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Is Lt Choi a gay hero? Does GetEqual know what they're doing?

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Is Lt. Dan Choi an LGBT "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" hero? Yes, but a better question might be: Does GetEQUAL, the organization Choi is associated with, know what it's doing, is it acting out of passion and ego or becoming HRC-lite, as suggested this week by Bilerico Editor-In-Chief Bil Browning?

Four weeks ago, I suggested (or predicted) exactly what could be done to solve the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" problem. The column, called "An Obama DADT apologist?" is almost exactly what we received out of Congress.

There are two major differences: My column gave a dated deadline and the pragmatic way of getting there. The fast passage of the compromise repeal legislation, which we'll give Choi and GetEQUAL credit for, unfortunately does not legally give that deadline, nor protection for those currently serving. Our "Apologist" deadline was the end of the year and covered those serving now. The "new" legislative compromise suggests the end of the year.

This is where GetEQUAL failed.

A deadline was not part of the dialogue in scoping the compromise. Was the organization more interested in publicity than accomplishing the goal of equality? There is no doubt that publicity pushed the issue -- but too quickly to reach a compromise that changes very little until possibly the end of the year. GetEQUAL may have pushed the administration too fast into making a fast compromise.

As for Choi, he is a hero simply by putting his military career on the line to end the ban on openly gay servicemembers, and for doing it through civil disobedience. But he's not the first.

Did you ever hear the name Leonard Matlovich? He was the first gay servicemember to fight the ban on gays in the military. His fight to stay in the Air Force after he came out of the closet was broadcast on the network news and even landed him on the cover of Time magazine. His fight began on March 6, 1975, when he wrote his to Air Force commander and disclosed he was gay. At the time, he was a decorated Vietnam veteran -- Purple Heart, among other awards -- who taught race relations.

And lesbians in the military? Margarethe Cammermeyer, a former colonel in the Washington National Guard, told her superior she was a lesbian in 1989 during a routine security-clearance investigation. The military immediately filed to discharge her, which took until June 1992. In response, she sued and, in 1994, she won the case and went back into service until her retirement in 1997. Later, a network TV movie about her life, "Serving in Silence," aired to a nationwide audience.

We need people like Choi, and organizations like GetEQUAL, to show our discontent and anger. But when they are unable to secure the outcomes we want, we also need organizations such as Human Rights Campaign and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network to pull it all together. HRC, SLDN, Servicemembers United and GetEQUAL, among others, can share credit for this compromise. Isn't teamwork a beautiful thing?

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Bilerico Project has been assigned as your blogosphere auditor, GetEqual, and they're here to POLICE THE HELL OUT OF YOU FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.

Please gather all corporate documents, information about salaries and how much you spend on toilet paper, strategy documents, personal thoughts on the state of research on the Dodo bird, and submit them IMMEDIATELY to Bilerico Project auditors for review and disciplinary measures!

HRC? NGLTF? GLAAD? EAA? Here's your Get Out of Jail Free card. Move along now - nothing to see here!

Aren't you being hypocritical, Mr. Segal?

In 1973, you interrupted the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite to protest CBS's lack of coverage on gay issues.

I may have been thirteen years old then, but I can certainly remember there being some discussion as to whether you're actions were relevant.

I'm just saying.

Great post, Mark. Your contribution to gays and lesbians has been immense. I look forward to my trips to Philly to see your paper. It is one of the better written gay journals anyplace. Keep up the great work.

I think it is absurd to suggest that GetEQUAL or Choi put any pressure on anyone. Did they get on our nerves? Yes. But there is simply no evidence that anything they did changed anything in DC. Most people who have analyzed their behavior have suggested these stunts may have been counterproductive.

Their childish publicity stunts didn't apply any pressure to anyone and they were only covered by the LGBT media and mostly with laughter.

GetEQUAL likely hurt our efforts, not helped them.

