM

If God had not wanted there to be gays and lesbians, she never would have put them in every society on earth, throughout all of time. Nor would she have shown that it is a part of nature by creating lesbian & gay animals and birds, the presence of which scientists have fully documented. Being born gay or lesbian is not a defect--it is a sign of Gods grace and determination to have a very diverse world of people.

neonskeleton | June 17, 2010 12:43 PM

To DeathofFreedom:

First of all, there are many things about the bible that are misrepresented both in the actual text and by people who quote it out of context. The actual morality of the Bible is very different than the morality that people attempt to place upon others by using the scripture. Let's take a look at just one of the examples that you gave ...

Polygamy / Polyandry -- Having multiple partners has been a common practice throughout history, so much so that historians predict that there have been more non-monogamous marriages then monogamous marriages. For instance, in the Bible, these men had multiple wives: Abraham, David, and Solomon. Interesting, neh?

I do approve that you at least believe that we (to use the royal pronoun) are born with a different sexual orientation, however this confuses your point. You are claiming that homosexuality is immoral, that god did not put two Adams on the earth, but you are also saying that we were created gay. Yes, this is how we are born, though it is not a defect, and we have learned to deal with it, it is a process that gay men and women everywhere have to learn often on their own and often at great personal risk.

Just a note that I found this, Thanks Waymon.... posting your wedding photo ALL OVER THE WORLD! Let's see SECOND ANNIVERSARY soonish right?

Guess 'Death' wasn't able to follow the trial or the blogs of the closing arguments, cuz they are pretty clear and specific that the US Constitutional acceptance of the meaning of marriage says absolutely nothing about the genders of those getting married (except DOMA..which is also an unconstitutional law)..and all 14 of the SCOTUS findings to date only reinforce the fact that you cannot discriminate against a certain class of people in accepting equal rights..
...unless it benefits some other larger class.. And, as marriage limited to non cosanguinous hetero's does limit the freedoms of others it must be unconstitutional.
Remember all you 'procreationists' you are saying that all children ever adopted or raised by a non-biological parent are 'illegal',... bet you know a few.
You are also saying that ALL DIVORCES of BIOLOGICAL PARENTS are illegal.... oh such a morass. Best to just crawl back under your 'rock of freedom'.. and keep those ideas to yourself.

(HMMM, & I thought I didn't have much of a comment to make..wrong again.)

Rick Sours | June 17, 2010 2:45 PM

When people ask my Partner who long we have been together, his first response is: "longer than my sister's three marriages combined".

A country with no Morales? You against Hispanics as well, eh? Ignorant is as ignorant does...

It's me. I'm trying to destroy marriage. Maybe someday there will be a cartoon. Wile E. Bilerico vs Marriage Runner or something.

Severka S.R. | June 18, 2010 12:01 PM

Er... you have somthing here. I don't know much about Bible, but if I remember well, Adam and Eve had two sons. So how they reproduced? By incest?! @.@