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Felicidades Argentina!! Happy Marriage Equality!

Filed By Davina Kotulski | July 16, 2010 8:30 AM | comments

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Yesterday Argentina became the first Latin American country to grant same-sex couples the right to marry. This is a huge victory! Now on every continent but Asia, same-sex couples know that their relationships are legal and valued in at least one country. Same-sex marriage may also be in Nepal's future which would mean that marriage equality would have its foot in the door on each continent.

bandera_argentina.gifSame-sex marriage is legal in the following countries: The Netherlands (April 2001), Belgium (January 2003), Canada (June 2005), Spain (June 2005), South Africa (November 2006), Norway (January 2009) Sweden (April 2009), Portugal (June 2010), Iceland (June 2010), and Argentina (July 2010).

It is also legal for same-sex couples to marry in: Massachusetts (May 2004), Connecticut (November 2008), Iowa (April 2009), Vermont (September 2009), and New Hampshire (January 2010). Same-sex marriage is also recognized and performed in the District of Columbia (March 2010), Mexico City does (March 2010), and when one partner is a member of the Coquille tribe when the marriage is performed on the Coquille Indian Reservation in Oregon (May 2009).

But I am in California where we are desperately awaiting the decision from Judge Walker to decide whether or not Prop 8 is unconstitutional and restore marriage for same-sex couples.

We had a mini false-alarm last Thursday when people thought the DOMA decision in Massachusetts was the Prop 8 ruling. People are on pins and needles around the country waiting anxiously to celebrate or protest.

I want to invite everyone to set their vibrational intention for Judge Walker to issue a decision today--Monday at the latest--because the suspense is killing me.

Everyone say it with me "Prop 8 is unconstitutional!"

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That's good news... can we trans lesbians get employment and housing rights now, please? (sorry for the derail, I am quite pleased by the news, and living in Canada, same sex marriage is beneficial to me if only because it means that if the jurisdiction my girlfriend and I are in devalue our identities equally, we can still get married.