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You've Got (Hate) Mail: 'When Tea Baggers Attack' Edition

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I sometimes judge the impact I'm having on the world by the amount of hate mail or threats I get. It's a way of making something that could be disturbing into something positive.

080220_hate_mail_generic-thumb-200x105-5982.jpgPlus, they make for a great scrapbook. Or a lovely decoupage side table to put my cosmo on as I watch Glee...

I've always been surprised by people's need to contact others directly and threaten, demean, or attack them. It seems like a lot of effort for little return- but maybe I'm just lazy.

So imagine me surprise when I open my inbox to find myself deluged with over 30 nearly identical pieces of hate mail from different people around the country. Obviously I have pissed off some right-wing blogger or website who sent the knuckle-dragging hordes after me. Yet this one was a little different from the "die fag" fare I usually get.

These emails had a Tea Party flair to them.

I've written about some of the doozies I've gotten in my inbox before, from the Ex-Gay Faux "Intellectual" Conservative drivel to demands that I stop caring about Human Rights to the always enjoyable, barely decipherable religious-based attacks to the occasional anti-gay twitter stalker. They all build a wonderful picture of the fringes of society that come out from under their rocks when they feel they have the anonymity of the internet to protect them and their bigotry.

tea_baggin.jpgBut this batch of emails is something very special. They all began in the same way:

Dear Mr. Hudson-

You should shut up. You look like a queer...

I always appreciate the warm openings of hate mail: "Dear... I hate you." Also interesting how they go right for the way I look. It's almost like they wanted to pull a Jay Leno and ask me to show them my "gay face."

And using looking queer as an insult? Sounds more like a compliment to me. The fear that fringe fundies have of men that look "too soft" or "not manly enough" is always amusing to me. It says so much about the insecurities and deep misogyny of these right-wing letter righters.

tea-party-sign-toter.jpgThis latest missive is by far one of the more tame ones I've received. During and after the anti-gay death threat airport fiasco in Fort Lauderdale, we got tons of hate mail, both at home and at work- much of it very violent. It peaked again when we helped lead the charge against the former Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, the bigoted Jim Naugle, moving from not only letters, but also phone calls and people coming to our house to threaten us. With my husband's campaign and election, we again got calls and mail, some threatening to bludgeon us, others calling us the "scum of Oakland Park". So being called a "queer" (which I don't mind- I actually like to identify as that) isn't too big of a deal and pretty common when you speak out about LGBT issues.

But the really interesting part came after what looked like the suggested text that all the emails started with. The next lines all had some weird tea party, wildly misspelled bent (misspellings verbatim from the emails):


You shuld go back to Kenya with fag-loving Husen Obama...

Stop asking for special rights from your big goverment...

Mind youre own buisness and get out of my face...

Maybe Obamacare can cure your faggness...

And the list goes on. Of course, they were all signed "A Concerned American."

The tea-bagger angle is something interesting (although not at all surprising). I've tried to track down the initial source- an email, website or something that had me listed as an "enemy of freedom", but to no avail. I think it would be interesting to see what I've written about or said that evoked this response.

dale-robertson.jpgThe current, popular media meme is that the Tea Party are just "average folks who care about overreaching, over-spending government." Tea Party goddess Sarah Palin always scoffs at claims of racism or homophobia in the movement, despite signs with crazy racist rants or anti-gays slurs hurled out of crowds. Yet this blending of the socially conservative "moral majority" of years past and the new energy of of the aggressive anti-government Tea Party show that they are simply two sides of the same wildly conservative coin.

So what set them off enough to copy and paste some hate mail to me? Who knows. But it certainly shines a light on them and their movement (not to mention their spelling skills).

And it makes for a great laugh in the morning.

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WASHINGTON JULY 8 | Last Spring, as a group of journalists including myself accompanied Rep.John Lewis (D-GA) and a colleague of his across Capitol Hill, during the time period of the fierce & heated debate over the health care package, we were quite literally set upon by a group of 'Tea-Party' types who had no qualms about shouting the racial epithet 'nigger' at Congressman Lewis. By the way, Lewis is a respected civil rights icon. Nigger? Hmmm.

There are tea Party types such as Sharon Angle, who is running against Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) to defeat him in the mid terms, who in her case, makes public pronouncements about applying 2nd Amendment remedies if the Tea Party Types don't win in November.

Then of course, there's the wonderful Tea party types in South Carolina who have unilaterally declared Senator Lindsey Graham, (R-SC) a homo, which by the way, he rather cheerfully told them he's not so sorry boys. Why? Because the Senator was considering lending his support to an immigration bill that caused them offence. Oh, he was at a Town Hall meeting when a group of them angrily demanded that he & the rest of his 'kind' give back the country. Senator Graham shot ask with the question; "Once you 'get' it back, what do you want to do with it?" No shocker here Waymon, nobody had an answer.

I suppose I could cite numerous other examples, but I won't. The truth is that the Tea Party types are little more than racist extremists who are so scared of progress that they resort to threats, bigotry, and hate filled rhetoric because that's all they have left to offer. As you can see from what I've listed, they're rather a pathetic & desperate lot eh?

But, a word of caution, this also means that they are quite liable to engender dangerous methods to obtain remedy to what they perceive as threats to their way of life.

The fact that they've taken notice of your astute political background & experience is good, yet, with this lot, I'd advise you & husband to please be careful.

Mr. Hudson, please remember as you read all your 'fan mail' from the Tea Party crowd, that you're dealing with a single-digit-IQ segment of society who couldn't read a comic book without moving their lips.

Please try to keep in mind my mantra for these buffoons - "And YOU are the alternative?"

They will go the way of their cousins (all inbred, of course), the Silent Majority. Remember them? They've got to hate SOMEBODY! Most of these clowns call themselves Christians. Which reminds me of something Dr. Lawrence Peter (The Peter Principle) said, "Going to church no more makes you a Christian that standing in a garage makes you a car."

Waymon, is it bad that I love your hate mail?

LOL- I kind of do too. And there us so much of it over the past few days! I could post new crazy stuff every day for a month!

And you should see the crazy comments going on over on Huffington Post (I crossposted this there). There are almost 200 comments, many from Tea Party sympathizers losing their minds. I guess I'm in for more hate mail!



For what its worth and with all due respect to others right to express themselves the a manner they desire, I see nothing admirable about denigrating those who disagree with us with demeaning rhetoric such as "tea bagger" or as having "a single-digit-IQ . .".

One's behavior and manner of expression should not endeavor to lower oneself to the lowest common denominator or the nature of those they seek to oppose and we all know the expressions "take the high road" and "lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas". What ever happened to "judge not ..."?

For the record and without getting into great detail, you would probably consider me right of center, agreeing with much of what your "tea baggers" advocate. That said, I strongly support ENDA and most other GLBT priorities. Whether I agree with the majority of what most here seem to support, character prevents me from lumping all (or any of you for that matter) into an all-inclusive group by using perjoratives or attacking your value as a human.

As for the INDIVIDUALS that would send Mr. Hudson such messages, I have only pity and compassion.