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More NOM propaganda

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Davina posted yesterday on that weird NOM video in which a woman accuses LGBT activists of standing in front of her. I'm a bit more skeptical about that video than she was, but we both agree that, either way, it's being used for rightwing propaganda.

Karen Ocamb posted another video NOM has put out from their tour that's standard-issue propaganda. It seems like half the point of this tour is to put out propaganda, which is probably why they're trying to keep press out of their rallies so they can control information.

I'm not sure this whiney approach will pay off for NOM. It's the general rightwing strategy against black people, which is in high-gear right now as everyone with an R after their name is wailing over obscure or made-up instances of discrimination against white people while completely ignoring rampant discrimination against black people.

nom-albany-protest.jpgBut racism against black people in the US is significantly different from straight homophobia. Racism is usually based on stereotypes of violence and inferiority, and a general feeling that blacks are taking more than they're due and thus making life worse for white people. The strategy of saying that black people are angry and silencing/attacking poor, nice white people fits neatly into that larger narrative.

Homophobia, on the other hand, is largely based on disgust at various sex acts themselves, with a heavy dose of gender and lifestyle policing. There is substantial fear-mongering around gay men and children, as well as a general anxiety that if people don't fit in properly with various gender stereotypes and create appropriate families that society will fall apart, but actual violence? While I'm sure that NOM's die-hard fans like these sorts of videos because it makes them feel morally superior (notice the classic smarmy conservative asshole move in that video when the NOM staffer is shouting "Look at the tolerant side"), it's hard to see how this will gain traction with the population at large, especially considering how many other issues are distracting the right at the moment.

This is probably why the campaign against same-sex marriage gave up the fear-mongering around religious freedom in Maine and focused on the children while, just one year before, the campaign against same-sex marriage in California released ads on both. "Gay men will molest and lesbian women will confuse your children" resonates; "Angry queers will silence you" doesn't.

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I love the irony. These poor people in their posh bus are touring the countryside defending the attack on their sacred marriages. Meanwhile a supporter can't breast feed her babies and listen to the speeches but if she was in Arizona the police would be asking for her papers. Then of course the state police need to be called upon to push back against the angry Gay bullies. About the only thing we are missing is for Ellen to show up and do an intro for Sarah Palin. Can anybody say Westboro?

"Homophobia, on the other hand, is largely based on disgust at various sex acts themselves, with a heavy dose of gender and lifestyle policing."

No, homophobia is based almost entirely on the traditional Christian teaching/belief that homosexuals are "wrong, sinful and deviant."

Those Christians that continue to believe the Bible as the literal "word of God" are now less than one-third of ALL Christians. They are not a threat, they are a nuisance. They are quickly going extinct. Let them.

NOM wants you to notice them and to write about them - it helps promote them. Please stop helping them.

Except no, that's really not the case. Religion is, at most, the excuse, not the reason. The reason comes down to sexism (both traditional, and oppositional) and little else. It's a "Men should be this, women should be that" mentality.

I'll be so happy when people within the LGBTQA bubble learn not to blame the religion for the faults of its followers, and that "religion" itself often has nothing to do with the actual root of a person's homo/trans-phobia.

Religion is the only institution that teaches "homosexuality is wrong, sinful and deviant."

No Christian denomination has rejected that traditional Christian belief/teaching. If you want to blame "sexism," read your Bible - sexism is promoted in there. Just ask a Baptist about a "woman's role."

Rhode Island does not have a "Highway Patrol". No, Broderick Crawford, Eric Estrada or Larry Wilcox cruisin' up and down 95 heah.

We call them the Rhode Island State Police, also known as the best dressed state police force in all the fifty states. The legacy of Col. Walter Stone lives onanonanon. Home made maracas notwithstanding, I think the Capitol Police would be overwhelmed by one hundred fifty people wielding ukuleles. Governor Don and his friends at NOM will have to get together somewhere else come November. That should free the Capitol Police up a bit after what they have been through. It's so vicious being beaten with a flower, especially when they do it every hour.