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Cop fired for gay porn wins appeal

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 14, 2010 10:00 AM | comments

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I posted earlier this week about Michael Verdugo, the Hollywood, Florida, police officer who lost his job because he did a porn movie 14 years ago. He won his appeal and he's still certified:

verdugox390.jpg"We won,'' Verdugo, 36, told The Miami Herald just after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement hearing in Tampa. ``They voted unanimously. We're done. My certification stands. I'm happy. Shocked -- in a good way.''

Hollywood Police Lt. Scott Pardon, a department spokesman, declined to comment on the FDLE ruling, which places Verdugo on a one-year probationary period and requires him to take a state-approved ethics-training course.[...]

``Now this really puts the cards in Mikey's hand, the appeal of Mikey's arbitration,'' said Wilton Manors attorney George Castrataro, who is handling the case for free.

A year probation? The cop who killed Dean Gaymon probably won't even get that much. We can only hope he gets caught with a prostitute or with a porn film in his past, because the crimes of people with power have to be sufficiently sexy in order to get punished.

Well, he seems happy with the result, so all's well that ends well.

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Good for him.

And note to the Hollywood FL police department: welcome, gentlemen, to the 21st century. Enjoy your stay.

I wonder if he would've been fired for straight porn.

Why is he hotter in a police uniform than he is naked? ... Do we have a shot showing his police boots? ... Does he now ride a big motorcycle? ... Does he know how to speak German? ... I hope I'm not sick or something ...

Considering I worked as a "paper boy" throughout elementary school, and cut grass & hedges for little old ladies from my church, I guess I have been "dishonest" many times when asked for my work history. For at least a year, I even delivered both the morning & evening newspaper in Pittsburgh, PA. I never reported this work & most likely made more than Michael Verdugo did for his one time short lived appearance in a porn flick when he was 22 years old.

Oh, my God! I just realized I had all those summer jobs through high school & college. I did not report them to prospective employers in later years, and those jobs lasted for months. Granted, I did use those jobs as work experience when I first got out of school just to have something to list. As soon as I had "real" jobs to list, I dropped the that crap.

Do you think that witnesses to crimes should be asked if they ever watched or performed in a porn movie before being allowed to testify in a court of law? What is the relevance? Whose moral code is going to used to judge them?

We do not require adherence to any strict moral code of conduct for our highest elected officials at any level of government. Can a President of the United States of America get a blow job from an intern in a White House office without being fired from his job?

I just saw a clip from "rope rituals" .... I think he should go back to porn! HOT!!!

I thought the same thing, AJS, but I guess it's the spirit of the thing, eh? :)

@AJS, Now my curiosity has been piqued. I'll check with Super Star Video on Castro Street to see if they have anything that old.

Re your question about Dean Gaymon's shooter: Shooting people is part of their job description; sex is not. What happened to the right to privacy to live your private life as you see fit, without the government telling you when and where you're allowed to have what kind of sex? Where's Foucault when you need him?