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Michael Lucas hates Muslims; does The Advocate?

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I wonder just which Advocate editor Michael Lucas has incriminating pictures of, because it's hard to see any reason why they'd keep on publishing these columns.

Hagia_Sophia-lge.jpgThis week Michael Lucas informs Advocate readers that the Cordoba Initiative to build a Islamic cultural center in Manhattan is nothing of the sort - it's a clandestine scheme to celebrate the conquest of the Muslim religion over New York City (as evidenced by the fact that everyone in NYC is Muslim now).

You can read the details of his argument at The Advocate, and a decent response to this hysteria from CNN's Fareed Zakaria is after the jump. The debate, to me, is just so stupid it isn't even worth getting into - are these same people going to oppose Christian churches built near places where Christians, at some point in history, have done something bad? I'm not holding my breath.

What is interesting to me is how gay conservatives often complain about how the "gay left" (defined as any gay person to the left of George W. Bush) tries to make the movement about "unrelated issues." It's probably their biggest and longest-running complaint, leaving them openly wondering how anyone can see any relationship between LGBT people's struggle for autonomy over their bodies and sex lives and women's struggle for autonomy over their bodies and sex lives.

And yet, a mosque/cultural center in Manhattan is worth writing about on the front page of The Advocate, because...? I would say that there is a connection, but not the one Lucas is thinking of - if we're to ever be free in the US, it will only happen if people become more liberal and accepting of difference, not intolerant and ready for battle at the first sign of danger or the smallest slight.

Moreover, you have to wonder what a gay Muslim would think finding The Advocate's website, especially if she were in the process of coming out: would she be encouraged to join us or think that we're a bunch of racists?

When Lucas derides the left for being too "politically correct" to see the danger here (which he never defines, but makes a vague reference to the possibility that rich Arab states funding the Cordoba Initiative... are you scared yet?), isn't that what we're asking for generally? I'm always suspicious of LGBT people who complain that there's too much tolerance going around, since we should know better than anyone that there just plain isn't.

More specifically, like most people who complain about political correctness, Michael Lucas becomes a little PC dictator if you step on his toes, like he did just a few months ago complaining how A-Gays don't take porn stars seriously. PC is only OK if it personally benefits Michael Lucas. What a wonderful philosophy, if you're Michael Lucas.

And once again I'm trying to respond to him, when the question is really for The Advocate. Is this the sort of content they think is relevant to the LGBT community? Is this the sort of opinion they think best represents us? Or are they worried that us poor little queers aren't watching enough Fox News so they're going to start taking story ideas from them?

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Ah, yes, the Advocate - that beacon of gay journalism. It took them a full three weeks before they even had anything to say about 9/11, and then all they could "report" on was that some of those who died were gay.

Little wonder it's now folded into Out magazine. A fitting end for a magazine that relegated personals into a fold-in, and then excised them altogether. Karma is a bitch, even if she takes a while.

And this caught my eye:

As a lefty liberal Lesbian, a knee jerk socialisty sort of useless queer, let me just say to Michael "When they come for us, they will come for you as well, no matter how good a lickspittle to the right it is that you think that you have been"

As a Jew and a proud citizen it is un -american be against the building of rthe Mosque. This country stands for religious freedom from evangelical to agnostic. We also stand for freedom of speech regardless of who that might offend. These are freedoms that are guaranteed in our Constitution. Plane and simple.

Kathy Padilla | August 10, 2010 3:13 PM

Got Medieval has a great post on some of the history involved while taking down Newt Gingrich over the same issue.

I suppose "the danger" that Michael Lucas implies is that Muslims might take over America, rescind the Bill of Rights and institute sharia law, which would be very bad news for LGBT people --- Oh my God, it would be so much more terrible for us than if Sarah Palin were to become president, rescind the Bill of Rights, and institute martial law based on "traditional" Christian teachings!

Hopefully neither will ever happen --- but Sarah Palin and similar domestic quasi-theo-Christianist movements are the main reason I don't lose any sleep worrying about the Muslim-Americans. Allah hu akbar!

Reminds me of the Islamophobia/Xenophobia of the European gay "left". Such silly homonationalism!

I'll never understand how one persecuted group can turn around and persecute another group. You'd think/hope we'd know better.

Of course, I'm also at the point where I can't believe people are still blaming a religion for the faults of (a select section of) its followers so maybe I'm just crazy.

The problem of course is how to have "tolerance" for someone who would rather you not exist.

Tolerance can only take you so far, esp. if the other side has a different definition of tolerance.

Of course that intolerance can come from many different circles whether they be muslim or conservative christian.

It is definitely something that I struggle with. Tolerance is one thing. But when tolerance on the other side says that, hey we'll tolerate you so much that we put you to death (Iran, Iraq) or we won't tolerate you if you draw a picture of the prophet - then tolerance only gets you so far.

That said, build the mosque.

However, non-tolerance for my tolerance will not be tolerated.

TV Note: Fareed Zakaria was interviewed by Charlie Rose this evening. While discussing the mosque controversy, he offered a brilliant analogy, which I can only paraphrase here: "Insisting that an Islamic Center cannot be near Ground Zero, is like insisting that crosses cannot be erected because the KKK once used burning crosses to terrorize black people."

Lucas even says that they turned the hagia sophia muslim when they conquered istanbul. Like, um, yeah, that's what they did in those days. The mosque in Cordoba was turned Christian when the Christians took over.

By this reasoning, we can't have any Christian churches in the Americas because that's the cite of Christian conquest over non-Christians. I'll be waiting for these people to make that point.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 11, 2010 7:40 AM

Lucas is a pig who films men engaging in unsafe sex so he can make money. On that subject he's an expert.

On political subjects he's a rather demented racist. The Advocate should denounce him and not publish his opinions except as a letter to the editor, and then only with an anti-racist disclaimer.

Lucas is a zionist who approves of the apartheid and ethnic cleansing used to steal Palestine from Palestinians. His conspiracy theories, obsessive hated of all Arabs and all muslims and his compulsive fixation on the crimes, not of real criminals like the mad ayatollahs of Iran, but of all muslims are proof of his islamophobia and racism.

All three organized abrahamic superstitions – the christer cults, islamists and judaists – are festering pustules of homohating and homophobia. The difference between christer, judaist and islamist bigots is not how much murder and mayhem they want to inflict on us, but what they can get away with.

I think this is a great idea, but it needs to be applied worldwide. Spain loses all Catholicism, England misses out on having their own church, and imagine what would happen in Rome to the papacy itself. And let's not even hit our shores with the Puritans in Salem...

Perhaps the Advocate doesn't feel the need to bend over to the left.

I certainly don't.

Most people in the gay community have realized that the left is just as disgusting and devisive as the right.

If he is offended by the mosque that is certainly his right without being attacked by far left gays. This is why this community gets nowhere because gay people are busy being pawns for far Left Liberal politics that really don't benefit anyone. Least of all, gays.

People can do the same about you and your blog. They can ask why you are so divisive about issues that don't matter?

If you went to a muslim country your gayness would be punishable by death. Are you female? They wouldn't think twice but stoning you to death. There are over 30 mosques in NY they do not need to build it in such close proximity. Let's not be provocative and get on with life.

"If he is offended by the mosque that is certainly his right without being attacked by far left gays."

And if I'm offended by Michael Lucas that is certainly my right without being attacked by far right gays.

this bitch Lucas needs attention...
i never would take words from someone who uses men's bodies to make money... it's another kind of slavery...

Lucas bitch, u can kiss my ass,
also, remember that in few years (doing what u doing) will make u wear diappers.