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Online Locker Room Towel Snapping, Stonewall, & Lesbianity: Roundup!

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There's been a ton of great content online over the past few weeks. While we've been publishing more posts than ever before, it seems everyone else is too! Here are some of the best stuff I've wanted to blog about but never had time to do it:

  • Ed Kennedy at AfterElton takes a look at some homoerotic Twitter messages sent between out rugby player Gareth Thomas and supersexy teammate Nick Youngquest.
  • The Stonewall Riots have often been characterized as a protest against police harassment, but the Stonewall Inn was raided pursuant to an investigation against its reputed mob owners, and the ensuing rage on the streets by its gay patrons was directed as much against the wise guys as the boys in blue. Does the mob still have a hidden hand in some gay establishments? The answer may be yes.
  • Scientists have found that Obsession for Men attracts big cats and researchers are now using the scent to lure jaguars and tigers to camera stands. I saved this post just so I could make a lesbian joke, so maybe it's best I just put it here. Towleroad has video from the stands.
  • You can now download a podcast of an hour long special roundtable [mp3] on "The Politics of Hypocrisy" produced for FOX radio here in Indianapolis. I'm a guest along with a local religious right leaders and the head of the state Libertarian party.
  • Finally, via Joe.My.God. comes a hilarious video that'll teach you the three ways you can know if you're dealing with a lesbian. After all, they used to be women too.
  • If you missed the sneak peek pictures of reality show contestant Ronnie Kroell posing for Playgirl, you've missed your chance. The site decided they didn't want the extra publicity and have threatened to sue us for copyright violation. It's their pictures so we took them down.

And just for jollies, after the jump you'll find video of two hot guys dancing in their underwear that my friend Josh insisted should make another appearance on the site so readers can help us decide which of the two has better armpits. Your opinion can be left in the comments section.

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Y'know, it's these frequent posts featuring half-naked men that make me long for the days when we still had lesbians on the editorial team. Maybe one day, we'll get some eye candy too, mmm?

Last time I checked, I was still a woman. Imagine that! A woman and a lesbian. And I agree with Rebecca--give the lesbians some equal representation!