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SameSexSunday blasts off

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SameSexSunday is a new LGBT politics podcast by Bilerico Project contributors Joe Mirabella and samesexsunday1.JPGPhil Reese that takes the concept of the Sunday morning political talk show, and takes it to the Castro.

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Joe and Phil host interviews, debates, panels and round tables every week with the most influential people in the LGBT movement, as well as our allies and friends, and discusses the most important stories of the day, and what's just over the horizon.

This week's SameSexSunday podcast is our first official show with guests, and you won't want to miss it, because it features some of the most important progressive leaders in America, including the National Director of the oldest Progressive group in the nation.

americans-for-democratic-action.jpgThis week we'll be talking to Michael J Wilson the National Director of Americans for Democratic Action, about Maine's Question One, allies and the LGBT within the greater progressive movement.

ol.jpgWe will talk to Adam Bink blogger and online organizer for He organized a blog swarm Thursday to drum up support for a repeal to the blood ban. Joe and Phil will talk this and Iceland with Adam.

Actonlogo2Large.gifFinally we will speak with John Bare of the ActOnPrinciples website about Wednesday's upcoming closing arguments in California's Perry V Schwartzenegger, the Prop 8 Federal Case.

This and a whole lot more on this week's SameSexSunday!

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SameSexSunday began as a Twitter hashtag created by Bil Browning--the founder of the Bilerico Project--and then Bilerico editor, Michael Crawford. The hashtag was an attempt to build off of the popular #FollowFriday twitter tag that allowed people to recommend friends on Twitter. Michael and Bil thought it would be interesting to allow LGBT people to find out how to find and follow one another on Sunday.

To learn more about SameSexSunday, visit our Facebook page. And if you're an iTunes user, you can download the show. Want to help us spread the word? Consider embedding the player in your blog or webpage--just like on this post--by visiting our Podcast account. We're on Twitter as @samesexsunday .

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what a cool idea. Can't wait to listen. Good luck with the show! :-)

Great show. I was glad to hear the explanation of "act on principles".

One minor nit: In itunes, the show date is listed as 11/29/1999. It's amazing how well the panel was able to predict how things would be in 2010 all the way back then.

:-) We're pretty ahead of our time.

Yeah, we're trying to fix that in iTunes because I ALSO believe that may have prevented the episode form automatically downloading for folks already subscribed. It did for me, anyway.

iTunes is a strange and mysterious place, as really all of Apple is.

I hope you take your show OUT of the Castro. It would be great to hear from and about people in Cincinnati, Atlanta and Phoenix - not the ones at 17th and Market ... again.

Thanks for your comment, Chris.

Actually, Joe is from Iowa and lives in Seattle now, and I am from Detroit and live in a little town in Central Illinois now. We interviewed Michael J Wilson, who grew up in Chicago and cut his teeth as a union organizer there. We also interviewed Adam Bink who grew up in Buffalo, New York. Both men now live in Washington DC, but they come from places that are very representative of middle America.

The only person from San Francisco we interviewed was John Bare, who grew up in Hannover Pennsylvania and knows a thing or two about flyover country!

We are setting out to create a show that allows our audience to connect in a new way to the experts and most influential people in our movement. That usually means big cities, generally on the coast. That said, Bil Browning, Jerame Davis and myself all live in flyover country, and Joe's background in Iowa give us perspective to represent the heartlands when chatting with these folks.

I would argue there is nothing like this in LGBT podcasting. There are very good, very entertaining shows where queer folk talk to celebrities and musicians, there are shows where I get to hear a regular queer guy or gal like me chat with regular queer guys or gals like me. However, there's nothing out there where a regular queer guy like me can chat with and get answers from those folks working on the frontlines of the fight for equality under the law.

We want to assure, however, that its audience-focused, and that Joe and I don't forget where this show is aimed. Please add our facebook page ( and get on there and make comments! We take what our audience tells us seriously, and we want to make sure that we're putting out something of the highest quality for you every single week.

Please give us your input and insight. We look forward to hearing from you on our facebook page!