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Official Gay Lip Sync Video of Summer?

Filed By Bil Browning | July 03, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Gawker, Katy Perry, official video of summer

Gawker has declared this queer "California Gurls" remake as the "official gay lip sync video of summer." Think it lives up to the title?

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spigliatezza | July 3, 2010 8:13 PM

I don't know...this one's pretty slick and the choreography's damn good.
But the Washington Boys' version had rainbow unicorns. UNICORNS, PEOPLE.
So maybe it's a toss-up? :)

Meh. Yes, they're cute in a predictable, twink kind of way. But that's about it.

That's what I thought too, Sean. Predictable. Best of summer? God, let's hope for better than this!

I totally agree with Sean. Hairless, femtwinks impersonating and emulating a female singer is not much of a stretch. Toss a few hunky, hairy types in the mix and you'd have something a bit more dramatic and visually funny. But yes; the production values were quite good.

Proving once again why the best thing about California is that it's 3,000 miles from New York!

I'm kidding. It's cute.