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Since it's a Friday before a holiday weekend, I thought I'd skip any in-depth political analysis and would give Projectors a peek behind the scenes at Bilerico. Every time I meet a reader in person, they always want to know how we do things so let's take a look at ten things you might not know about Bilerico Project.

  1. While we publish daily, on weekdays we post new content from 7am to usually around 8pm. We try to publish at least once an hour, although smaller posts only get a half hour at the top of the page. We do this to try and ensure that all contributors get an equal amount of time as the most prominent post at the top of the page.
  2. Since traffic is slower on weekends, we publish on a two hour (Saturday) or hour and a half (Sunday) schedule.
  3. We use a calendar to keep up with all of the posts and when they're scheduled to publish. This also allows us to easily schedule non-time sensitive posts for later in the week. We average between 90-100 posts per week.
  4. We always start the day with our middle column content - the You Gotta See This video, the Homotextuals Quote of the Day, and Kate Clinton or Michael Buckley's vlogs.
  5. On July 2, 2007 we launched Bilerico Project's look and format into beta week. We had 728 visitors. Yesterday we had 41,222. Almost 7 million visitors have stopped by in the time in between.

The other five are after the jump.

  1. The first contributors to sign on to Bilerico Project were Patricia Nell Warren and Joe Solmonese. The latest to join our family are Mark King and Cleve Jones.
  2. None of the contributors are paid to write for us. It's a labor of love and community.
  3. Only Alex and I are paid out of advertising revenue. We split about $1,000-$1,300 a month between us. We both supplement our incomes with outside work, but spend more than 40 hours a week just on Bilerico Project.
  4. Over 10,000 people a day access our content without actually coming to the main site. They interact with Bilerico via our daily digest, the RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, or our mobile site
  5. What is the most popular post on the site? Michelle Marzullo's "This Is Not Sexy: Research (or lack there of) on LGBT People."

Anything else you'd like to know? Tell me in the comments section and I'll answer as many as possible.

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Amy Hunter Amy Hunter | July 2, 2010 5:21 PM

Thanks for the history lesson. Knowing a little more, I have greater appreciation of being in such company.

The growth of TBP readership is not an accident. It was THE blog recommended to me as I began to become politically aware of trans issues. The posts here have helped me to understand the broader scope of challenges and issues facing not just LGBT folks but, our allied communities too.

Through TBP, I have been led to other sites where I enjoy reading and the privilege of posting(and even becoming an Assoc. Editor of one!)

Thanks Bil,et al

Bil, I was wondering why the number of subscribers listed on the right side of the blog has been flunctuating so much lately. In the last month or so, instead of going up or down approximately 100 or so a day, it's been changing more than 1,000 or so. What gives? I had been assuming that it's hiccups with the tracking system, and not a real two day swing of 2,000 people.

I wish I knew, Rory. It's driving me nuts. I told Jerame the other day that maybe it's time to take that little widget down since it's become unreliable.

When I went to the Feedburner blog, they said that they were having problems getting certain services to report the number of readers on some days, but surely to God that's been fixed by now. It's swung as much as 2000 readers in one day and that's just not correct - especially on some of the days that's historically the highest.

It's really frustrating me. :(

Does that number reflect just the RSS subscribers, the e-mail subscribers, or both? If it isn't all the above, maybe you should pick another metric. The only reason I'm on the e-mail list is to boost that number. I come to the site everyday and just delete the e-mail.

twinkie1cat | July 4, 2010 12:27 AM

I have liked your site from the start and you don't seem to kick people off for their strongly held opinions. I tend to get caught between the fundamentalist Christians and the atheists and get both groups mad at me.

One thing you might try to do is control which ads appear on the side if you can. This is essentially a liberal site, but there have been ads for Sarah Palin and David Vitter on it. It gets a little bizarre.

I often get problems with not being able to Submit without first Previewing and with the lack of a CAPTCHA at the bottom. If I don't preview I can an error. This is annoying. With my shorter submissions I don't need to preview.

Sign up for an account and you don't have to go through all that. The CAPTCHA is there to deter spammers, but if it's not working we need to know that so we can try to get it fixed.

Regardless, signing up for an account gets rid of that problem. Soon, you'll also be able to to sign in via Facebook to leave a comment.

As for the ads - it kinda doesn't make sense to turn down their money, does it? I mean, if they're wasting their advertising dollars by targeting the wrong people - why on earth should we not help them waste their money?

What's more - when folks click on the ads, it costs them even more money. Not that I'd suggest you go around clicking on ads, but every Sarah Palin ad clicked by a liberal is less money in her ad budget for some other poor sap who may actually fall for it.