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I Use the C-Word For Fun Not Murder

Filed By Michael Buckley | July 14, 2010 8:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Ashley Green, Emmy Awards, gay comedians, Joe Jonas, Mel Gibson, What the Buck

Comment Questions of the Day:

1. Do you use the C-Word? Thoughts? Fun? Offensive? How do you use it?
2. Are you a Mel Gibson fan? Do you care if he is an A-hole? Mess huh? How did they get leaked?
3. Do you think Joe Jonas and Ashley Green make a good couple?
4. What Emmy nominees are you most excited for?

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Poor Mel has been on a downward spiral for some time now, ever since that incredibly bizarre APOCOLYTO (I dont think that's correct, but close enough). His PASSION OF THE CHRIST was pretty hard stuff, much more difficult -- if viscerally accurate -- than most people wanted to believe about the events of the Passion Week. And it's sad, actually. I was never a big Mad Max fan, and I'm one of the very few number who actually thinks his Hamlet is pretty darn good (The scenes with Glenn Close are a little disturbing, but that's fairly minor in the grand scheme of things) -- it's a pity he didnt pursue this kind of acting more; he demonstrated he has the makings of a first rate dramatic actor and doesnt need to depend on action set pieces and one-eyebrow-up comedy.

But I really believe it's knowing he's at the end of his career that sent him over like this. I've seen it in others who hit their peak young and didnt know where to go when the things that made them peak were no longer there. It really is pretty sad.