I'd also like to know what you believe the benefit is to "showing our discontent and anger?" If their is no benefit, then it simply makes us look just like the Westboro Baptist misfits.

Shocktivism doesn't change any minds or create any sympathy or support. We don't need attention, it's 2010 - everybody knows our struggle. We need people to join us, not laugh at us or avoid us.

Andrew you are beginning to sound like the proverbial old broken record that just keeps playing and replaying the same old click click click tune. When are you going to finally say something new? Sure we understand perfectly well from your many posts that you don't like GetEqual or anything close to in your face protesting. You claim that we have grown up well prove it to me that this is the case. I don't really like it either but please please please start to say something other than protesting the protests. What are you doing besides repeating yourself over and over again. Better yet why don't you just write as a comment, "you know where I stand on this issue and move on". You are wasting my precious time with your blah blah blah dither. There are some of us who have grown up and some of us are doing something quietly for the sake of the cause so I want to know exactly what are you doing?

Well, Daniel. How about you be the first person to provide the rationale for these "crazy shenanigans?" Explain why it is effective to "embarrass our friends?"

I never suggested ALL protest is bad, but certainly manufactured protest could be counterproductive. As a community we have responded - in significant numbers - to events. But going down a list of tactics and then picking a target is more like "crazy shenanigans" than a community "protest."

I'm not sure how Dan Choi ended up with the suicidal "hunger strike," but until we're told I'm going to guess they picked tactics out of a hat. He ended up with the toughest one. Thankfully, he quit. (He "suspended" his hunger strike, but the rules clearly state in Chapter 9 Section 3 that "this action cannot be suspended unless demands are met.)

GetEQUAL appears to be a small group that was simply hired to fulfill the objectives of Jonathan Lewis and Paul Yandura. They hired a few people to "embarrass" some politicians they were upset with. They are being paid very well to do that.

Sooner or later GetEQUAL needs to convince us they are effective if they ever hope to generate any participation. You can help them do that while they are away on a "retreat." Or, we can wait.

Andrew Andrew Andrew...We all know where you stand with your words "crazy shenanigans?" So lets get something straight here either shit or get off the pot as my granny would have said so appropriately 60 years ago. So please leave me out of your dither over GetEqual and then go back and simply read what I wrote. I never ever said that I supported or didn't support GetEqual as a form or as a group of activists so therefore I don't need to mince my words cross my eyes or dot my "T's". Get a life and then I remind you to as I so aptly phrased it..."pray tell us what you ARE doing" besides complaining bitterly about everyone else. You do so conveniently miss reading the comments that have been made and completely taking those words out of context of which you most certainly do all the time and every time I read your comments about some other comment. Grow up you need not repeat yourself other than as I suggested simply comment that, "you know where I stand on this issue" and move on. The beat of your drum is so mundane.

Exactly, Daniel. There is no rationale for these "crazy shenanigans." That was how GetEQUAL defined their purpose, not me. I think thier description is accurate, but my question is about it's effectiveness.

Some of us believe that we must honor everyone that has participated in our Movement by requiring accountability. If that bothers you, skip my comments. We won't succeed until we figure out what works and then rally support. It is important.

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew...What is it about you and this one track mind that you espouse? The question is and I will repeat this once again for the third and last time before I decide to discontinue this conversation. I am sick and tired of the rant that you have as a penchant to criticize what others do or do not do. You seem very capable of taking the words written by others totally out of context to the conversation therefore...The question is and always has been...."WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PUSH FORWARD ANYTHING EXCEPT TO CRITICIZE OVER AND OVER AGAIN LIKE I SAID A BROKEN RECORD". I am not criticizing you personally I just have the right to know just to be clear if you have a better way to get a measure passed lets here it....WE ARE WAITING. Lay off the repeated condemnations of others we know already far to well your position that appears to be a fit of jealousy. So I will refrain from asking if you are retarded and immature or just immature. Don't bother to respond unless you have something positive to offer.

