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DADT repeal activists subpoena Obama

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Of course Obama will never actually show up, but at least they're keeping this story in the news:

The subpoena seeks to compel the testimony of President Barack Obama who has, on several occasions as President and Commander in Chief (and previously as a Senator and Presidential Candidate) called on the LGBT community to "pressure" him to change the DADT law and policy, thus allowing gay service members to serve their country openly and honorably.

The subpoena of the President is necessary for the defense to prove that Defendants were following and obeying lawful orders or directives by their President and Commander in Chief, and were therefore under an obligation and authority to act as they did in order to pressure him - in a non-violent, visible way - on this important public issue. In addition, these statements support the contention that Defendants were acting out of necessity, in order to prevent discrimination and greater harm to gay service members now serving.

I predict, as a lay person, that that defense won't actually work. But I have to respect the creativity of the argument, and how it puts the focus back on Obama's campaign promises.

DADT repeal has already been hung around the Democrats' and Obama's neck by the right. No one who would vote against someone because of that issue would vote for Obama anyway at this point. Why not try to make one constituency happy and get it done?

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The deal on the repeal of DADT has already been used as the reason why ENDA will not be addressed for, wait for it, five years.

At the risk of pointing out another offensive bit of evidence, this has been called the only LGBT legislation that can be done before mid-terms.

Why not try to make one constituency happy and get it done?

Which constituency would you mean by this?

G & L people?

Regardless of Autumn Sandeen's quixotic demonstration, it is my believe that most trans** people would rather be able to work in the United States than be able to work somewhere else.

Even if repeal of DADT would allow trans** people to serve openly--which I don't believe it does.

I think this silly defense fails because handcuffing yourself to the White House fence doesn't put any "pressure" on politicians. Obama would confirm what most of us already know - you need to change minds.

Childish publicity stunts don't change minds and they don't "pressure" anyone into anything. They just embarrass the participants - and by extension - the community they claim to "represent."

But if they were following orders from Obama, does that erase the activism aspect of chaining themselves to WH fence? I mean, if they were following orders, then Obama should get the credit for addressing DADT.

I think it's a brilliant argument. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Obama's Re-Election Promise

The promise of "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" can be traced to Hoover's 1928 Presidential campaign.
Well, Obama has twisted these words and is promising that if he is re-elected there will be "a chick in every car and some pot in every garage!"