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My 100th* Bilerico Post

Filed By Monica Roberts | July 14, 2010 8:30 AM | comments

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Projectors, I reached a blogging milestone here at the Project with my 100th Bilerico post.100.jpg

But you'll note in the title I placed an asterisk in it.

This post that you're perusing at this moment celebrating that accomplishment is actually Post Number 102 since I became a Bilerico contributor and wrote my first post for the Project on January 25, 2008.

That one was called 'First Musings' and you can check it out courtesy of this link.

So why my belated celebratory post marking this auspicious occasion? I'll tell you after the jump..

Well, breaking news events in the TBLG community at the time I was about to write this post forced me to keep it in the draft file..

Right after I wrote Post Number 99, I was all set to write the next one as a celebratory non-controversial fluff piece until The Grio posted that jacked up LGBT leaders list devoid of trans leaders .

And y'all know that I was going to have to call them out about that BS, and in the process that became my actual 100th post for the Project.

Hot on the heels of that post was the rapidly developing situation happening just up I-45 from me with a member of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit board trying to pull a fast one on the Dallas BTLG community and use the attempt to amend the non discrimination policy to include transpeople to insert language in it that screwed everybody.

So yeah, definitely had to discuss what happened to Ms. T-DART and the events leading up to what eventually transpired in that meeting .

By the way, DART finally got it right after the predictable firestorm of criticism from the LGBT community and removed the offensive language at their June 22 meeting. DART now has a non discrimination policy passed on a unanimous vote that covers trans people.

Now I can get to properly celebrating my milestone post here at the Project, albeit it a little belatedly.

brains2.jpgProjectors, just like the first 100 plus posts, I'm going to continue to look at things that happen inside and outside the TBLG community through my chocolate flavored viewpoint. Some of you are going to like it, some are going to be indifferent about it, while others are going to hate it.

If you're in the 'hate it' camp, too bad. I'm going to continue to speak my mind on these electronic pages on various subjects, especially on race and how it colors (pardon the pun) our little TBLG subset of society.

But there's a reason for why I write the way I do, and that is to get you to think rationally and critically about the issues of the day in this community.

So Projectors, you're stuck with me telling it like it T-Ii-S is for as long as this blog exists or the editing team wants me around.

Now time for me to get busy, start writing, and get to Milestone Post 150.

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Monica, I so appreciate your work. Congratulations on your 100th post. And many happy returns.

Chitown Kev | July 14, 2010 10:37 AM

Congratulations Monica!

Luv, luv, LUV your work and contributions.

Here's to 100 more! (I'd also be happy with 1000! *grins*)

Well, I'm in the 'Love it' camp myself and glad that you are here and hope that you keep going for a long time here.


Talk about two flavors of good news: your centennial mark in the Bilericosphere, and DART belatedly getting it right, after trying so hard to get it wrong. Sounds like another little victory worth celebrating in a big way.