Fine Daniel. You can reject accountability and refuse to provide any rationale for "crazy shenanigans" and act a bit irrational by suggesting "my efforts" determine the value of my questions regarding GetEQUAL. While I think that my effort are not material to the conversation about GetEQUAL's stunts, i will answer your question.

I have invested more than $450,000 acquiring research and polling data during the last 10 months. I have also acquired several ideas and have paid for the development of 7 media campaigns. It's my money and my time. I am NOT establishing a non-profit organization, I am figuring out HOW and WHEN we can WIN. I will fund that effort. But we won't make the HRC mistake of 30 years with no results and we will hold every single idea, tactic, method and strategy accountable.

We can WIN in a few short years and the math proves it. GetEQUAL is being held accountable and it isn't because of my "ranting," it is because the LGBT Community has finally begun to embrace accountability. That's why we're asking questions. If you dismiss those questions, we'll never get those answers. We NEED those answers.

Somebody need to make some sense of GetEQUAl's stunts. they better do it soon.

Interestingly, Andrew refuses to be accountable for all this money he's spending. Refuses to tell us who he is, who did the polling, what was polled.

I want to know the STRATEGY involved in spending this much money on polling. Who did he HIRE to do this work for him? Who's accountable for what company was hired? Was it gay friendly?!


That's cute Jordan. But I have not formed a non-profit organization and I have not claimed to represent the LGBT Community. I am spending my own money because I believe we need to figure out how to win.

I am doing the necessary research, polling, and analyzing before I launch something. You can be assured that I won't hide from questions because I have a full appreciation for how important our Movement is.

Encourage GetEQUAL to answer these important questions. They need to.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 10, 2010 5:18 AM

We can't wait for you to run for 'glorious leader'.

Can you spell (political) 'dead meat'.

Good for you Bill, Polls to me are simply a fart in the wind smells for only a second then you move on. Anyone spending that kind of money being claimed with nothing to show for it adds up to insipidly stupid, a wanna be rich kid, a liar with a figment of self grandeur in self importance or a combination of all three. I am inclined to believe in the former and the latter of this tri-combination. I want to see what $450,000.00 has purchased from those who were contracted to expose how to win. I want to hear from the mouths of the pollsters themselves before I would even venture to pollute the waters of what others may or may not do to further our outrage at being ignored after the schmoozing that was expended by the party in power to win while delivering nothing when the they had the ample opportunity. We are now waiting for the 5th study on Gays in the military since 1957. Do I hear a 6th just to be sure that it is right? Let me make one thing perfectly clear on this issue before we know the Andrew W. will obviously take one word out of context. I have no issue with GetEqual either for or against and I don't need to prove my case in point this is not the issue. The issue here is I think Andrew is a liar and outta to be caged for life or at the very least stifled. Finally we have where the little fart stands with nothing in actuality as to why being show. Your turn Andrew W. what will you take out of context this time as if we don't already know?

Very thoughtful stuff Daniel. Thank-you.

Not even a teensy weensy shred of proof. No data. No polls. No earthshaking new ideas. What media campaigns? When will they run? In what markets?

Bill you have hit the nail on the head with your response. In all my comments I have done my best to find out what was up with this Andrew W. and to date Zilch, Squat, Zero, and Nadda plus a few more juicy comments. Being a Dairy Farmer I have better things to do with my money than just throw it at the wall and hope that something stinks (oops sticks). Needless to say there are still a few fries missing in this equation. Anything that this person has to say is just indicative of a hopelessly deluded individual and it is no wonder that any other rational idea is shot down before the votes are counted. GetEqual may not be my cup of tea exactly but at least they are visible on the front lines and the HRO may have lost its clout so who knows where our movement will take us in our fight for equal rights and equal justice.

