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Montana's GOP joins Texas

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 29, 2010 1:30 PM | comments

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Montana's Republican Party platform has gone the same way as Texas:

Homosexual Acts

We support the clear will of the people of Montana expressed by legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal.

I remember posting back in 2008 during the Obama/McCain campaigns that the ultimate goal of the Republican Party (when it comes to gay rights) is to overturn Lawrence and reinstate sodomy laws in the states, except this time around they'd enforce them. Bil probably remembers that I cross-posted it to several straight sites and got some of the most hateful comments in the years that I've been blogging, basically calling me a paranoid idiot who was just trying to make Republicans seem unreasonable.

Yeah, whatever. This is the year a few state parties will be redoing their platforms, so I wonder how many of them will throw this in there. I also wonder how many state GOP's already have planks about reinstating sodomy laws in them. While the national party's platform doesn't go this far, considering how no one from the national party is willing to criticize these planks it's their goal anyway.

The Montana GOP's platform doesn't have all the LGBT parts the Texas GOP platform does (a mention of marriage, but no adoption, custody, DADT, ENDA, or "natural men" and "natural women"), but I suppose calling for sodomy laws at least gets the intent of the party across.

This is Overton Window stuff, of course. Right now it doesn't seem reasonable to reinstate sodomy laws. But call for it for a few years and the people who want to keep gays out of the military start looking more and more reasonable. We're already being kept to wait on everything else mostly because of a tiny, very vocal group of extremists, so it's time for them to up the ante.

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I wouldn't portray it as the GOP wanting to reinstate sodomy laws. There are still plenty Republicans out there who support some aspect of gay rights to one extent or another, and most Republicans I've met are at least against sodomy laws and often in favor of things like anti-discrimination protections.

Rather, it's the religious right that wants to reinstate sodomy laws, and unfortunately, it's managed to slowly but surely take over the GOP from the ground up since the 1970s. The result is that the Republican Party is now the primary political vehicle for reactionary bigots, just as the Democrats were until the 1960s and the Know-Nothings were in the 1800s.

+1 Insightful.

I'm detecting a grassroots revolt in Texas though. The majority of Republicans are still sane - they're often not aware of the recent changes to their platform, any more than Democrats have been aware of the recent expungement of GLBT issues from theirs.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 29, 2010 5:20 PM

How many steps grom this to a Uganda style pogrom bill of they type crafted by Obama's BBF Rick Warren.,8599,1946645,00.html

I do remember that. It was horrible. We'd get Google alerts for days after too of people saying horrible things about you on their own blogs, etc.

Yeah. Good times, good times.

Stuff like that is what makes it all worth it, eh?

I think you see the point of this post, which is "Fuck you guys from 2008, I was right."

Dr. Theodore W. Hayes | June 30, 2010 4:00 PM

My late, Montana-born partner, who died at the age of 95 in May 2009, would be so embarrassed by the actions of this group in his native state. He served in the Navy of his country for four years in a time of war and died without ever being a first-class citizen in the country of his birth. Yet our "leaders" try to peddle democracy to other parts of the world.

In so many ways Montanans are justifiably proud of their "Live and let live" philosophy, it has created tolerance and even great diversity where one least expects it in this state. But this is just hateful, and flies in the face of anything believed by most Montanans I know (Republicans included).

Time to raise the firestorm, eh?

Oh, and to show how stupid all of this is, the Montana Supreme Court struck down the sodomy law in 1997- gay sex acts are not illegal here- so it's not about "keeping" anything....