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Sunday Funnies: Colbert vs Lesbian Moms, Safi on Gay in Video Games, & Sam Seder on Icky Gays!

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After a few weeks off for me to settle in our new home of Chicago, your weekly round-up of giggle-inducing LGBT themed videos is back! Let's get right to it!

Colbert Report- Testoster-Ruin

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Testoster-Ruin - Hanna Rosin
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Stephen tells lesbians to stop creating good examples for our kids, microwaves his boxers and asks Hanna Rosin if men are needed anymore.

Much more after the jump!

That's Gay on Gay Gamers

Bryan Safi, our favorite satirist from InfoMania's That's Gay, talks about the queering of video games:

The video game world hasn't always been gay-inclusive. In Nintendo games like "Contra," "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out," "Ring King" and "Streets of Rage 3," you'd have to rely on gay innuendo. But in this week's That's Gay, Bryan Safi finds that gaming has gotten much gayer. "The Sims," "Fable," "Dragon Age," "Bully," and "Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony" are all games that let you go gay for play.

Sam Seder: Gay is Icky- Ban on Gay Blood Donation

"That's Bullshit" with Sam Seder: Pointing out Bullshit so you don't step in it. This week, Sam calls bullshit on the continued ban of gay men giving blood- thats right - if you are gay- you can't donate blood- That's Bullshit!

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Yeah about the homophobic gamers.