Daniel: You and Bill are welcome to pool your resources and figure out how to achieve our full equality. In fact, I'd love to see that level of commitment from both of you. Let me know if you come up with some "solutions," I would be glad to buy them from you.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 12, 2010 1:42 AM

"I have invested more than $450,000 acquiring research and polling data during the last 10 months. I have also acquired several ideas and have paid for the development of 7 media campaigns."

Daniel, I've yet to see some proof but so far he's declined to present any. Not even a teensy weensy shred of proof. No data. No polls. No earthshaking new ideas. What media campaigns? When will they run? In what markets? When will they be developed - sometime before the next century?

Nada. Nil. Zero. Squat. Zilch. Nothing.

Kinda makes you wonder...

Bill and Daniel,

In case you don't know - AndrewW has previously offered $100 million for a workable plan/solutions. Just fyi. Don't let him shortchange you, recession or no recession. If you need, I can find the exact posts where he stated his commitment to that dollar amount.

I think he got the amount after watching this:

Grow up Yasmin. Just because you have nothing to offer doesn't mean you need to resent others.

If Bill or Daniel have any ideas, they can contact me. You've already admitted to having "none." I take the effort to obtain our equality very seriously, which is why I usually ignore your uninspiring anger. It is quite alright for you to be negative and miserable, in fact it seems quite appropriate, but you don't need to stifle conversation out of jealousy.

You have never offered anything that would further our chances of winning. I am investing in a solution. If you don't have anything to contribute, you're not part of that solution - you are part of the problem.

Oh, AndrewW,

I don't resent you. How could I? You're the much-needed comic relief in these parts - with your adorable delusions about being some kind of secret gay billionaire. I just wanted to be sure you don't renege on your older deal - what's wrong with that? And how is that stopping conversation? Do you deny that you've offered $100 million? Here's proof:

And, oh, of course I don't offer *you* any solutions - I'm much too busy doing work on the ground and trying to pay my rent and pay my bills (which you won't even help me with ). Of which you can find ample evidence. You, on the other hand, toiling away in, what, Plano, TX? 24 hours a day - nobody even knows your real name and you're mostly a figment of your own imagination, as far as I can tell.

Please don't get mad and go away, Andrew. Without you, we'd be forced to have actual conversations.

Of course the offer stands Yasmin, but you haven't had a new idea in many years. I invest in ideas. I have a business in Plano, TX and all my online communication is done through there. There is an important reason for that.

During the past 10 months many people have at least tried to solve the problems we face and they have worked hard to create solutions. You have complained and been rude. That's all you've got. But, hey we need people like that. They serve as wonderful examples of why we have trouble making progress.

It's not important what you think about my efforts Yasmin, because you're not thinking about winning. Maybe someday you'll change your perspective and help find solutions.

If you want to have any further conversation, use my email address.

I won't take up any more valuable space on this thread, but oh, Andrew, thank you for this, which made me laugh out loud:

"I have a business in Plano, TX and all my online communication is done through there. There is an important reason for that."

It's good to start the day with a long bout of laughter. Tsk, tsk, Andrew, you need to keep your lies straight. And learn a wee bit more about how the internetz actually works.

"There is an important reason for that." Yes, and the eagle has landed. Very Important Matters are afoot.

Seriously, dude, get help before it's too late. And know that every time you leave a message on teh internetz, you leave yet another revealing and traceable footprint for all the world to see. Some of us might actually know your real identity - but don't care enough to bother exposing you. Besides, as I wrote before, you provide much-needed comic relief.

On that note, I looked for another clip to illustrate your "true nature." Alas, I couldn't finds that hilarious bit from Buffy, Season 4, "Fear Itself," where Gachnar, the long-feared demon turns out to be, well, somewhat insignificant and gets stomped out by Buffy. But here's a bit of the dialogue preceding that priceless bit which gives you a hint of the ridiculousness to which I allude (and Buffy fans will know of what I write):

Xander: Who's the little fear demon? Come on, who's the little fear demon?
Giles: Don't taunt the fear demon.
Xander: Why? Can he hurt me?
Giles: No, it's just... tacky.

