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The biggest #SameSexSunday ever!

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Happy Pride from Phil Reese and Joe Mirabella on behalf of the SameSexSunday podcast! Download this episode (right click and save)

SAME-SEX-SUNDAYweb.jpgAnd what a podcast Pride brings us! Hopefully you've bookmarked the page, or subscribed to the podcast so you can be in the know too.

We talk to some of our movements' most intriguing and influential voices about The White House, Admiral Mullen and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, General McChrystal, Rahm Emanuel, the media and where transgender rights stand after two State Department announcements. We also discuss whether Pride is too much party, too much politics or not enough of either.

We're really pleased to announce our first-of-its-kind regular politics round table which will include some of the best minds in our community getting together every week to discuss the most important political stories confronting the LGBT community and movement.

Learn who our panel pool consists of and stream the podcast after the jump!

SameSexSunday is proud to introduce you to our politics panel pool, Phil Attey, Bruce Carroll, Michael Crawford, Chris Geidner, Brad Luna, Yasmin Nair, Cathy Renna, Meghan Stabler, Brett Stout, Andrew Szekeres and Dr. Jillian T Weiss. This week five of our regulars joined us for a wide-ranging discussion that ranged from the silly to the serious!

This week, Phil interviews The Advocate magazine's Chief Washington Correspondent, Kerry Eleveld about Tuesday's White House LGBT Pride Reception, rumors of the departure of Rahm Emmanuel, and General McChrystal's comments about the Commander In Chief's executive branch (read her Advocate piece on the subject here). We also discuss Joint Chief Chair Admiral Mullen's comments on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" review process, as well as the Supreme Court's decision on hiding Washington Referendum 71's petitioners' names from Public Record.

Also in interviews, Joe chats with Charlene Strong about what it was like to be mentioned by the President at Tuesday's White House LGBT Pride Reception speech. Joe and Charlene also speak about the documentary "For My Wife" about the death of Charlene's same-sex spouse the influence that story had on the effort to bring Domestic Partnerships to Washington State.

Then, in our first ever politics round table, Bruce Carroll, Michael Crawford, Chris Geidner, Cathy Renna and Dr. Jillian Weiss join Joe and Phil to discuss the Supreme Court decision on Washington's Referendum 71--Doe V Reed. We also discuss recent changes at Secretary Clinton's State Department involving transgender Americans' passport and employment in that department.

Our round table also debates where we are going with efforts to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," White House Chief of Staff, Emanuel, Tuesday's White House Pride reception, and the Labor Department's new rules including same-sex partners and LGBT families in the Family and Medical Leave Act. We also talk about the first installment of CNN's Gay in America series, "Gary and Tony have a Baby" with project consultant Cathy Renna, and finally we tackle where we are at on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Finally, Jamie McGonnigal--founder of and "Take Back Pride," joins our round table to discuss the state of Pride events today, why we need to bring politics back, and how we can do it!

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You two are doing such a great job!

Joe and Phil:

Your program is much more useful than Signorile's timid, scripted and predictable programs. Having these panels express varying opinions is better than someone pontificating - if you get my "gist." I would encourage your guests to refrain from using the words "right" and "wrong" during these discussions or they'll end up sounding like that other show.

I hope you are able to get more exposure for your program - it's helpful. Not many people can listen to the whole program, so an edited 10-15 minutes may be easier to promote/distribute.

That's good advice, and we'll definitely consider it. We'll be rolling out changes to our format gradually as we learn what works and what does not work.