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NOM: Love requires expensive lawyers

Filed By Bil Browning | July 28, 2010 8:00 PM | comments

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When the National Organization for Marriage's summer bus tour rolled into Indianapolis, I grabbed the chance to chat one-on-one with Maggie Gallagher, NOM's President. After all, I'd already sat down with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, and Ryan McCann, Director of Public Policy for the Indiana Family Institute, and I often go head to head on local media. When I realized I could interview both Ryan-McCann.jpgRyan and Maggie, I knew I had a winning combo.

Ryan and I have a running bet for when we disagree. The losing person has to go on a date to an event of the winner's choosing. I took Ryan to the movies. He took me to an ex-gay conference. He's such a romantic.

Watch as Maggie and Ryan preach about love and truth at a rally for a group that's faced numerous electoral finance complaints and featured a sign saying that the "solution" to same-sex marriage is to lynch gay couples. But when questioned about those pesky legal troubles, they start squirming and I end up with another date.

This will be our third date and you know what that means! Will I have to take one for the team? The video is after the jump.

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Maggie looks and sounds a lot like the old Roseanne Barr? Poor Roseanne Barr! At least Roseanne tried to be a comedian!

“When the goverment starts to base laws on a lie about human nature”

OK, heres a lie about human nauture.
Humans do not come in ‘MALE’ and ‘FEMALE’ only.
Humans are not binary when it comes to gender. They don’t have anything binary about them.
Humans grow in to adult size as short as 18 inches tall to 9 feet 10 inches.
Skin coloration can be from see thru to black/blue with an infinate varity of shades.
Same for eyes. Blue, green, grey, brown, hazel, black and more.

That’s just the beginning.
And yet, we have an insistance by ….well, NOM and its ilk that;
“your born as what cha born as is”
Where people of variant gender have their actual needs and rights ignored and abused.

Marriage is only between a man and a woman with out ANY thought of Gay and Lesbians or of Transgender or Intersexed people.

The ignorant demanding that everyone BE ignorant is appaling to me. Ignoring the fact that there are more than cis-gender and cis-sexual citizens are CITIZENS and as a citizen I do have rights.

Will someone please kick her for me?

Annette Gross Annette Gross | July 28, 2010 9:47 PM

I suggest you take him to the next PFLAG meeting. Maybe it'll open his eyes a bit.

take him to the very next porno making production from Wolf studios. Make him sit through the entire filming. you will have won over a NOM employee..LOL

Take him to Talbott. :D I'm sure Asia would have fun with him.

Invite him to see a Mormon Proposition.

I agree with Joe. I think you should take him to see "8:The Mormon Proposition"; my next vote would be for a PFLAG meeting.

That bit with the lynching sign is so dishonest Bil!!! Take a picture of a randomn sign that your own people probably put together to make my side look bad and then attach it to Maggie and I somehow. That is just flat out dishonest! Come on man! You also told me that Maggie admitted that they broke the law...that's not what she said!! Listen to your own video again. Strike 2 my friend!


Bil is telling the truth. It has been widely reported that NOM skirts campaign finance laws.

Here are just a few examples:

Iowa groups file formal complaint against National Organization for Marriage

Setback for Group Fighting Gay Marriage in Maine

National Organization for Marriage Donor Names Kept Secret

Unfortunately Though shalt not lie is not a commandment Maggie tours the country to promote.

Ryan, fare is fare. You have a date with Bil, and this time it is his turn to choose the activity.

I like the idea of a good old-fashioned PFLAG meeting! There's really nothing quite like hearing family and friends tell about what they went thru to choose love over misinterpretations of religious scripture! Praiselujah for PFLAG moms and dads!

And, I think Ryan's pretty cute...if he can get his head straightened out, he could might just make a faaaaaaabuloussssssss husband!

Peace - Bill

Yes, I agree ... Ryan is rather cute ... I think he'd look fa-a-a-a-a-bulous in the leather sling in a backroom South of Market ...

She keeps talking about the courts finding a right to marry in the Constitution which isn't there. She's right, it's not...neither is the right for her to get married.

What is in the Constitution are limits on the government's ability to insert itself into our private lives. It's not allowed to unless there's some compelling reason (and procreation ain't a compelling reason). Also found there is a requirement that the government treat each and every person equally.

Maggie (if she really is married, since we've never seen nor heard any mention of her husband) has the right to marry any man she wants, and the government provides a number of benefits based on that. Since that's the case, I get to marry who I want to marry, and enjoy those same benefits equally. that's what is in the Constitution.

Take all legal recognition and benefits of marriage by the government away. Stop having state licensing of marriage, and then it's equal again.

Slaggie Gilamonster, the vilest harridan in America, needs to eat another bucket of chicken and keep her yaw shut. She must have been rejected by the priest that gave her that bastard child and it ruined her life so much that she had to find some downtrodden group to go and kick every day. Since we are the last group without rights, she has picked on us.

There I said it Maggie Gallagher is simply fighting her need to hide her own sexuality. Everyone knows how she is so why do we give her an audience we need to hold our own rally's blocks away and let them fret about a crowd they have to pay to attend. They will fade away in disinterest sooner rather than later.

Take him cruising in a cemetery... they do that in Indy, right? :)

Ryan McCann | July 30, 2010 2:33 PM


Your side files bogus claims all the time. That doesn't mean NOM broke the law...that just means you guys like to attempt to silence your opponents rather than having an honest debate. This heavy-handed attitude is a great example of why conservative groups oppose your ENDA legislation federally and in local governments. When you constantly waste private citizens' and tax payers' time and money with frivolous lawsuits why should the government give you and your trial lawyer buddies more grounds to sue? It's funny that Bil would attempt to connect NOM with expensive lawyers because your side is the posterchild for rediculous lawsuits, from suing opponents to suing the government over marriage laws or when someone looks at you funny and "offends" you. Your side's proclivity to make the courts the first resort rather than the last is enough to make even ambulance chasers blush.

Oh Bil,

For such a nice guy, you don't play fair, do you? First, you post a funny little picture of him up here? He's so much cuter than that picture! I hope you know that I'd never let Ryan do that to you! Low blow!

I'm so glad that you and Ryan have become friends over the years and that I've gotten to know you at least a little bit, but that video isn't quite fair now is it? I have a hard time believing that that nasty poster came from someone there to support Maggie. If for some horrible reason it did, you know that Ryan and the supporters of DOM don't believe that! Unfair representation! I'm sure that you don't want Ryan finding an example of a GLBT person acting poorly and imply that you agreed.

I hope that you will be more disclosing about the nature of the DOM supporters you know, like Ryan, in the future. I think that you would at least find Ryan's cooresponding posts to be fair to you and your position!

Of course I don't think that the DOM investigations are valid, but....if you "win" this bet...don't keep Ryan out too late!