So, because I fear being tacky (after all, you're an easy target) more than you, Andrew/Gachnar, I'll sign off here. Thanks, as always, for the laughs.

Your humble peasant,

Thank-you. If you ever have anything of value, please email me.

But there is simply no evidence that anything they did changed anything in DC.

There's also no evidence that they did any harm, either.

Most people who have analyzed their behavior...

Weasel words.

When someone (like you) claims GetEqual's stunts "helped," you need to say HOW they helped. That's YOUR responsibility. If you believe it - say WHY you believe it.

So, to make it easier for you:

GetEQUAL's publicity stunts aimed at "embarrassing Democrats" and defined as "crazy shenanigans" (their words) put pressure on the White House to pass DADT Repeal because ________________________.

I know you want to believe these childish stunts and expressions of anger are helpful, but simply "wanting" it to be true isn't enough to convince the rest of us. Tell us HOW they help. Make your case. Evidence would be helpful.

I never said they helped. I'm really convinced you just can't read. Let me copy, verbatim, what I posted:

There's also no evidence that they did any harm, either.

The point is, just as I can't say they helped without evidence, NEITHER CAN YOU say they harmed WITHOUT EVIDENCE. It works both ways.

Jordan, the burden of proof is on the claimant.

Jillian, by that very measure, GetEqual has all the evidence they need: before they began their public protests, the scuttlebutt was that DADT repeal would not be included in the defense appropriations budget. After they began their protests, Pelosi pushed it forward to inclusion.

If folks had been reading what I wrote, then my point should be very clear: you can't, in one breath, scream about how GetEqual is so awful and that they show some proof of how their actions have any purpose, and then in the next breath ignore the very evidence presented to you. If you cannot prove that GE is the reason for DADT repeal progress, then you can neither disprove that they are the reason. The logic is quite simple.

I refer back to the original comparison: did the actions of Malcolm X or MLK influence Kennedy to introduce the Civil Rights Act? Will we ever know? Does it matter?

So please, don't lecture me about the burden of proof, because under that standard, GE is the reason that DADT is on the path to a repeal. I am not advocating that is the case, but I am simply stating that you cannot demand that they prove the worth of their actions, but reject the progress that may have been made because of them simply because "people in the blogosphere disagree with GE." That's not a high enough standard.

Like many others, I think Jillian suggested you provide the rationale for your belief that GetEQUAL's childish tantrums had anything to do with DADT Repeal.

ra·tion·ale (ras?h?? nal?) noun

the fundamental reasons, or rational basis, for something

a statement, exposition, or explanation of reasons or principles

Instead of trying to use historical references explain your rationale. Who knows, it might make sense.


Please, complete this thought:

GetEQUAL's publicity stunts aimed at "embarrassing Democrats" and defined as "crazy shenanigans" (their words) put pressure on the White House to pass DADT (sorta) Repeal because ________________________.

I can play this game to. Here's one for you:

Copy and paste any statement in which I say "that GetEQUAL's childish tantrums had anything to do with DADT Repeal."


Provide a rationale for discounting historical references, when they are so clear about the outcomes they provide.


I didn't realize LGBT Equality was a "game" for you.

You have never provided any rationale for GetEqual's stunts. You have never made any arguments about their effectiveness. You have never provided any evidence that they are even helpful. None.

Let's leave it at that.

You want to be a cheerleader for GetEQUAL go ahead. But, be prepared for other "adults" asking these simple questions. If you do come up with some "answers," send them to Kip and Robin so they can discuss them on their "Retreat." I believe they've promised some answers after their little Summer Camp.

I didn't realize LGBT Equality was a "game" for you.

It's only a game when people like you make it one. It's only a game when people like you take it less seriously than it should be taken, because you're more concerned with ego and your own demands, then actually thinking critically about the problems. It's only a game when you constantly avoid answering questions, when you constantly demand answers for questions that make no sense, when you routinely stick your head in the sand and bluster about how history means nothing. You make this a joke, because you're playing Calvinball, and not activism -- you make up all the rules and change them whenever you want. So yeah, it's a game with you, because you can't be taken seriously.

You have never provided any rationale for GetEqual's stunts. You have never made any arguments about their effectiveness. You have never provided any evidence that they are even helpful. None.

We keep having the same conversation, but you just refuse to acknowledge any answers. But either way, you have failed to provide any evidence that they are not effective, or that they are not the reason that DADT has progressed to where it has. I guess if you want your answer: GetEqual's stunts work, are helpful, and are effective if DADT-repeal passes. They're none of those things if it DADT-repeal fails.

Let's leave it at that.

"GetEqual's stunts work, are helpful, and are effective if DADT-repeal passes. They're none of those things if it DADT-repeal fails."

Just so that we're clear. With all the many groups, lobbyists, civil activists and the thousands of people that have lobbied their elected officials - somehow GetEqual has an important role? So important you'll make the current DADT "compromise" the single determining factor about the effectiveness of "crazy shenanigans?"

Correlation doesn't mean causation, but we'll leave it at that. I never expected any rationale, nobody has provided any, but at least we have little something to work with here. Thanks. Let's see what happens.

Correlation doesn't mean causation

Well, it looks like you're at least taking some of my statements to mind. Now I know you can read.

You ignore the FACT that GetEQUAL and Choi were loudly AGAINST the so-called DADT Compromise. They weren't part of any meetings and any publicity they generated was limited to the LGBT Media. The President, and the rest of us, laughed at Kip Williams and his heckling stunt. Dan Choi began his ill-conceived "suicide fast" while the Congress was VOTING. His "demands" included rejecting the "compromise."

The "Repeal Compromise" came about because of the fear of a probable mid-term massacre for Democrats. ALL that has happened is DADT repeal has been deferred until later this year. Congress will still have veto power with the Byrd Amendment or Senator Byrd will become the 42nd vote for filibuster (currently there are 41).

As this whole charade falls apart, probably before the mid-terms, who will you suggest "contributed?" There is nothing to take credit for NOW and it will only get worse.

If what you meant to say is that both Choi and GetEQUAL irritated people, then I think you would be accurate.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 8, 2010 6:33 AM

This discussion has been ill-focused and flawed from day one.

The comments of Mark Segal and Bill Browning miss the point, which is not the effectiveness or otherwise of GetEQUAL. The real question centers around the fact that our enemy in all this is the same Democrat party that gave us DADT and DOMA in the first place (cheered on by their Republican cousins). The real question is how to break the stranglehold of Democrats and Republicans over our agenda. GetEQUALs actions can best be judged in that light. And so can those of SLDN, Log Cabin, Stonewallers, GOProud and the HRC.

Think of all the years of hard, grinding effort we've put in since Mattachine and The Daughters, since Gittings, Kameny and Stonewall. Think of all the mass marches and local demonstrations when one of us gets murdered. Think of all the conferences and fights to protect same sex marriage.

If the end result of all that boils down to somewhat better reporting of hate crimes and a few Easter eggs then those who are retarding our progress have a duty to our communities to explain what went wrong. They have to explain why we're expected to live indefinitely with the ugliness of Clinton's DOMA and without a ENDA with teeth that covers wages, employment, housing, taxes and social services. They have to explain why the Munich style DADT compromise is not a sellout.

I hardly think that explanation centers on the 'high crimes and misdemeanors' of a three month old organization. It has to focus on the bureaucratic approach of high salaried movement hustlers, virtually all Democrats, who've fastened themselves on our movement and strangled our progress by putting the partisan needs of their party ahead of the needs of the movement for well over a decade.

The obvious solution is not a blame game featuring GetEQUAL but to go after the GLBT, WH and Congressional Democrats who authored this Munich style compromise that could keep military bigotry and possibly DADT in place indefinitely? They're the problem.

Beyond that we have to determine how soon we should call for the establishment of a national organization of LGBT activists with internal democracy, an elected leadership that emphasizes voluntarism and pays, when it can, salaries no greater than the average salary, around $37,000.00 a year. And then we have to figure out how quickly that organization should denounce the Democrats and Republicans and adopt a strategy of mass action accompanied by direct actions to force our agenda.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 8, 2010 6:35 AM

Don't be a victim of Obama's wars. Don't enlist, don't fight and don't translate.

I have to agree with Bill. Does Bilerico receive funding from the DNC? The reason a group like GetEqual exists is because too many in Gay Inc. have given the Democrats too big of a pass. We know the Republicans hate us. But the Democrats have used us for our money and time. They hold the GLBT hostage with false promises and by saying hey we aren't as bad as the Republicans so you are stuck with us.
We have battered wives syndrome. Republicans beat the crap out of us but Democrats ignore us unless they want sex so we stay with them. GetEqual mainly is saying those who claim to be our allies need to act like allies. Instead of the GLBT community is thrown under the bus as soon as it is convenient.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 8, 2010 10:14 AM

'Does Bilerico receive funding from the DNC?'

Not very likely, most of them seem to be working class folks struggling like the rest of us (AndrewW and his gazillion dollar donations to unnamed research goups excepted). They just buy into the lie that the Democrats are our friends.

I agree with the rest of what you say.

Bill, it's not that I disagree with you on whether or not the Democrats have shit on us too. We agree there.

My questions were regarding the transparency, motivation, efficiency and true future plans of the organization.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 8, 2010 4:58 PM

Bil, I'll begin judging GetEqual when they stop embarrassing Obama.

If they show signs of becoming ossified and call for direct or mass actions I think those actions deserve support in spite of who called them. In my opinion the key is to support any group that pushes mass action over electoralism.

I don't disagree with you or anyone judging them because none of the current groups are democratic in the least. But I think the emphasis should be on exposing HRC, EQCA and the like. They're the big players and the big sellouts.

I'll answer the question and share Bilerico's deep, dark secret: We're all funded by the DNC.

That's right, all the contributors get a regular income, depending on how much they contribute and how loyal their posts are to the Democratic Party. There are also bonuses that include trips to lesbian sex clubs in LA and tickets to the Minneapolis airport. And you bet your ass we work to get those!

Also, by that token, everyone who likes GetEqual is being funded by the GOP (because there are, obviously, only two sides: with me or against me). I didn't know there were so many Republicans who read Bilerico regularly!

Well there has to be some questioning of motives when there seems to be an all hands on deck attack on GetEqual. They are actually the only GLBT group that seems to be willing to take on Democratic inaction and all of a sudden every blogger on here thinks they are bad. I for one and finally glad that a group is saying enough of being the Democrat's lap dogs. Ones who say they are our allies as they time and time again throw us under the bus.

I think GetEQUAL mostly gets a "pass" on questions of "motives." Choi probably made it more about him than the Repeal at one point, but I think these people are sincere.

The more important question is whether or not their stunts are helpful. Many believe they are counterproductive.

You suggest they are "willing to take on Democratic inaction." I guess you mean by embarrassing them. How does that help us? Have you ever had a "friend" intentionally embarrass you? Did it motivate you or irritate you? Did it get you to change your mind about something?

GetEQUAL is a group organized to do "crazy shenanigans" but they don't have any strategy or goals (they're working on that). Plus, they've been unwilling to answer any questions. They believe they should be embarrassing and dismissing Democrats and now, apparently, members of the LGBT Media/Community.

Questioning of motives? I just handed you the answers!


Hey, where was I when those vouchers were being handed out? I KNEW my politics would get me kicked out of the tree house.

That was the problem - you called the Democrats liberal at one point and they got mad because they see themselves as radical (even though they're not) and were really sensitive because they thought their hearts were in the right place and they couldn't be criticized.

I even got a note with the tickets:

Dear Alex,

Please don't give lesbian sex club tickets to Yasmin Nair. She's really mean and doesn't agree with our agenda, which makes her a Republican! With us or against us, etc.

But we loved your posts about the enormous penis sizes of Congressional Democrats. People just don't see that side of us anymore!

Thanks for the great press all the time and much luv,

The Democrats

I think the big "D" in this conversation is Delusional, not Democrats. While some want to piss on our friends or suggest that ALL Democrats are against us or have deceived us, that doesn't HELP us.

I don't think anyone is completely happy with Obama or the Democrats. That's politics. Obama promised to be our "fierce advocate" and if past Presidents are the standard, then he probably is a fierce advocate. But it is only subjective. The problem I have with the suggestion we should completely abandon Democrats has to do with alternatives. If you want to play politics WE don't have an alternative.

I do not believe there is a "political solution" to our equality. This November it's going to feel a lot like 1994 all over again.

So, while I understand the complaining about Democrats, where are the solutions? It is delusional to think we can just "embarrass them into submission." There is no evidence that they respond to so-called "pressure" or "crazy shenanigans." They DO respond to polling - something we can change, but not with publicity stunts and complaining. (Please don't say "begging" again Perdue, it makes you look silly).

We need people to stand with us and support us. We need to become a majority that supports the basic human principle of Equality. That would change EVERY politician. Okay, maybe not a few in Oklahoma and Alabama, but enough to WIN.

Folks who are still reading into this tit for tat game of who is and who isn't a gay hero for the cause of equality in the realm of so called "Crazy Shenanigans". Pasted below is my most recent comment directed squarely at Andrew W.

I want to see what $450,000.00 has purchased from those who were contracted to expose how to win. I want to hear from the mouths of the pollsters themselves before I would even venture to pollute the waters of what others may or may not do to further our outrage at being ignored after the schmoozing that was expended by the party in power to win while delivering nothing when they had the ample opportunity. Foot dragging and delays are simply playing chicken. We are now waiting for the 5th study on Gays in the military since 1957. Do I hear a 6th just to be sure that it is right?

Now may I offer some advice to anyone who on his or her own writes off a big check to fund a yet to be seen poll designed to foster the thoughts of "Our Friends" is a few fries short of a happy meal. A panel of trusted confidants would be my avenue to discuss the merits of such an expense being more likely the route that should be taken in getting our money's worth return in value. The discussion in my mind would balance the top three suggested end products. Further the money that is available to be spent would be better served towards and investment where the profits could be linked to the end product. Being a Dairy farmer on a home grown piece of land I know all to well how to spend a nickle to get back the dime that is spent on the improvements, the comfort, and the care of my animals. Think about what you get in return before crowing about how much you spent with nothing but a fart in the wind to show for it. So what if "Our Friends" are already on our side. Sometimes "Crazy Shenanigans" that are in your face are the only way to wake up the fence riders in any scenario. This may or may not be the push and shove of getting what we want. It cannot hurt in the long run mostly because they are soon forgotten. Does anyone really remember the day that the pastor of MCC New York City chained himself to the doors of city hall? Probably not but if you do congratulations the stunt served its purpose.

I couldn't figure out what your point was Daniel. But, here's mine: I am spending my money. I am doing that to win. I am not seeking any donations and i am not forming a non-profit.

Research, including a significant amount of focus group research to understand who supports our equality and "why" has been very helpful. Polling matters in individual States and certain Congressional Districts. Others have done National Polls - they don't matter to US Senators and i wanted to have an accurate reflection of beliefs and attitudes towards our community.

So, relax. I'm very pleased with the investment I've made. You will be, too.